life stream thursday Oct 16The Play Your Way Thursday live stream went off this afternoon with one fan, one CM, one D3 Dev, and one DJ. We watched live and banged out a transcript as things ran, and you can read it below.

    This live stream didn’t get into so much game detail or interview style conversation as the last one with John Yang, so there’s not really any new info, if you’ve been keeping up with the news. It was a much more fun play session though, as Hardcore always is, since you’ve got the constant tension of someone maybe actually dying. Plus they were quite brave with the cameras rolling and worked up through Rifts to Torment 6, and then did GR25, GR28, and GR29, which is equivalent to more than Torment 7. (If T7 existed, and many players think T6-T10 should be implemented, that really well-geared chars can faceroll T6 and find no challenge except in higher GRs.)

    Here’s the transcript. It’s mostly summary of events, since there was very little quotable material. The players (well 3 of them at least) were talking all the time, but it was mostly just conversation and joking about what they were playing, with almost no specific questions about Diablo 3 or game issues. (Deadmau5 was very joking and lively and often funny, but not up on recent news and not there to ask questions, and the other fan hardly spoke at all.)

    The video is embedded at the end.

    2:01 — Getting started with small talk and introductions. They’re playing Hardcore for this show, so much joking about who will die and if it’ll be better TV when they do.

    Don Vu: Developer on Reaper of Souls. Playing a Crusader. Well-geared and able to do T6 solo, as this is his own account and his main character.

    Deadmau5: Fan and famous DJ. Playing a Wizard who is also well-geared for T6+ playing on his own account. He talks the most throughout the stream and makes a lot of jokes throughout. He’s played with Don Vu before in Hardcore.

    Maijer: Fan who submitted the Crusader build that was featured in a recent PYW Thursday. He died earlier this week so is in lower quality gear than he’s used to. He hardly talks at all during the Stream.

    Nevalistis: Blizzard CM, playing a Wizard. She doesn’t usually play Hardcore, so her character is new and just P85ish, and not well geared at all. The stream broadcasts from her PoV.

    One drawback of the stream showing everyone’s face in the webcam is the windows are shown along the left side of the screen, so you can’t see anything in left-side windows (like stash or Artisan interfaces) and you can’t see the player icons and their health bars. So it’s impossible to know if anyone is nearly dying during the show except when they call it out. (They call it out many times. There are at least a dozen procs saving someone from death during this play session.)

    2:03 — They start off doing a Rift on Torment 3 difficulty. Right at the start they get an Elite throwing down Arcane Beams everywhere and slight panic breaks out until they realize they’re well geared above any challenge on this difficulty level.

    Deadmau5: Why more drops in T3 than T6? I always find more stuff on lower difficulty levels.

    Don: RNG

    Deadmau5: I’m into conspiracy theories. I bet there’s a timer on it. After all, if it really was random, sometime you should find like twenty legendaries in the same Rift. But no one ever does!

    Don: *laughing* People probably do, but never talk about it.

    Nevalistis: My drop quality seems to go up when I’m streaming. So maybe today. Do you guys have any good luck tokens or other superstitions?

    2:07 — No one has any lucky find tokens worth discussing.

    Neva: You are watching from my screen. Should the unthinkable happen, we’ll switch to broadcast from Don’s screen.

    2:08 — New game created on T4.

    Neva: We had troubles preparing for the stream.

    Maijer: This week I was playing and just leveling up some LGems and taking it easy… but I got disconnected and when I came back I was dead.

    Neva: I had trouble also. Making my first Hardcore character, Don was helping to level me up and we were going fast. I was about level 45 and we were doing Cursed Chests in Act 4, and after it was clear I ran in to grab loot while Don was off screen killing other stuff… and an Armored Destroyer dropped from the sky and destroyed me.

    We leveled me back up after that, but it was an unproductive lunch break. It was my first HC death ever. I leveled this char up just for this stream, so if I die here it’s served the purpose.

    2:12 — Everyone laments the way the best legendary items are found at level 65ish. Deadmau5’s one and only Ice Climbers dropped around that level.

    2:14 — Shared stories about tragic hardcore deaths. (None are exactly Diablo 3 Darwin Award worthy.)

    Neva: I’m glad the spiders in Diablo 3 aren’t that realistic, since it would freak me out.

    General conversation about arachnophobia follows.

    2:15 — They are blasting through the Rift; just demolished the Guardian in about 30 seconds. Four players, 2 or 3 of them geared well enough for T6 makes for some very easy clear times. Nevalistis just hit Paragon 85 running around in town.

    2:16 — New game, increased difficulty to Torment 5. Party is 2 wizards and 2 crusaders, one of each is doing all the work while Neva’s Wizard and the other Crusader are just plodding along picking up loot.

    2:20 — Debating if the speed run (all 5 acts in 60m) can be done. Deadmau5 with the Aether Walker wand says it can’t be done solo. Don insists that it can be done. (There are solo people on the Leaderboard.)

    2:22 — Debating if anyone will die during this game. Request for T7 and higher. Don says to do higher Greater Rifts, but objections about the Goldwrap and other gear that depends on Gold pickups for survival. Nevalistis just found her 3rd piece of Firebird’s, and with the RoRG she’s now got 4 piece Firebirds, so switching gear in real time.

    2:25 — New game, up to Torment 6.

    Don: (Talking to Deadmau5.) First time we played T6 together, you proc’ed death cheating passive like three times in a row. And I was like, “This guy is crazy.”

    Neva is worried about dying without her buffs up. Conversation about the worst way to die in HC; death to due to the chat window open and typing your hotkeys.

    (Nevalistis could easily die at some point here. She’s way too close to the action for an undergeared char. Experienced HC players would not be as casual about standing near boss battles. If anything, her Krelm’s bracers might save her, since they provide Vortex immunity.)

    Neva's wise HC live stream strategy

    Neva’s wise HC live stream strategy

    2:31 — Conduit shrine found near the start a Rift level. Neva waits to click it while the others rush on ahead, and then she doesn’t show a single yellow lightning bolt while the Horsaders and the infinite teleport wizard dash on ahead, obliterating everything. She does find a legendary sword on the way, though.

    2:33 — Technical difficulties strike and Deadmau5 gets dropped from the game, but not from the Skype video, so time spent watching him look vexed while he restarts.

    2:36 — Heading to a Greater Rift. Aiming for GR25, hence Wave 31ish. Complaints that monsters with stun are now in Waves. Don and Neva stress that there’s supposed to be a variety to compare more closely to what players actually see in Greater Rifts. A GR 25 key is obtained, exactly as desired. (GR25 is almost the same as T6, in terms of monster hps/damage scaling.)

    2:39 — GR25 begins. Nevalistis immediately runs into a corner next to a jailer boss battle, where most HC players would never risk standing. Nothing bad happens… this time.

    2:41 — Comment about Nemesis Bracers, and how their Elite-spawning bonus should work even if you just have them in your stash, since you can’t switch gear while in a Greater Rift.

    Don: OMG I just proc’ed my death cheating from standing in the fire. He drops back to trail a bit behind while the 60 second cooldown counts.

    2:43 — Don procs the Akarat’s life cheating bonus again, and gets heckled. They are like 6 minutes ahead of the GR timer, but keep rushing onwards. Debate about if they should upgrade the keystone or else the Gems. Don and Deadmau5 are playing their usual characters with P400 or higher, while Nevalistis is on a new HC char and Maijer the guest player recently died and isn’t well geared yet on his replacement.

    2:46 — Voracity spawns as Greater Rift Guardian and jokes ensue about how he’s not really Ghom, he’s a new monster entirely! They earned a GR28 key thanks to their speed. Several players found potential upgrades, so item debate ensues.

    2:49 — GR28 commences. (Equivalent to T7, if such existed.) Joking about making sure everyone turns their buffs on this time. The view from Neva’s camera shows how silly the damage disparity is; her cold build with Ray of Frost does almost no damage even to trash mobs.

    2:50 — Much fear about death. Both Crusaders and Deadmau5’s Wizard all proc their death cheating passives during a fight with a Molten Mortar. They are behind on the time to clear, and joking debate about if they should slow down to not die, or push and hope for the best.

    2:52 — Deadmau5 just procs again running through an Arcane Enchanted beam.

    Neva: My heart is pounding. This is the hardest content I’ve ever tried on Hardcore.

    2:53 — They’re just barely ahead of the timer, worried about getting ahead far enough to have time for the Guardian battle. And they barely get through a nasty pack of Champions. The only person in the game who hasn’t proc’ed at least once is Nevalistis, who has the weakest character but is wisely staying out of the teeth of combat.

    2:56 — Neva is worried, breathing loudly and being careful. Way over the gear of her char in this level of Rift. Deadmau5 is laughing every time there’s danger, hoping someone dies on the live stream. They’re well ahead of the timer now, so good chance to finish this one just in time.

    Bloodmaw spawns, probably the most dangerous of the Guardians. Death may be coming when he goes into enraged hopping mode. Neva takes a stomp and goes down to about 15% and hits a potion.

    They finished with 3:28 remaining. They’ve got permission to run over the 60m live stream schedule, so they’re upgrading GRK to 29 and pushing on. Lots of gear switching and mental preparation.

    Deadmau5: Dying here would probably be the best thing for my career.

    3:03 — Good population in this rift, we’ll be fine! (Famous last words?)

    Deadmau5 joking about how GRs are more realistic, since skeletons and bats and such don’t carry gold or items. “So they’re carrying bat gold in their bat purses so they can go to the bat store and buy bat things?”

    Don: I feel like one of us has to die. Like it would be boring if no one died. Brandy (Neva) you should at least proc!

    3:06 — Both the power chars proc in a huge horde of Molten blowing up. Debate about the difficulty they’re on. (Apparently people don’t know that GR levels are almost exactly 3 levels per Torment. T5 = GR 22, T6 = GR25, T7 = GR28, etc.

    3:08 — Explaining to the audience that “proc” means someone triggered one of their death cheating item or skill survivals. Which all classes have now from skills except for Barbarians. And the Crusaders and Wizards in this game can have 2 forms of death cheating passive, from skills and gear bonuses.

    3:09 — Krelm’s Bracers love. Neva says she’ll have trouble ever taking them off, since the immunity to Vortex and Knockback is so handy.

    3:09 — Deadmau5 asks if there’s any info about transferring gear or Paragon levels when the season ends. (Blizzard has explained this extensively.)

    3:10 — Don explains Season Ending transfers (characters transfer, everything in stash gets mailed) though it takes him several tries as they run into another champion pack. They are several minutes ahead of the timer for the rift, so should finish it with a couple of minutes to spare, barring disaster.

    3:12 — Arcane Enchanted yellow Elite with Horde, so there were Arcane beams just everywhere. Strategic retreating and only one Crusader proc’ed.

    3:14 — Death Maiden spawns. Neva laughs as that’s her purple nicknamed, so she’d be dying to herself on the stream. The battle goes pretty easily, faster than with Blood Maw and his teleporting/leaping attack that can go everywhere.


    Neva: Thanks for everyone to joining in. We’re happy no one died. Thanks to Don for joining in.

    Deadmau5: *laughing* Yeah, taking time out of your busy day of playing Diablo 3 to play some Diablo 3!

    Neva: The next Play Your Way live stream won’t be until after Blizzcon, but if you want to submit your builds feel free and we’ll keep collecting those and planning ahead. Bye!

    No one moos at the end. They should always moo. It’s the one joke we do on the Diablo Podcast that never gets old.

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