The Real Torchlight Falcor Desperately Needs Your Help

As many of you will know now after reading the news, Runic Games was shut down this week. The timing could not have been worse for Runic Games’ Wonder Russell and her much-loved pet Falcor. I know many of you will have played Torchlight and enjoyed Falcor in the game so perhaps you can help the real Falcor who has become seriously unwell.

With Wonder losing her job, she desperately needs help to save Falcor who is suffering from a life-threatening condition. A Go Fund Me Page has been set up to help Wonder with Falcor’s medical bills and it explains what’s been happening with Falcor.

As a pet owner, I know how expensive vets can be and it’s heartbreaking to see an animal in distress. With a small donation, you can help Falcor and Wonder at this difficult time.


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  1. Good luck wee fella!

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