Torchlight 2 Release Date Slips

Not Diablo 3 news but I know many of you are going to be playing Torchlight 2. Today Runic Games’ Travis Baldtree announced that the game’s release is going to be delayed. The plan was to get the game out this year, some time in November but according to Travis they are wanting a little more time to really polish the game so we should expect a release at the start of 2012. On the plus side they also revealed they will now be running a limited Beta test prior to release. We’ll have more on Torchlight 2 here in IncGamers in the coming days following Flux’ invite to the studio this week. We’ll keep you posted when that goes live.

Thanks to MaStAViC for also sending over the news.

Update: Flux speaking. I’m not at all surprised by this news. They didn’t say 2012 when I asked them about this issue this week, and all their mentions of a release date were very much the Blizzard-style “when it’s done.” They’re very much in the final polishing stage though, and they wanted to take the time to get everything right, rather than rushing to meet some calendar date. I’ll write more about that in the report for tomorrow. You’ll hear Travis answer this very question in the podcast we’ll be posting tomorrow as well.

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50 thoughts on “Torchlight 2 Release Date Slips

  1. TL2 release along with the D3 release, or do these guys know something regarding D3 that we should know?

    • Yes, they know the US put a man on the moon faster than Blizzard can continue the Diablo series. (Moon: Kennedy stated intent 1961, landed on moon 1969; D2 LOD: 2001, D3: ???)

      So yeah… they have plenty of time.

      • Oh please, stop fawnboying. They are taking too long on this game and everyone knows it. We are scared for our product and so want them to take even longer.

    • And this is the reason why this descision is gonna hurt their sales when they finally come out with TL2. They are gonna lose so many players who were gonna use this game as an intermedia until D3 comes out.. myself included. If they push the date to close to D3 I cant see that happening.

  2. Well I hope they release it before D3, because otherwise I wont be even playing it. Too bad, I was really looking forward to it.

  3. 1) I was mega hyped for D3 which never came…
    2) Was pretty hyped for TL2 to stall for time…
    3) Endless delays for both…
    4) Rapidly losing interest in both…
    ^ D3 is about to fall off my must buy day-1 list =\. Will probably never get TL2 if it releases same time as D3.

    • It’s unfortunate that they had to delay this and D3, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be any less of a good game. The point of delaying is to make it better, not just to give heartache.

      Don’t let it fall off your list… Runic and Blizzard are trying to make it worthy of that in the first place.

      • While that is so. There comes a time when you get tired of waiting, objectively realize it’s just one game out of many, and move your interest to other games. That’s pretty much happening to me. Yeah, I’ll get it but while before I could barely sit still while thinking about it now it’s like “whenever it comes out if ever which is fine too”.

  4. AWWWW . . .
    I was looking forward to playing this at the end of the year.  Oh well, there will plenty of time in January/February . . .

  5. Well if they release it after or around D3, then they failed. Torchlight’s only purpose is to serve as a time waster while waiting for Diablo. I think they took themselves a bit too seriously.

    • Agreed, if TL2 doesn’t come out at least one month ahead of D3 it going to severely hurt their sales.  On top of that, their lack of care for consoles will also be a hindrance to them.  If they developed the game for a simultaneous release on consoles and PC I think they would have made money off all the console folks that would have wanted to play D3 but don’t have a PC.

      • What do you base those statements on, except your gut feeling?
        It’s actually a commonplace in economics that competition is good for business.

        • “It’s actually a commonplace in economics that competition is good for business.”

          Competition is good for business where it makes the developer/manufacturer improve their product, innovate, reduce the cost of making it so they can reduce the cost to the consumer without cutting their own throat.

          When competing for the limited £/$/etc in a buyer’s pocket (I’ve not been able to just ask my parents for some more cash in a good ~15 odd years & I have plenty of other things to spend money on like a mortgage & childcare), launching your product in a similar time frame as a major competitor’s is bad insofar as you’ll not both get the cash immediately. You may well both sell to the same group of gamers over a longer period of time, so in the long run it’s less of an issue.

          • That’s only part of the story. Competition also means more comparisons between the two, more controversies, more media attention and ultimately more advertisment for both. Two competing products can actually mutually build up interest in both of them. You may have missed it, but the Runic Games fansite admin has said that whenever D3 news strikes, both good and bad, he sees a wave of new interest in Torchlight.
            It may also be worth pointing out that “business clustering” is well established and proven to be effective. What it means is that, for example, you will often find that a ton of shoe stores are located all on the same street. Intuitively, that seems bad, because of the competition, but it’s in fact beneficial for everyone. Customers like to a) know where to go to buy shoes, and 2) have a choice once they are there. The stores, on the other hand,  like to be close to other shoe stores because it means they get a lot of potential clients nearby and don’t need to advertise their location (among other things).

      • I don’t know. If he really was motivated by money, why not rush the game out before d3? If I was an evil dude who only cared about money.. I would launch an unpolished game and when people notice the bugs, I’d just promise the patches to fix them will come “soon.”

        When TL1 had the fatal error.. think it was java or something.. they offered to refund pple’s money if they had purchased the game through their site. Never heard of a game company offering refunds. Once you open it, you keep it.

        • It’s because of the games he lists in his announcement. That’s why TL2’s delayed in fact. OFC  making the game better after seeing those massive titles is one of the reasons too.

          Valve refunds even if you simply don’t like the game. That’s not what you usually see from a really big company like Valve. But indie developers like Runic live thanks to this masked attitude. Players feel like they are the good guys. But because of the obvious history I shared in their official forums, writing “I’m not motivated by money” is a big lie in an emotional fan calming post.

          • “Players feel like they are the good guys.”  … how would you define “good guys”? If they spoke the truth 24/7, lived in a box down an alley, and gave their games away as charity, would that make them “good guys”?
            These guys work their asses off doing what they love. Sure, making a profit requires a few necessary evils, but without any profit incentive, any payback — these guys might just be on the payroll of a Fortune 500 doling out mounds of code for the corporate beast instead of making games we might or might not enjoy. Risking their own livelihood to do what they love makes them “good guys” to me.

          • Someone ban this guy (permaximum) please, I’m tired of reading his insults.
            He is already on his third (I believe?) account over at the Runic games forums because he keeps getting banned.

          • No I don’t care about Runic forums and I simply left a year ago. After the news I wanted to show their true faces and that’s why I joined again. Only to explain the truths to the face of their president.

            Also, I can’t see any insult here. Over the years, I got countless insults in these forums and after some point I decided to use their language sometimes but that’s not the case here.

            In fact I’m a kind person in real life and on the internet (except game forums)

          • He gave a straightforward and honest explanation why the game is delayed, and you called him a lier.

  6. If Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2 are released at the same time then I also will not be buying Torchlight 2.  I will be on Diablo 3 all day and all night.

  7. @Pzypro Which unannounced, non-published release date were you actually counting on for D3? Hard to get one’s hopes up for something never promised.

  8. I was at the event with Flux, and I think the delay is a good decision. Torchlight 1 was rushed out and had good feel but suffered from linearity, lack of variety among classes, levels, items and monsters, and imbalances at high levels.

    Like Flux said, Torchlight 2 is already better in almost every way. Some people may be seriously surprised when they play the demo by how much better it is. It needs to cook a couple more month before it is ready, though. Honestly, this event left me wanting to play more… Something I didn’t feel from the first game. I’m looking forward to reading Flux’s writeup and listening to the podcast.

    P.S. Nice to meet you there Flux.:)

  9. i saw this news on incgamers and laughed.  Obviously they still have time to beat D3 to release.  But they really need to get their asses in gear.   Count me among many that will not buy T2 if D3 is already out.  (i would buy it eventually but not until I’ve had my fill of D3)
    Releasing in early January, perfect or not is what I’d recommend they do.  Avoiding the huge bugs of T1 at release would be desirable of course. But even that was playable.  For $20 I’m pretty freaking forgiving.

    • That’s TL2’s only saving grace really. $20 msrp + 50-75% steam discount within a year most likely = a game you might as well just get regardless. For $5-10 it sounds like a very worthwhile investment even if all you breathe is D3.

  10. It doesn’t matter.

    Whether they release it just before, in the same week or just after Diablo 3 ….

    The real money auction house will kill anything on its way when being launched, even sw tor.

    Who wants to play poker with fake chips … IF you can buy a book, CD or pants from an epic rare drop in D3 ,,,

    People have no clue what’s coming to them. I predict the biggest storm in RPG play since the launch of WoW.

    I can only imagine what this D3 new rmah system will cause in the long run in RPG land.

    Hold on to you hats if this thing will ever be launched on consoles ….

    • @”People have no clue what’s coming to them. I predict the biggest storm in RPG play since the launch of WoW.”

  11. Meh, not overly surprised.  Really, really stupid on their behalf though.  They got lucky that Diablo 3 was delayed, and should have released it now, before Christmas.  I will not be buying it now. I am sure many others will agree that with it releasing so close to Diablo 3, may as well just wait for Diablo 3 and hope it isn’t delayed again.

    • From what Travis and others said at Runic this week, my impression is that they could have released for xmas if they’d wanted to. Hell, they probably could have released months ago. But they wanted to really improve on TL1 and make a great game, not just rush out a product into a void in the market. The game is content complete now, they’re just taking time to polish and fine tune and balance and fix up all kinds of small features.

      This delay is definitely better for the quality of TL2. Whether it’ll be better for the sales of TL2 is an open question.

  12. Here’s a theory – they all played the beta a couple of months ago and realized that their own game was strong enough and different enough to not need to worry about beating the obvious competition out.
    And, who knows, maybe with every-skill-for-every-class-all-the-time class design and the unique +15 mastercard of a thousand truths, the game with the 7-digit budget will be the one people turn to after just a month of playing the one with the 9-digit budget…
    The proof is in the blood pudding. 8)

    • No the proof will be in the loot selling for a movie ticket or a nice dinner by playing a dungeon crawler.

      Obviously people can’t seem to grasp the newly introduced standards in RPG’s : your virtual gear will take the form of real life values.

      After this … No one will want to play poker with fake chips and meaningless Light Sabres…

  13. Sigh.  The never ending release date slips are starting to make me wonder why i even follow games before they release.  I should just play what actually exists and not worry about the non-existent.  TL2 was initially announced as spring 2011, we’re looking at a 1yr delay, i wasn’t expecting that from a studio that took 11 months or w/e to make the first one.
    Thank dog i finally just got into the Path of Exile beta.  For those looking for some ARPG to tide them over, i’ve heard great things about Bastion.

  14. ‘Delays’of Diablo 3 were expected seeing as they never really put a solid date, so it’s hard to call it a ‘delay’, Diablo 3 has much more reason to have a slight (2-3 month) with the just the mere size of the game and the additional features through Battle Net, people who are QQing and not buying Diablo 3 over an extra couple month wait for a game as good as this really need to grow up
    What Torchlight could possibly be delaying for I don’t know being such a small and crap game, their only chance was to release this year, if they release anywhere close to Diablo 3 they’re just wasting their time

    • I think a lot of people feel like D3 has been delayed for about 5 years now. No one really cares whether there was or wasn’t an announced release date; many have been waiting for one hell of a long time now either way.

  15. As much as I want to try this game, and I was excited for it to be released this year to tie me over until D3. I’m with most people and agree that if this is under a month away from d3 release date … i won’t be buying it… if it is 2 months then maybe just maybe i will because its so cheap. but i totally agree with the comment….RHAH is going to change everything…. people are going to go apesh*t for that.

  16. Torchlight 2 and Path of Exile are playing a dangerous waiting game… (I’ll still get all of them though).

      • Didn’t know that. That’s interesting. Any decent sounding free game is worth checking out if one has the time =o.

        • @Rock I understand what you are saying but I don’t quite buy into the following statements: “D3 doesn’t compete with TL2 because it is $20” or “D3 doesn’t compete with PoE because it is free with microtransactions”.  At the end of the day TL2 and PoE’s user bases are those that love isometric ARPGs.  Hell, you can have all three for $59 + $20 + $0 = $79 – I think most people can afford that.
          But the question remains, how full will TL2 and PoE’s servers be?  One thing is for sure – they will be MORE EMPTY if the servers open when D3 drops.
          BTW, I’m closed beta-testing PoE and it is pretty rough as of patch 0.9.3b – LONG way to go.

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