The first Torchlight patch is now available. The official forum thread has instructions, ETAs for when each reseller will have the patch available, the full list of bug fixes and game enhancements, and much more. The patch is like a whole new version of the game; you must do a full reinstall, and the download size is around 418meg. Here’s quick quote from the forum thread.

    SUPER-IMPORTANT! YOU MUST USE A PATCH FROM THE VENDOR YOU PURCHASED FROM! Each vendor has their own DRM solution, and none are compatible. If you purchased from Steam, you’ll need the Steam patch, and so on.

    This if a FULL REINSTALL. The packaged files for the patch changed entirely to improve loading times, so a full reinstall is necessary. If you are patching, you’ll need to uninstall your previous version.

    BACK UP YOUR SAVE GAMES! Your uninstaller may ask you if you want to delete your save games. Make sure that it is UN CHECKED! If you want to be extra safe, you can manually back up your saves – I’d recommend this. Better safe than sorry!

    You can grab the patch from numerous locations, including the official site.

    This patch is also a demo. The demo is the full game, with a two-hour play time limit. Don’t make Baby Ember cry by reinstalling it like, 10x. It’s only $20 for the full game. Vote with your wallet. Support a small developer with big plans for our future amusement.

    Also, I conducted a face-to-face interview with Runic Games CEO Max Schaefer on Friday, and while we’re not sure if the audio is good enough to post it as a podcast (as was planned) we will at least post a transcript. Max gave us lots of info about the upcoming Torchlight MMO, lessons he and the others learned from developing TL in a year vs. the infinite dev cycles they labored through as part of Blizzard, his early thoughts about Diablo 3, and more. It was good stuff, and we’ll post news later this week when it’s online at IncGamers.

    If you like Torchlight, or have questions about it, don?t miss our newly opened Torchlight Forum!

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