A fan provided updated charts showing the average highest Greater Rift cleared for the 1000 ranked characters on the Americas server, Seasonal and non-Seasonal. Viewing the top 1000 aggregate is more useful into than just glancing at the top 10, since it incorporates a lot more data points and gives a better sense of relative class strength.


    Aside from the steady improvement across the board, the only obvious change is the big jump the Witch Doctor has enjoyed since the last patch buffed pets. For non-seasonal that’s just let the WD move from distant 6th to closer 6th, but on Seasons it’s created much more change, with the WD jumping up past the two sad melee-only chars into 4th place, not far below the semi-melee Crusader.

    The above image is just a screenshot of the chars. If you click to the JSFiddle page, you can hover on the graphics for interactive details about precise levels and dates for all the classes.

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