Transmog will not use Unid’d Legacy Items

unidentified legendaries to transmog

Would you like some wine with that cheese?

There’s been another update to how DiabloWikiTransmogrification will work. A question repeatedly asked has been whether or not legendary items found before the expansion and pre-xpack patch (referred to as legacy items) will unlock their appearances in the Mystic’s Transmog menu.

Vaeflare has necro’d an old thread with some clarification to something that I thought had been clarified but perhaps other’s felt it was still uncertain.

I wanted to jump back into this thread to provide an update concerning our plans for unidentified legacy Legendaries and how they will interact with the upcoming Transmogrification system in Reaper of Souls.

We’ve already mentioned that Legacy items (items that drop before the expansion or pre-expansion patch goes live) will not unlock unique item appearance, but they can be Transmogrified.

At this point, we’re currently planning that unidentified legacy Legendaries will also not provide new item appearances for Transmogrification. Our reasoning is this: even old Legendaries will be following new rules once we release Loot 2.0 and we want Transmogrification to reflect what new items you’ve gotten after that point.

Anything different would have been cheesy. No one disagrees with that right? Of course not. So don’t bother saving up your unidentified legendaries too add to your Transmog menu.

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  1. How about they dump the archaic ID mechanic entirely so they can stop w/ this silly dance? Like all of the hoops they jump through w/ Magic Find, how much time and effort do you need to waste before you realize it isn’t worth it?

  2. they should transmog some d2 lod mechanics into d3

  3. Magic find is my favorite stat in Diablo. I am disappointed they changed it from how it was in D2…

    I also like the identifying. It would be neat if they hid the models too so you didn’t know what you were getting until you ID’d it. That way any ‘helm’ would have the mystery of being a mempo or any ‘mace’ could be an echoing fury, etc.

    • They did their best to change everything from the previous Diablo games. They kept the part where you click on monsters and get loot, though.

  4. still people are collecting legendaries now keeping them unidentified until RoS then they can scam people and sell them as new legendaries…

    They should just cause the patch to auto-identify all legacy items.

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