In an interview with VentureBeat, Max Schaefer has been talking about the current status of development. We still have no release date for Diablo 3 and Runic Games are in the final stages of polishing TL2 and have also not announced a release date as yet but will it release before Diablo 3? When asked about getting it out the door before Diablo 3 he added:

    Well, we don’t want to come out the same week (laughs). But first of all, we don’t know when Diablo III is coming out. I remember when we started our company three years ago now and were making Torchlight I, the main concern from our publishers was “What about Diablo III?”. And you know, here we are still living with that and I think that it’s our lot in life to live in fear of the Diablo III release date. Our defense against that is to make sure that our game stands on its own merits and is a competitive, compelling game – no matter whether it comes out before, after, or during Diablo III’s release.

    Many of the readers here will no doubt be looking forward to playing both games and it appears that both Blizzard and Runic are both at similar stages of getting the game’s systems and polish right.

    Thanks RPGReporter.

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