We’ve posted a couple of these before, and now that every gaming site on the internet has reviewed Torchlight, this will probably be our last news post summarizing them. Reviews remain almost unanimously sparkling, which surprises me. I expected that some sites would go negative and cynical, just because. Perhaps Torchlight and Runic Games weren’t ripe enough targets to motivate that sort of contrariness? I’m sure SC2 and D3 will get some bad reviews from people who just want to hate on Blizzard, knowing they’ll get notoriety for doing so.

    An easy, one-page listing of 26 Torchlight reviews is provided by the excellent resource that is Metacritic.com. The average score is 84/100, and the lowest, by ImpulseGamer, is still pretty good, at 71. The fan reviews on Metacritic are even more generous, with a 9.2/10 average, tallied from 105 votes/comments.

    There’s nothing wrong with reading the reviews on MetaCritic, and they tend to be from larger gaming sites, if that gives you more confidence in their authority. But since I don’t see any point in linking to MetaCritic, and then posting a bunch of direct links to the same reviews they cover, the following are all reviews from sites that are not included in the Metacritic listing. Variety! They’re posted in descending order, with the “our opinions are too nuanced to sum up with something so vulgar as an integer” bunch at the very bottom, where they belong.

    • Pixel Verdict—5/5
    • Associated Technology—98/100
    • My Gamer—9.6/10
    • Bit Mob—90/100
    • The Gamer’s Temple—9/10
    • Games Radar—9/10
    • Spawn Kill—9/10
    • GameZebo—4.5/5
    • The Hachiko—4.5/5
    • New Game Network—8.3/10
    • Games 32—82ish/100
    • Gaming Heaven—8.2/10
    • Gamer’s Nexus—8/10 (Not to be confused with Gaming Nexus’ 91/100 score.)
    • 7 out of 10—8/10 (Irony!)
    • Gameplay Monthly—B
    • The Great Cornholio—7.5/10
    • Game Kult—7/10
    • AusGamers—7.5/10
    • Aggro Gamer—No score,but very positive.
    • Crispy Gamer—No score, but positive.
    • General Games—No score, but positive.
    • Icrontic—No score, but positive.
    • Strategy Informer—No score, but positive.
    • Kotaku—No score, but positive.
    • N-Philes—No score, but positive.
    • Fall Damage—No score, but positive.

    I’m sure there are a few more reviews out there that we’ve not linked to yet. But honestly, what’s the point? Is anyone still on the fence about dropping that big $20 on Torchlight? Who’s sitting there after reading 50+ reviews, all with very good scores, thinking, “I’m just not sure yet, but a few more good reviews could win me over!”

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