“Torchlight” Debuts

Runic Games, comprised of the team who were making Mythos at Flagship Studios, including ex-DiabloWikiBlizzard North founders and Diablo creators Max and Erich Schaefer, has sent out a press release and the first two screenshots of their new, Diablo-inspired, Mythos-like RPG. It’s called Torchlight.  One screenshot can be seen below; click it to see it full size. Here’s the second one. The art style is interesting; it’s very colorful and lively, and is definitely anime-inspired. I’d go so far as to say that the characters, especially the monsters, are almost super deformed.


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2 thoughts on ““Torchlight” Debuts

  1. I had a fair amount of that “running around with a sliver of health, hoping for an orb to drop” in my first wizard play time at Blizzcon. It was more annoying than fun, since I was waiting for mana to regen at the same time. Of course that was my first time touching the game, and I was playing alone in an MP game, so the difficulty was curved up a bit.

    But generally speaking, yeah it’s a challenge.  to make the game difficult and exciting, but not frustrating and slow.

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