Towns are Not Safe in Diablo III

Most of you have probably noticed this already, but demons do not stop at the town gates in Diablo III. Certainly not outside of Tristram, and I used to enjoy retreating from that first pack of scavengers and leading them back over the bridge and into town, during the Beta test.

That was just fun and games with some weak low level enemies, though. It gets real on the higher difficulties, and if you run into a nasty mob of grotesques in the Weeping Hollow on Inferno, don’t expect running back into town to save you, as this video shows. It also demonstrates the truism that anything is funny when sped up and played to the Benny Hill music.

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13 thoughts on “Towns are Not Safe in Diablo III

  1. Yeah I done that, got the head guard guy to help out in the fight. I told them to keep the dead eel guts lying in the tower center, I’ve no use for them lol.

  2. This also means you should not join public hell/inferno hc games for now. 😉 Nice environmental PKing possible.
    And always go AFK in the Inn.

  3. Well one thing is clear that if you got a job and a kid….3 years to clear inferno sounds about right 🙂

    PS: Awesum! 

    • That’s how I am looking at it too!  Some people may complain about the longevity, but in my case I have played for a week – lvl 26 in Act III normal (being a completionist with the spouse, reading every bit of lore).  I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface.

      This was my first view of inferno since I figured the early content wouldn’t be spoilerish.  It looks awesome! 

  4. this guys build is really wacky.  any comments from the skill experts out there? 

  5. I’m now thinking all the music throughout Diablo 3 should be replaced by tracks like this, especially the act bosses.

  6. I dont know about you, but that looked more of a chore than actual fun to me. i just recently reached inferno with my monk. and its so hard that i even cannot kill the first elite group if im unlucky with the affixes. Yes, i need to farm Hell, but the jump in the gears from my current to high-end Hell drop is not that big. am i the only one with this problem? 

  7. I love how everyone is hanging out, and then Leah decides to start firing her bow. All the while remaining very stationary as the barb pulls the mobs through the front of town, hehehe.

  8. One thing is made perfectly clear in this video: Blizzard absolutely needs to apply a hotfix.
    Step one: acquire rights from Rare.
    Step two: Upon death in Inferno difficulty, Donkey Kong Country death music. In hardcore, an animated Kranky Kong tunnels out of the ground and taunts your corpse with chimp laughter and cane-waving. 

  9. I agree. It’s great fun to watch because of the presentation, but when every encounter is like that it’s not fun at all, it doesn’t make me excited to overcome a new challenge but just exasperated and eager to stop playing. I think Blizzard believes with appropriate gear and build you can keep every battle including act bosses short, thus the enrage timers, but I’m not so sure they’re correct. Time will tell.

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