Quick links to a bunch of Torchlight reviews. Literally every TL review I’ve seen so far is strongly positive, which is amazing for a game made so quickly by such a small team. The only real complaints are about the lack of a multiplayer option.

    • Hellbored.com—8.6/10
    • HookedGamers.com—8.3/10
    • Bit-Tech.net—9/10
    • Gamespot.com—8.0/10
    • CheatCC.com—4.4/5
    • RPGamer.com—4.5/5
    • TorchlightInsider.com—9.5/10
    • The Escapist—Highly Recommended (no score)
    • Critical Gamer—8.0/10
    • DIY Gamer—Positive Review (no score)
    • Hellforge—Positive Review (no score)
    • UPDATED: Runic Games Fansite—97/100
    • UPDATED: Game Informer—8.75/10

    You can find plenty more Torchlight reviews and comments by your fellow readers/gamers in our new Torchlight forum.

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