Travis day dropped into a Twitch stream to share some thoughts on the current state of the Necromancer and what the team is looking at currently.

    There’s little point in watching the original stream because it’s an audio mess, but there is a recap in Bluddshed’s Youtube video.┬áTo summarise, here’s what he talked about.

    • Krysbin’s Ring is a bug, it should only be available to the Necromancer
    • Fuelled by Death passive is not stacking properly and will be fixed.
    • The 24 hit skeleton”bug” is not actually a bug, it’s intended to work this way.
    • Inarius set is working as intended with Legendary Gems but its proc scaling might be off and may be changed.
    • Travis said that the┬áPestilence set was to be the main speed-farming build. They are looking at giving this more attention.

    Watching Travis’ comments on the stream certainly indicates that there’s still work to be done on Necromancer and this mirrors comments I have seen from players since the class’s launch.

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