A collection of fresh Torchlight articles and interviews, grouped into one post for easy consumption.

    • PC World offers 10 Reasons You Must Play Torchlight. I find approximately 4.3 of them compelling.
    • Gamasutra has posted a beefy, four-page developer interview with Max Schaefer.
    • Runic Games has released a Launch Trailer, showing off a bunch of gameplay action, profiling the 3 character classes, previewing the mod tools and more. Watch it on You Tube (embedded below) or download it in high quality.
    • Torchlight Developer Diary #2 includes Max and Erich Schaefer talking about the development process and tools they used to make TL.
    • Check out the first edition of the Torchlight Newsletter. You can subscribe to it via the official site


    Here’s the new Launch Trailer. No, they don’t have a cinematic. Those cost a lot to produce, and take time. Would you rather play the game, or watch a pretty movie about it?

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