Torchlight 2 FAQ Includes Diablo 3 Queries

The unofficial Torchlight 2 FAQ was recently updated and for good measure with a few questions regarding Diablo 3, specifically answering questions related to the Diablo 3 delay.

Why don’t they release it now before Diablo 3 is released and crushes their company?

Diablo 3 is going to be released in 2012. Torchlight 2 will be released in 2011. There is no overlap here.

They should release it now because everyone will forget about the game once Diablo 3 is out.

You may be surprised to hear about this, but Runic Games isn’t worried about Diablo 3. The games don’t particularly overlap. Diablo 3 is online-only, on secure servers, with absolutely no modding and will likely cost 50-60 dollars US. Torchlight 2 will be playable offline, over LAN, or over Runic’s Peer-to-Peer online service, with or without mods, and will cost ONLY 20 dollars US.

Is this the team that made Diablo 1 and 2?

Ooooh, fancy question, let me give you a fancy answer. Max and Erich Schaefer, founders of Blizzard North and the heads of the Diablo 1 and 2 (including LOD expansion)’s development teams, are among the founding members of Runic Games, with Max being the CEO. Matt Uelmen did the music for the original Diablo games and is doing all the music and sounds for the Torchlight series, including using the same orchestra. Peter Hu was the man behind the Diablo 2 1.10 patch, but left Runic Games some time ago. However, the other 30 or so members of Runic Games hail from different places, so it would be inaccurate to say that Runic Games is the original Blizzard North development team. However, to my knowledge the other members of those original Diablo teams are no longer at Blizzard, and are not involved with Diablo 3. Extrapolating, neither team is Blizzard North, and thus each teams’ work should be judged on its own merits, not their histories. (My personal opinion)

They have also added a question on the release date.

When will the game be released?

When it’s finished! The current release estimate is November or December of this year, unless, and I quote, “someone on the team dies.” Hope that no one dies.

I know many of you have been keeping an eye on Torchlight 2 and it’s interesting to see it address questions in the official FAQ. Max Schaefer was accurate with the release delay for Diablo 3 when we questioned him on it Gamescom this year and no doubt they are really pushing to make their release before the end of the year.  Thanks XXDeadXX for pinging that over.

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  1. I wish if my boss asked me when am I going to get a project done I could say “when it’s finished.” almost every game has been taking this line… I hope this game is going to be worth the hype. Anyone still play Duke Nuke’em forever after waiting 15 years?

    • As I developer, I can tell you that even though “when it’s finished” sounds like it’s some sort of laid back atmosphere, it’s not (at a respectable company).  Many people in the game industry work 100+ hour weeks one after another.  It has nothing to do with taking your time, and everything to do with making sure you get a solid product out (again, depending on where you work).

    • What is meant by when its finished is when it in a release ready state in general this really means done with no critical errors. What is release ready varies depending on who makes it.
      Duke Nuke Forever is a weird case it really about 3-5 different games masquerading as the same one (the devs kept scrapping the engine and restarting).

  2. Hah, I’m amused that my questions made it up here on IncGamers. I was kind of curious when I was writing it though, who at Blizzard coined the “when it’s done” phrase? Was it first used for Diablo or for Starcraft? Maybe Rush has a better memory than I do…

  3. The FAQ linked by Flux is not an official FAQ, it’s written by a user of Runic forums.

    • That’s true, as far as it goes. (It was posted by Rushster btw, not Flux). I wrote the FAQ, and I run the fansite, but the information in it is official in the sense that everything mentioned in it comes from the Runic devs. If there were any mistakes they’d let me know.

  4. typo- its tagged as *tirchlight2

  5. Runic Games are kidding themselves, delusional and living a pipe dream if they truly think that T2 and D3 don’t overlap or interfere. The fact that it is coming out before D3 means little to nothing. Most people are purposely NOT buying T2 because (Enter reason here, there are a few), or they will stop playing it as soon as D3 is out. After D3 is out, any sales will be a trickle.

    Both games are Isometric, Action-RPG’s with the same sort of gameplay. I mean, I have all the respect in the world for Runic Games and wish them the best. However, they are not being realistic. It is seriously bad timing with T2, it really is, which is unfortunate. But putting your heads in the sand doesn’t mean the problem isn’t there.

    That having been said, I sincerely hope they get their game out in November to get the most amount of sales, they need that time.

    • hrm are you suggesting then if they cant get the game out before d3 then they would be smart to wait another 6 months or a year?

    • the only correct thing you said was 
      “Most people are purposely NOT buying T2 because (Enter reason here, there are a few) ”

      and the response to that is
      “Most people are purposely NOT buying D3 because (Enter reason here, there are a few) ”
      “Most people are purposely NOT buying SWTOR because (Enter reason here, there are a few) ”
      “Most people are purposely NOT buying Skyrim because (Enter reason here, there are a few)”

      it is obvious that when people don’t buy a game they have of reason for not doing so

      • You mistook what I was trying to say entirely. I was specifically talking about those who are after after an Action RPG to play, looking at what is or will be available, comparing the two games and when each of them come out, as well as considering ALL the other games coming out around the same time as T2 that may divert money away from buying a game like that when maybe D3 looks more worth its money down the road, so they hold off on buying it and wait until the best one is out.

        The economy sucks right now, a lot of are very very picky over what they spend their money on (Myself Included). T2 may be a strong title, but compared to every other AAA titles, it doesn’t really compare. So what I am saying is that T2 will either be passed by for D3 as a stronger title in that genre and spend that $20 elsewhere on other games coming out, or they WILL buy it, but have a short life span.

        This is not due to T2 being a bad game, it’s just a VERY tough season for game developers to make money off their products, and T2 is a little fish in a big pond of much larger fish. It will struggle. Which is sad because I’m sure the game will be very decent. It’s just REALLY bad timing.

    • To be honest, I’m one of those who will be purchasing both. I have a lot of respect for the original Torchlight, despite its flaws (long loading time, very strange skill balancing), and from what I’ve seen they’ve worked pretty hard to fix those in TL2.

      Furthermore, their modding tools were frankly spectacular. TorchEdit is still the best ARPG modding suite I’ve seen (despite its irritating skill editor and limited item editor), and they’ve stated they will be upgrading both of those features.

      So no – I won’t be getting TL2 over D3. But D3 is unlikely to come out before february of 2012 (in my opinion), and 2-3 months is easily enough time to get my 20 bucks worth, even with Skyrim and TOR coming out in the same timeframe.

      Especially seeing as it’ll be the only easily moddable co-op ARPG in the forseeable future. (Okay, yes, it’s possible to mod D2 and TQ, but the mod tools for both of those are limited to nonexistent.)

    • DragonChi, you only think 1 day ahead? What about say, a few months after both games have released. What game will come out on the other side?

    • Agreed.  There is overlap in that they are targeting a similar, if not the same customer base.  I will be buying TL2 and I will be co-oping through it with my wife.  So the question is not will they sell the game – I will be giving them at least $40 of my hard earned dollars.  The real predicament is that I WILL NOT be playing TL2 once D3 is released.  The exception will be loading it up on my laptop and single playing where connectivity is spotty.
      Path of Exile is in the same camp, except that game is FAR FROM BEING DONE (read: abhorrent as of 0.9.2f – I am in the closed beta).  PoE will most definitely release in 2012 and will be competing with the D3 juggernaut even though it doesn’t exactly “overlap”.
      In summary, PoE and TL2 should have given themselves solid Q3 2011 release dates to avoid this nonsense.

    • I’m  long time Diablo fan, but the moment they made DIII online-only, I simply didn’t care anymore. Not to start over the same old debate, I’m simply not buying any single-player game with always-online requirements (and I don’t care what they’re developping it for – I’m only interested in the SP experience).
      Frankly, despite being a huge Diablo fanboy, even if the prices were reversed (€59 for Torchlight and €20 for Diablo) I’d still only buy Torchlight 2. If I were still buying DIII, I’d probably still buy Torchlight 2 as well, simply because there’s so much in T2 to support.

  6. They also need to take into account the ONSLAUGHT of major AAA titles coming in the next 2 months. Surely those will affect their sales too. It will be an intensely competitive time for all gaming companies, Runic included. D3 is not the only game that poses a threat.

  7. T2 was supposed to be out spring 2011 wasn’t it?  There is still no official release date.  In my mind, if you haven’t announced an official november or december date in stone, you aren’t gonna make it.   Oh, and for all the fuss about D3 beta, where is the T2 beta?  I haven’t read anything about it.  Mainly because the T2 website is horrible.  Runic games needs to learn how to create community interest.  Indie devs are doing an amazing job at this right now and I feel bigger studios could really learn a thing or two from it.

    I also agree about the overlap.  There definitely is one.  IF they release before D3 I will buy and play until D3 comes out.  Once D3 comes out tho, thats it.   I’ll play D3 for at least a year.

    • On Sept 4th 2009 Runic announced a release date of Oct 27 2009 for TL 1.
      So its not a stretch to think they could still announce and release TL2 this year.
      Especially considering that they’ll probably only release by online download at first and do a box release later – same as they did for TL 1.
      As for the beta, if you had actually looked at the FAQ
      Q: Will there be a beta test? 
      A: Friends and family internal beta testing is all that is planned.
      As for “create community interest” … 
      exactly what do you want to see ? 
      something like on the official D3 site ?
      where people whine and complain all day “where’s my beta invite?” or “sign of more beta invites?”
      There is plenty of community interest for TL2. 
      Unlike D3, members of the TL2 dev team regularly post on the forums. 
      Members of the TL 1 community built a skill calculator for Android phones and are already preparing one for TL 2 
      There are tons of community mods for TL 1 and the Runic devs have already started answering questions about modding improvements and capabilities for TL 2.
      Runic had custom bottles of Torchlight soda made not long ago and gave some away as prizes
      Runic is doing a fine job considering their PR department is one person.

      • wow for a team that says “Runic Games isn’t worried about Diablo 3. The games don’t particularly overlap.”  They sure do make a lot of comparisons to D3.

    • But the point is you would have -bought- it. Looking at it purely from the sales perspective, that’s all that matters. The game is not a monthly sub. They don’t care if you play it for a month, then put it down for 3 years. They got their $20….
      I disagree with anyone saying they shouldn’t release now. Look at all the hungry Diablo fans looking to get their fix… Majority of Diablo fans will pick this up while they wait for Diablo 3 to come out. What better time to release it? TL2 is very close to Diablo gameplay with the open world, its-your-loot-first, mutliplayer and new gameplay aspects. Sure its not Diablo 3, but its a new ARPG which will be just as fun and keep people entertained while they wait.
      I believe the smart thing to do is capitalize on the market, and that would mean releasing soon to fill the void all the ARPG fans have. I’ll definitely be buying it, TL was fun it’s own way and the Embermage looks awesome. They’ve designed all the characters to look really good and the charge mechanics adds another depth to the gameplay.
      Sure they are going to ‘lose out’ when Diablo 3 comes out with people actively playing, but wouldn’t it be better to have a whole bunch of people buy it to keep them busy then release it after D3 when those same people probably wont be interested as they are already satisfied with D3?

      • “Looking at it purely from the sales perspective, that’s all that matters.”

        It’s true from a purely sales perspective of the game itself, but if they expect future sales of expansions or sequels to be good then the current product damn well better hold people’s attention for more than a couple months…

      • yes that is true. I will buy it.  No matter what, I will buy it.  I thought there was tons wrong with T1…but for $20 it was a fun game and for $20 T2 will be worth it.  Not only that, I like supporting games that price their product at a level that is very reasonable.   It will just be a question of, when will I buy it.

  8. i hope everyone who’s waiting for D3 gives TL2 ago, its only $20 and has many things D3 does not, like offline/LAN & mods. Even if its only a few weeks of fun, its prob worth $20. I think they could of gone $30, it seems under priced.
    D3 will probably take most of the TL2 players, but runic will be happy enough as the money they make is in the sales. Unlike D3 which has further moneymaking features like the RMAH.
    As long as TL2 comes first it will be successful, what Max said is perfectly understandable.

  9. Rushster this is the second time you’re giving half-false information in a week although I like your comments more than Flux. As someone said before (I didn’t check and I didn’t need to) it’s so obvious it doesn’t come from an official mouth. I know Runic has bunch of ameteurs there but not this bad.

    Back to the topic, Max is not involved vith the actual game. So technically, only Erich Schaefer from Blizzard North works for their games and Matt does the music. “Torchlight – From the developers of Diablo” was just a false market for the first TL game.

    Also I don’t have high hopes for TL 2. First, the style is even more cartoony. It’s like a game for 6-7 year olds. Second, they don’t interact with their community and this will only lead to bad decisions. Third, they’re just copying themselves over and over again. It’s like they’re trying to exploit the targeted audience. But there’s a chance they only do what they know.

    I can be seen as the most negative poster in this site (just being objective) but Diablo 3 will undoubtedly be at a different level than other ARPGs except hopefully Path of Exile. PoE is still in a rough form and as a long-time alpha tester I can say that we need to wait a little bit more.(More than D3’s release).

    What I said in the previous paragraph shouldn’t mean D3 will be better than D1 or D2.

  10. I will get both T2 AND D3, I believe that Diablo 3 has gone too far away from the Diablo series that it won’t last as long as Diablo 2 has or even come near it’s success. Being a daily Diablo 2 player I believe most of us really just want a new Diablo 1/2 game and not where Diablo 3 is heading.

    I doubt Diablo 3 will keep interest for very long, and I hope that Torchlight 2 can bring something new to the table that Diablo 3 is missing, anyho, I really hope T2 makes it to the top to compete with Diablo 3 so they can develop it further because face it, Blizzard doesn’t really make good games anymore. (in my opinion, except starcraft 2)

  11. hmmm, and here I was agreeing with you, Hulken, until your last comment. I direct this reply also to CHARONS.

    I am 34 years old.  When I was in college I drank Hornsby’s cider and hot Chai, ordered Papa Murphy’s Pizza bi or tri-weekly, masturbated to a ton of porn, gained about fifty pounds, and played a metric sh*t ton of Starcraft.  I was good, and so were my two friends who lived in the dorm with me.  Consequently (and yes, I’ve lost the weight) I was very excited about Starcraft 2.  I loved that initial teaser trailer with the marine/convicted felon getting strapped into his armour.  I could not wait.

    I played Starcraft 2 for less than two months and have not double-clicked on that icon on my desk-top since then.  That’s what – almost a year ago now?  Over a year?  Perhaps I will again someday, but that’s how fast I got sick of it.  I was kind of shocked.  Yes, I concede that this is, perhaps, because I am older now.  I have “grown up.”

    I have monitered the Diablo 3 development closely, mostly as a hobby, and I hold it at arm’s length.  There are things I like about it and many more things I don’t.  Where Torchlight 2 seems to beat Diablo 3 already is in the music (D3’s music, from what I’ve heard, is a failure) and the FEELING of fun.  Also, I think a couple of D3’s classes look pretty lame, whereas T2 has 4 fun-looking classes that are probably more customizable (to be fair I only played Torchlight for about 4-5 months, but that was partly because my PC’s video card crashed, and the Mac version had trouble loading). I’m sure both games (T2 and D3) will be “good” or at least “better than most games currently out there”, but my experience with Starcraft 2 has me betting that MANY people will buy Diablo 3, play it for like 3-4 months, and then stop. I was playing Diablo 2 for more than 10+ years after it came out.  Will the same be said for D3?

    In conclusion, I will buy both, but I think Runic has the better future.

  12. First: Blizzard North was never founded. Their company was named Condor. Only when Blizzard bought them out, they were renamed.

    That’s already a lie and a very easy to trace fact.

    With all that T2 pushing by Blizzard haters going around, I decided to try out T1. I wish everyone would do the same.

    One word: T1 is a pure trash thing compared to The D series. Terrible graphics, no art, no lore, a typical indie games attempt. It is not even addictive, since you get so detached of everything.

    T makes look Dungeon Siege like the next coming of Christ. Yep, T is that bad.

    I really have no clue why T2 is even mentioned. It is a clear case of Indies going for a cheap market without resources behind it. Music ? The sound looks to be generated by a 10 year old casio cz series.

    Seriously, the blizzard haters are really becoming less and less sane.

  13. Nice post Benbos although I think you’re a little bit harsh. 

    Blizzard fanboys, this is why I’m not a hater but just an objective Diablo fan.

  14. Let’s say, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I tried to play T.

    I would clearly not install T2 on my precious HD even when giving free.

    People should try playing this kind of trash first before even speaking of it.

    My time on earth is too limited and precious for doing things made by amateurs with no resources at all.

    • 1 – wipe the spittle of that chin – save the drool for your directv blizcon party
      2 – they sold a million units of tl with zero marketing budget
      3 – when you consider that this is really the ‘fate’ team, they will have released 3 games while the irvine team has released absolutely nothing, except horrible, buggy patches that make d2 a grindfest
      4 – tl2 is going to be awesome, and you might not get invited to your local lan party.  but maybe the guy next to you on the plane will let you play for a few minutes while he hits the can.

      • Yeah and we all know we spend 90% of our lives in a plane. :)))

        Get over it: lack of recources is one thing, a complete lack of lore and silly even pre school graphics showed T1 already is not in the same league as the dark polished resourceful Diablo 3.

        The real money auction house combined with the gold based auction house will blow everything out of the water. Even SW TOR 2 months after launch, as players will get an on line dungeon crawler, a gear chaser , a player made economy and BattleNet access playing with real ID Blizzard players on top.

        4 man dungeon play without the hastle of single servers will be a standard feature. Add real money SELLING things to this and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see it all coming.

        Putting an Indie game made by 2 or 3 guys who didn’t program for Blizzard in the last 8 years and having tools like a CZ Casio against this future D3 Juggernaut of on line play is funny.

        it shows the Blizzard haters will get laid one more time. As if the massive spanking in these last 6 years wasn’t enough :))) LOL

        • Actually, those of us with a real job sometimes feel like we do spend most of our lives on a plane.  But you wouldn’t know anything about that.
          Glad you’re so excited about the RMAH and, even better, Real ID.  The new zyngabook approach to gaming shown by blizz is made just for real fans like you.
          Remember, BTW, at the directv ‘con party – saran wrap on the screen is your friend.

    • no resources, I agree, but 

      “things made by amateurs ” ? ? ?

      so Peter Hu, the Schaefers, Matt Ulemen and Travid Baldree are amateurs ?
      granted, Peter Hu is there no longer, but he was one of the founders of Runic

  15. Lol, the amount of fanboyism in this thread is astounding.

  16. Diablo teams are no longer at Blizzard, and are not involved with Diablo3???
    Julian Love from Diablo1&Diablo2 still working with diablo3, Rob pardo from Diablo1/2 work with D3, Jason grein lead programmers from D1&D2 worked with diablo3…

    • @Cham

      You’re just clueless on this issue.

    • Oh and btw: nobody can replace Rob Pardo.

      Chosen in the top 100 of most influential man in the world by Time Magazine.

      Just look him up on wiki. Of course he was the guy presenting the real money auction house combo with the in game AH of D3.

      Who else ?

      This guy has more vision in one finger than the full designers world of on line play.

  17. Finally!

    Maybe now we can stop hearing people say that the people during Torchlight is the same team as Diablo. They have a few of the people.

    Still looking forward to Torchlight 2, but Diablo3 even more. 🙂

  18. When asked when it will be finished, they should have said “soon”. (complete with quotation marks and a little tm sign) lol Blizzard would sue them over it XD.
    I’ll actually probably get this to help stall for time. I’ve had a terrible, terrible, Diablo itch this past week. Dug up Torchlight and played it for about ten more hours in the endless dungeon, redownloaded D2 classic and want to try to get act4/hell solo and untwinked, even thinking about resubscribing to wow >_> Got this craving all of a sudden for killing endless things, gaining stats, and loot >_<
    But in all seriousness, while D3 destroys TL2 1v1, TL2 is still very worth it for 20bucks even if you already have D3 – I mean you plan to play other things besides D3, right? I got the original TL on Steam for 3$ and though I'm totally bored of it by now, that was still one of the best money/entertainmenthours deals I got. If I can take it a step further and snatch up TL2 on sale somewhere then that would be a no-brainer.

  19. Hmm, the edit button doesn’t seem to be working…

    Just wanted to add that with all that said, I’d still much rather spend 60on D3 than 20 or even less on TL2. I actually WANT to play a lot of D3 – one of the few games I can say this about – whereas I just want to experience most other games (including Skyrim, TL2, and all those other AAAs) to see what they are about. Have had this mindset for about 5 years now too….

  20. Benbos

    October 16, 2011 at 12:45

    Let’s say, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I tried to play T.
    I would clearly not install T2 on my precious HD even when giving free.
    People should try playing this kind of trash first before even speaking of it.
    My time on earth is too limited and precious for doing things made by amateurs with no resources at all.

    amaterus that invited 60 ppl to one hour beta and called it beta?
    amaterus that obviously lied about sending 1000 blizzcon keys?
    amateurs that make 1 game for 6-7 years and still have fail resources?


  21. I’m in the camp where I’ll be getting and planning on enjoying both games. I’m a big fan of the Action RPG genre and am just glad there will be so many games in the genre coming out here to enjoy. That being said, I’m looking forward to D3 a bit more then T2. I know a majority of the original Diablo team is working on Torchlight 2 and worked on the original. But, while I did enjoy Torchlight I just didn’t find it as compelling for some reason.

    While I actually enjoyed the design on the game, it felt disjointed and the skill trees weren’t as compelling. I can honestly see why the D3 team is ditching the point system here. Another thing is that Torchlight 1 didn’t feel like it was supported much once it was released. Once out in the wild, the game relied more on the community to mod it and keep interest up. As far as I can tell there were no major content updates to the game from Runic itself. I could be wrong about this. But it just seemed that way. If torchlight 2 is to have the same lifespan as D2, I’m hoping they’ll patch in more content. With their aim to work on an MMO based on the setting here though I really doubt this will be the case. I’m sure we’ll get a handful of good community mods through.

    That said, I know Blizzard has made a quite few unpopular choices here. But I think a lot of folks don’t realize a few things. Firstly, Blizzard isn’t the small company it was back in the 90’s. It’s huge now and supports thousands of employees and quite a few offices globally. This means they need to make money to support them and also please their investors. I think a bit of personal perspective has allowed me to enjoy this viewpoint. But I feel it’s something a lot of people in the community don’t seem to understand and make wild assumptions about. This is why we see Blizzard charging a premium price for their game and putting in an OPTIONAL real money auction house. But in my opinion, you get what you pay for and I imagine Diablo 3 is going to be a topnotch  and as always extremely polished product that due to an OPTIONAL income model should be able to be supported for some time to come.

  22. Torchlight in a nutshell:

    It was a fun game for the first playthrough.  After that, it got old fast.  The specific things that I didn’t like was the total lack of any storyline, lack of depth to the characters (half the skills were brain-numbingly boring passives), and all the copy-paste systems from Diablo 1/2.  If I wanted to play a Diablo 2 clone, I would just play Diablo 2.  I tried out the TorchEd for a bit, but that got boring really fast too.  The game might be more enjoyable if it didn’t take 2 full minutes just to load.  It cost me 20 bucks, and it was worth about that much.  

    My point?  Torchlight 2 is also only 20 bucks, and I hope it is a serious improvement over the first one.  I really like Runic Games.  They are still small enough that they still need to please the audience to get paid, which is a good thing.  I have high hopes for this company, but I hope their second game is better than the first.

  23. THIS. I never cease to be amazed when I hear someone saying he/she likes Torchlight.

  24. Runic does more with less compared to Blizzard which has alot more money and time to support a game. Diablo 3 is alot of hype in a bowl. We all saw how the game plays and looks like. It is clearly nothing special.

  25. Rather than go through and point-by-point respond to all the obvious anti-non-Diablo-game comments, I’ll just say this: It’s rather ironic that while part of the communities for each game hate on each other, the developers themselves are on quite good terms with each other. Anything else that could be argued about will be settled when both games are released.

    Oh, and I put those questions in the FAQ exactly because we kept getting newbies in our community with the same negative comments and complaints and it was easier to just have a single copy-paste response. Statistically anything something “bad” happens for Diablo (like the Auction House announcement) traffic skyrockets for the Torchlight community. Any time anything good happens (like the beta starting) traffic skyrockets for the Torchlight community. It’s kind of a win-win situation for us.

    • Your blanket statements about “newbs” and “anti-non-Diablo-gamers” is touching.  You’ve mastered that elitist attitude well, good for you. What’s your point?

  26. Thats a game that  ill definitely buy, even knowing that theres a high change that ill only play for 1-2 weeks before i get sick of playing it. (happens to 99% of the games I play lately =/ ).
    Ill support any game that offers free online play after you buy it, without pay to win features. If everyone keeps accepting these pay to win features just like in D3 pretty soon 100% of Blizzard newest games will have cash only items. Am I crazy? Well, lets wait for Titan 8) …

  27. A more expensive game does not make it a better game.

  28. I repeat: I’m simply AMAZED. Shocked, indeed.

    • Don’t be amazed.

      Blizzard hate is standard these days. They’ll do everything to try to dislodge success. Just like idiots do with Apple, Windows, COD series, you  name it.

      But trying to even compare an amateur product with absolutley no Lore, no graphs, not even decent long term gameplay is the ultimate proof these guys put out anything to piss on Blizzard.

      I just hope they have a life besides creating alts on forums to hate popular subsjects. I have my doubts though as already one of them created “bonobos” just to act.

      Silly people. My life is too short to waste it on indy gaming like the T thing.

  29. \I just hope they have a life besides creating alts on forums to hate popular subsjects. I have my doubts though as already one of them created “bonobos” just to act.\
    And I sincerely hope you, Perminimum, and the others out there who are filled with ‘passionate intensity’ (T.S. Eliot, anyone?) don’t waste your lives in simply being derogatory Blizzard Fanboys, consumed by the gaming equivalent of Anti-Semitism – and living in a world of clearly untenable absolutes.
    But if you do, the rest of us won’t lose any sleep over it.  😉
    We’ll be happily enjoying many things that life has to offer, and many other games in the process.  Support of one title does not connote a mutually exclusive purview over similar interests.
    For the rest, we will simply feel pity.
    (And, not everyone out there is a broke college student, or among the unemployed.  And even amongst those, they will find that $20 goes a lot farther than $60. N’est-ce pas?)
    P.S. One of those games is probably rather underpriced; the other, considerably overpriced.  I’ll let you guess which is which. 😉

    • I guess the one where you actually can MAKE money can’t be overpriced enough.

      The one that is priced as garbage bin on release is actually overpriced already.

      You see that is the new TREND in gaming land these last 6 years.

      Players play WOW and COD because they offer long term playing joy with friends instead of hopping from one cheap dud to another (like the old days).

      Be glad you are going to witness the birth of a new long term playing genre in Diablo 3: the one with the play and get real money added to the dungeon crawling and gear chase.

      Fabulous new mechanic btw.

      A pity for the Blizzard haters. I don’t care for you guys at all. I know we will be playing this new D3 with millions. Like every Blizzard game. You can grab in the “sales” garbage bin anytime, but we play with quality.

  30. Somebody just called me Blizzard Fanboy! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    I can’t believe I saw this day. I’m still laughing. This must be my funniest day lately.

    Son, you don’t even have the tiniest bit of credibility after your uber-failure 😀

  31. And shitty Torchlight still only gets publicity when Diablo is mentioned otherwise nobody cares.

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