Congrats to the former Diablo 2 developers who now run Runic Games, makers of Torchlight, which picked up two coveted awards at last weekend’s GDC show.

    In the same astonishing day, Torchlight won both the Game Industry News? RPG Game of the Year Award, and the Game Developer?s Conference Choice Award for Best Debut.

    Game Industry News prides itself on being of the people and for the people, and over 100,000 readers voted for Torchlight. Likewise, the Game Developer?s Choice Award is based on the votes of seasoned industry professionals.

    ?To win both of these awards is absolutely incredible, and means so much coming from our peers, our fans and friends,? said CEO Max Schaefer. ?We could not be more proud of Torchlight and of our team. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who voted and supported us.?

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