Another day and another batch of Torchlight news and other features.

    We’re conducting a podcast/interview with Runic Games’ Max Schaefer this week, and we’re looking for question suggestions about TL or other issues. Drop them into this forum thread if you’ve got something you want asked.

    Taking firm hold of the stupidest article yet written about Torchlight is this piece on MMOSite.com, which asserts that Blizzard is going to have to remake Diablo 3 because of Torchlight.

    It is rumored that the release of Torchlight will force Diablo 3 to be remade. Blizzard has stopped announcing any new information about Diablo 3, which is within our expectation. A game with most content of Diablo 3 has been open to the public, certainly, it has a bad influence on the popularity and anticipation of Diablo 3 in any way. Blizzard no longer publishes any news about Diablo 3, it seems that Blizzard has made up its mind to reform the game system thoroughly. This way can also relieve Blizzard’s awkward situation in the face of Torchlight.

    Do you still remember that the launch of NOX caused a notable impact on Diablo 2 in 2000? Partly similar elements of NOX made sensitive Blizzard modify Diablo 2 for more than one year. How long will it take to remake Diablo 3 completely when Blizzard confronts the clone Torchlight? Maybe players can only have a chance to experience Diablo 3 after 2014. Suppose you marry now, maybe you can play it with your child when it’s officially published. lol…

    That bit about Nox is just insane. I remember the game well, and trust me, despite the best efforts of Westwood (they flew webmasters from all the leading Diablo fansites, including our former writer Gaile, out to a Nox launch event in Las Vegas), Nox sunk almost without a ripple. It launched on January 31, 2000, shortly before the Diablo 2 beta began, and caused no delay of any sort to Diablo 2. Nox had no randomization and therefore very little replayability, and there was no co-op multiplayer upon launch.

    As for Torchlight and D3… really? TL was released a week ago, and Blizzard has kept on releasing just as much Diablo info during that time as they have since Blizzcon. (Which is to say, not so much.) It’s true that Blizzard might take some inspiration or feature ideas from Torchlight—Bashiok acknowledged as much in a recent forum post—but it’s irresponsible to invent rumors of this nature just for the fun of it.Especially when they are directly contradicted by things like… facts.

    Elsewhere, Wired’s Game Life column gives a big thumbs up to Torchlight’s addictive nature.

    The latest iGame Radio podcast features an interview with Max Schaefer, Travis Baldree, and Jason Beck of Runic Games.

    Finally, GNews points out one benefit of Blizzard’s multi-year development process. Other games and developers have room to sneak in their own games in the same genres. Torchlight is mentioned, of course, but they also mention that the various Starcraft 2 delays have given aid to other RTS titles such as Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising. Click through to view that game’s not-very-impressive trailer.

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