Not Diablo 3 news but I know many of you are going to be playing Torchlight 2. Today Runic Games’ Travis Baldtree announced that the game’s release is going to be delayed. The plan was to get the game out this year, some time in November but according to Travis they are wanting a little more time to really polish the game so we should expect a release at the start of 2012. On the plus side they also revealed they will now be running a limited Beta test prior to release. We’ll have more on Torchlight 2 here in IncGamers in the coming days following Flux’ invite to the studio this week. We’ll keep you posted when that goes live.

    Thanks to MaStAViC for also sending over the news.

    Update: Flux speaking. I’m not at all surprised by this news. They didn’t say 2012 when I asked them about this issue this week, and all their mentions of a release date were very much the Blizzard-style “when it’s done.” They’re very much in the final polishing stage though, and they wanted to take the time to get everything right, rather than rushing to meet some calendar date. I’ll write more about that in the report for tomorrow. You’ll hear Travis answer this very question in the podcast we’ll be posting tomorrow as well.

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