Quoting straight from my email, courtesy of Runic Games’ PR goddess, Wonder Russell:


    August 4, 2010 ? Seattle, WA – Runic Games, Inc. (“Runic Games”), a specialized developer of PC-based entertainment software in the United States, surprised the game world today by announcing their next project, Torchlight II.

    Torchlight II answers the overwhelming call of our community with an expansive co-op multiplayer experience. With all new character classes, an expansive overworld, new quests, monsters, and lots of new dungeons, Torchlight II finally lets you play with your friends in the world of Torchlight. Consistent with our pledge to provide unmatched value, Torchlight II will be sold at a low price point, and include a free matchmaking service for peer-to-peer multiplayer experience. Expect Torchlight II to ship in the spring of 2011.

    Runic Games? CEO, DiabloWikiMax Schaefer commented, ?We?re so proud of everything Torchlight accomplished, and we feel that Torchlight II will not only give the fans everything they?ve asked for, but far surpass its predecessor in terms of fun, balance, customization, story, and just being a great game to play with your friends.

    “We still are going to make the MMO, but it became apparent that Torchlight II was the logical next step for us given the phenomenal enthusiasm of gamers petitioning us for multiplayer.?

    Torchlight II debuts at gamescom 2010 in Cologne, Germany August 18-22 2010, and at PAX Prime in Seattle, WA, September 3-5 2010. Gaming enthusiasts will have the opportunity to explore the new features hands on, and chat directly with the developers.

    Torchlight II will launch in Spring 2011, initially as a digital download.

    For more information on Torchlight II, gamers can visit the official website at http://www.torchlight2game.com/ to view additional game play details, trailers and screenshots.

    They’ve got a new interview with Max Schaefer and Travis Baldree on PC Gamer, and there you can also see a selection of concept art from TL2.

    Is it just me, or is everyone else amazed at the speed with which they’re making these games? We all scoffed when Torchlight was announced, with a release date, what seemed like a month after Flagship Studios came to an end. And yet they shipped it on time, last October, and was well-received. Now here we are hardly half a year later, and they’ve got a sequel coming out… early next year? At this rate they could get TL3 out the door before D3!

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