Travis Baldree on D3 vs. Torchlight has posted a new interview with Travis Baldree, lead designer of Torchlight. The interview is chiefly about the upcoming Torchlight MMORPG, but I found this one question about D3 interesting.

MPOGD: You had mentioned the Diablo similarities as a reason why many players discovered Torchlight in the first place. Diablo III is on the horizon. Is there any concern about fans being split between the two?

Travis Baldree: Our hope is that we’re really making a different kind of game. Diablo is going to be a Battlenet style of game and we’re really headed in a different type of direction and we’ll be free-to-play. So I don’t think one keeps you from playing the other and my hope is they’ll provide different enough experiences where people will still be interested in trying ours out.

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