Just since this nicely follows up the Who is a Mac Gamer post from a few days ago, there’s news that the Mac version of Steam (which launched yesterday) includes DiabloWikiTorchlight, the Diablo-clone created by the ex-Flagship guys who were previously ex-Bliz North guys, including Max and Erich Schaefer, 2 of the 3 creators of the Diablo series.

    Macworld contacted Runic?s Wonder Russell to get details of Torchlight?s arrival with Steam for Mac. Russell told Macworld that Torchlight will cost the same $20 that it does for PC gamers, and it is compatible with Steam Play, Valve?s new licensing system that lets customers buy a game once and play on both Mac and PC (as long as you download and install the client on both OSes, of course). If you already bought Torchlight on your Boot Camp Windows partition or gaming PC, you won?t have to pay again to play it on your Mac.

    Many of you guys in our recent Mac Gamer thread expressed your appreciation to Blizzard for always creating Mac versions of their games, and it looks like some amount of that ethos has carried over with them to Runic. Though with a much smaller team it took them a lot longer to get Torchlight ported over for Macs than back in their Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 days.

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