Top 1000 Greater Rift Averages, 6 October, 2014

A fan provided updated charts showing the average highest Greater Rift cleared for the 1000 ranked characters on the Americas server, Seasonal and non-Seasonal. Viewing the top 1000 aggregate is more useful into than just glancing at the top 10, since it incorporates a lot more data points and gives a better sense of relative class strength.


Aside from the steady improvement across the board, the only obvious change is the big jump the Witch Doctor has enjoyed since the last patch buffed pets. For non-seasonal that’s just let the WD move from distant 6th to closer 6th, but on Seasons it’s created much more change, with the WD jumping up past the two sad melee-only chars into 4th place, not far below the semi-melee Crusader.

The above image is just a screenshot of the chars. If you click to the JSFiddle page, you can hover on the graphics for interactive details about precise levels and dates for all the classes.

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  1. If I'm reading it right, it's non-seasonal where the WD has jumped a few places, not seasonal.

  2. I wouldn't say it shows characters relative strength, else the top DH would be 4-5 levels above the top Wizards and Barbs. It just shows DH are easier to gear, and the build and playstyle is pretty straight forward. Also a lot more people play DH in season 1, it's the same reason China wins so many Olympic medals, sheer numbers, not because there is an imbalance of athleticism.

  3. It does show the class' relative strength though, since it's an aggregate. It's much more about the class in this view than the player. If you look at just the top few players in each class, what you're seeing is the most innovative or skilled players … they could each do what they're doing with any class. (See: Recent video of 2mil toughness wizard doing GRift 38 or whatever).

    If you look at the top 1000 from each class, you get an actual view of how the class actually performs relative to each other class, which was the point of this exercise.

  4. I wonder what that would look like w/ some of the legacy builds, namely perma-barbs and perma-archon. Marauders are definitely way out of whack, but historically, I doubt they are as bad as those perma-builds were. But how much worse? Would perma-barbs easily stomp 50's and 60's, 15-25 levels better than any other class?

  5. Where's the HC version? /doh

  6. You have to take into account that the next expansion will increase lvl cap by another 10 levels at least. This is the reason why people can only achieve Grift 40ish. Once expansion is released you will see new levels of grift being obtained. Power levels will rise to the multiple millions given that at the moment people are easily hitting 1.5+ million dps. Not to mention new gems they promised.

    So it will be an interesting once the expansion comes around after wow exp and sc2 exp.


    • Exactly. This is why I can't understand when people complain, relatively soon after GRifts are released, "I can't do GRift 100!!!?! FUUUU!" Do they not realise with the inherent power creep in the game that Blizz need a bit of breathing room for new content?

  7. It seems to me that there's no way out at this point. Ranged classes with passive damage are limited by time/enemy HP and how well they can soak up 1-hit-kills from jailer/Tstorm. Melees are limited by time/enemy HP and how many 1-shot-kills they can avoid from EVERYTHING. If Grifts truly are the "balance mechanic" that the devs use as a measuring stick, making melee competitive requires a huge boost in damage AND toughness to stand in melee with things that 1-shot ranged, while still killing things efficiently enough to balance out. If Roland's set was any indication, the future looks pretty dim for melee classes in general.

    • I'd wait until the next season and the next big balance patch that will likely come with it before judging Blizzard's balance efforts. 2.1.1 was a minor patch, meant to address only pets as far as balance is concerned, nothing more. Let's see what the devs will learn from the first season before jumping to hyperboles and saying that there's no way out.

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