Tempting though it was to embrace the irony and leave our “There is no Diablo Drought” post on top all weekend, here’s something new. German site PCGames.de has posted a nice list of the top ten Diablo clones. Each page has a screenshot of the game, plus a quick paragraph of info about it, so click through and find some inspiration?

    Here’s their top ten, which doesn’t seem to be in any particular order:

    • Torchlight
    • Sacred 2
    • Sacred
    • Titan Quest + Titan Quest: Immortal Throne
    • Loki: In the Spell of the Gods
    • Hellgate: London
    • Legend: Hand of God
    • Fate
    • Nox
    • Dungeon Siege 2

    So, how many of these have you guys tried? Has anyone completed the full decathlon? Also, any recommendations for the rest of us who might be after some RPG action to tide us over while the Diablo 3 wait continues.

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