ptr-wardrobe-act2The last patch enabled Myriam the Mystic to appear in Diablo 3 vanilla (pre-RoS) but only to enable the Wardrobe and some Transmogrification.

    As it happens, the change in Patch 2.2.1 granting access to Myriam to players who have not upgraded to Reaper of Souls was intentional.

    This allows players who receive transmogrification options through special events, promotions, or as Collector’s Edition perks from our other games to now access them regardless of whether or not they own the expansion.

    This change wasn’t originally documented in our patch notes (although this has since been fixed). I’ve seen this question pop up elsewhere, too, and I can understand the confusion. I hope that clears things up for you! 🙂

    D3v players still don’t get Enchanting, but at least they can look better while throwing away weapons that rolled without a socket, and jewelry that did…

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