Towns too hard to see on new Diablo 3 Waypoint Map?

A fan brings up something that I’ve found vexing as well; how hard it is to tell, at a glance, where the town is on the new Diablo 3 Waypoint Map that’s replacing the old Waypoint list in Reaper of Souls and D3 on the PTR.

Make the base camp (the place where you sell, repair) on the map more conspicuous. Sometimes I need quickly tp there and all points on the map look the same and in different acts the base camp is in different places of the map. It is somewhat confusing.
I’m glad you pointed this out, because I’ve noticed this several times now. I know that I can just use my teleport hotkey to go back to town, but I don’t always travel that way. I’ll be sure to mention it in my feedback summary, though.

I agree. The artwork and layout for each Act is very different, so the town isn’t just in the lower left corner, or middle, or someplace identical on each map. And while “T” casts a Town Portal to take you back to the town in your current act, if you want to go to town in another act you’ve got to open the map, click to the world map, select an act, and then find the town icon on that one.

You do get used to it, but even after two months in the Reaper of Souls beta I still don’t instinctively know where to click and have to stop and look each time. Yes, the new art is attractive and stylish and all that, but sometimes I miss just clicking the top waypoint on the list to head back to town. Perhaps they could add some color around the town artwork to make it stand out more on the monochromatic map?

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18 thoughts on “Towns too hard to see on new Diablo 3 Waypoint Map?

    • They were since WP’s default gallery code is messed up, and I’d forgotten to add in the bit of text required to fix it. Should work now.

  1. You just need to spot them at first, after a while you’ll know where everythin is blindfolded.

  2. Especially annoying when you’re trying to run away from a pack and can’t seem to find it. I guess you can just click any random waypoint, but personally I’m practically conditioned to go to town for safety.
    OT- Something else I wanted to bring up: Aren’t they ever going to increase the stash size? It’s ridiculous enough as it is in vanilla, but with the 50000 different kinds of legendary crafting materials and other new stuff this is absurd.
    Previously, I was trying to do a sort of grail and kept all the legendaries I found (those not worth selling) but at some point I filled up almost all of my mules and had to dump everything but a few keepsakes.

    • I’m pretty convinced we’ll be getting this. They’re just saving it as a surprise on release. It doesn’t need any beta testing so I see no reason for them to tip their hand.

      • Doubtful. They will be trying to lock features down as much as possible now.

        Perhaps as the first major content patch though.

  3. While this is a really minor issue, I’d like it addressed as well. Ideally there should be a button on the map that’s always in the same place and takes us back to the town in the Act we’re in.

  4. I don`t like the waypoint map – I mean it is nice, but I prefer text waypoints
    I think they should introduce the option to use text only waypoints – same it is in D3V with different tabs for different act
    (D2 anyone)

  5. Not to mention the Map blocks most of the screen when it shows. Resize or move to off-center location would be nice as well.

  6. Its a glowing house symbol, how is that hard to see? I can immediately find them even in the thumbnails.

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