Torchlight 2 Avoiding Diablo 3’s Release Date

In an interview with VentureBeat, Max Schaefer has been talking about the current status of development. We still have no release date for Diablo 3 and Runic Games are in the final stages of polishing TL2 and have also not announced a release date as yet but will it release before Diablo 3? When asked about getting it out the door before Diablo 3 he added:

Well, we don’t want to come out the same week (laughs). But first of all, we don’t know when Diablo III is coming out. I remember when we started our company three years ago now and were making Torchlight I, the main concern from our publishers was “What about Diablo III?”. And you know, here we are still living with that and I think that it’s our lot in life to live in fear of the Diablo III release date. Our defense against that is to make sure that our game stands on its own merits and is a competitive, compelling game – no matter whether it comes out before, after, or during Diablo III’s release.

Many of the readers here will no doubt be looking forward to playing both games and it appears that both Blizzard and Runic are both at similar stages of getting the game’s systems and polish right.

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35 thoughts on “Torchlight 2 Avoiding Diablo 3’s Release Date

  1. What ever game comes out first I will play, most likely gonna play D3 more overall. TL2 looks fun.

  2. I think most readers and members here know that I’m a Blizzard North fan and I like Max but enough is enough. I’m getting tired of Torchlight articles. Besides offline play there isn’t even one thing looks better in Torchlight than D3 which I criticize harshly. I’m also sure Blizzard doesn’t care about Torchlight or Runic.

    I’ve stopped to wait for a better ARPG than Diablo.

    • Perm,
      I didn’t know you were in that small group that did the TL2 playthrough a couple of months ago…
      …Wait, you weren’t? And aren’t even in the D3 beta?  So you basically are trolling with zero basis?

      • 1. How do you know I didn’t play TL2 before?
        2. How do you know I’m not in D3 beta?

        I didn’t play TL2 before and I didn’t even check my account since years. I don’t care about D3 beta. You made pretty accurate assumptions. Just like I did pretty accurate assumptions.

        Go back to Runic forums. I hope President of Runic is not angry at me anymore. Say hello to him for me.

  3. Someone will lose big in this deal and the closer TL2 releases to D3 the more likely it is going to be the loser.  Now the X factors are the price point $20 bucks and the gameplay features- meaning if TL2 is pointblank more fun then maybe it and the company have a chance.  If they were really smart, they would have console for TL2 out of the gate.  that would be a significant leg up on D3.

    I will likely get both for poops and giggles but in the end im probably D3 all the way.

  4. As much as I liked the original Torchlight, if TL2 and D3 come out with similar release dates, I don’t think that I’m going to be playing TL2 anytime soon :P.

  5. If Runic wants to have any chance at having success up front then they pretty much have to get their game out at least a month or so before Diablo 3… If it’s just before or shortly after, they will get a small fraction of the sales they could have gotten otherwise…

    • “If Runic wants to have any chance at having success up front”
      Maybe having enough time to make a game with enough quality to stand the test of time without having to work in a mega-corporate structure like actibliz is their definition of success.

      • Mmm sure… Stand the test of time… We will see about that… Fact of the matter is though, most people will measure the success of any game studio by the sales of the game, especially in the early days of its availability to the public just like for other entertainment industries…

  6. Permaximun, you should check yourself for dissociative identity disorder. Also, that woman you love… isn’t for you. Just leave her.

    • I just thought the same… It would have been really surprising to hear that Max calculates TL2 release depending of D3’s. They just don’t care.

  7. You mean b/c they already did by copy-pasting D2, all the way down to the music, changed a few names and art files and called it a day with TL1?

    • TL1 is nothing like D2
      TL1 is much more like D1 than it is like D2
      and TL1 is much more like FATE than it is like D1
      so if you’re trying to insult runic at least do it correctly

      • Actually, after playing through it again recently, I’d say TL1 is like D1 and D3 combined. It even has a lot of the same monsters and skills as D3…

  8. Of course Perm is buying D3, nobody would put in so much time on a fansite for a game without even having the intention of playing it. That would be…gosh, just too sad to even hypothesize about.

  9. If Torchlight 2 features the same bland class trees and underwhelming itemization as the first, I’ll gladly pass on it.

  10. Funny, I seem to recall that for a long time, Runic was saying that they have nothing to fear of D3 cause their games are different enough for it to not pose any threat. Which I ALWAYS thought was pure nonsense, and now they have made a complete 180 and have come to understand what they are up against.

    I’m interested to see how this all turns out. At least now Runic has woken up and are trying their best to avoid release date clashes.

      • “You may be surprised to hear about this, but Runic Games ISN’T WORRIED about Diablo 3. The games don’t particularly overlap. Diablo 3 is online-only, on secure servers, with absolutely no modding and will likely cost 50-60 dollars US. Torchlight 2 will be playable offline, over LAN, or over Runic’s Peer-to-Peer online service, with or without mods, and will cost ONLY 20 dollars US.”

        “….I think that it’s our lot in life to live in fear of the Diablo III release date….”
        Plus, the list he gives off are NOT the reasons why they should be worried, as they do not mention anything about how the game plays EXTREMELY similar to D3 in a lot of respects.

        So, I rest my case.

        • Why should they give reasons to be worried by D3 since they don’t say they are ? Anyway, you are trying to make your own interpretation, which may be correct (if Max is bullshitting on us) but is NOT what has been said here.

  11. I have a sneaky feeling that blizzard are waiting to launch d3 along with tl2, maybe as an old grudge?

  12. If ever there was a best time to release TL2, then now would be it.
    I haven’t been following that game, but  i’m sure a lot of people would buy it just for being ARPG starved.
    If Runic releases this game when D3’s release is known and close by, then it’s going to get run over, badly.

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