Top 10 Fixes to Diablo 3

Forum regulars and experienced players Mysticc and Sibcoe put together a long and detailed video podcast covering their top 10 fixes to Diablo 3. (Plus half a dozen honorable mentions. The forum thread announcing it has gone into lengthy conversation, but for those of you who don’t regularly venture into the Diablo 3 forums, here’s their top ten, with the video below for a much more thorough debate/discussion.

Honorable Mentions:
– Increase base movement speed to what 24% is now.
– Ability to level up abilities/skills (yeah right).
– Give a reason to group with players (more loot, more mf, more mob density, etc.)
– Add more randomness (but take out stupid randomness).
– Increase mob density in act 1/2. Give us reason to go to act 4.
– Fix the broken wizard class.

The Top 10 list:
10) Give us a pvp system where we define the rules, rewards. Stop wasting 7+ months trying to design the perfect pvp system. Let us just pvp and we’ll build a system that comes out of it organically. Make use of ptr for pvp.

9) Improve drop rates OR stop creating garbage items for garbage sake (i.e. tighten up properties, etc.)

8) Cut the length of the journey to paragon 100 by 1/2 or 2/3. Or change how magic find works. And some other things we said.

7) Add genuine gold sinks to the game (enchantments, socketing, buffs, etc.). Remove 15% tax bull****.

6) Add more game modes – ladders, classic mode, etc.

5) Improve itemization – have 15-30 legendaries per item slot that are designed around builds, uses for white items, magic items, more socketables like 20 different gems and random jewels, create healthy ecosystem of gems and depower emeralds.

4) Add a crafting system that allows players to create items that don’t drop and also incentivizes the destruction of items.

3) Add bind on equip.

2) Give us something to do other than farming.

1) Blizzard needs to listen, interact and be honest with the community.

If you guys want to second some these and/or list your own most wanted fixes in comments, we can tabulate the most popular 10 or 15 and post them in a multiple choice vote, to get some real community consensus (or not) like we did recently with the most wanted changes/fixes to the DiabloWikiNephalem Valor system.

All of Mysticc and Sibcoe’s webcasts are archived in Diablo3.TV for future reference; you may want to view some of their previous episodes.

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65 thoughts on “Top 10 Fixes to Diablo 3

  1. Strongly agree: 15, 14, 13, 12, 11.

    Agree: 7, 6, 5, 4, 2.

    Depends/Maybe: 10, 9, 3, 1.

    Disagree: 16, 8.

    Amused to see that I strongly agree with almost all of their honorable mentions, but am much more on the fence about their top 10. (Based just on the text list since I haven’t had time to listen yet.)

    • I totally agree with increasing the base movespeed.

      I don’t know if its only me, but Diablo 3 feels super slow.
      I remember most of the time while playing D2, I always felt inclined to play the assassin because of the burst of speed skill. But even tho the assassin had the move speed advantage since the start, the other classes eventually got there with items, because it didn’t cap the stat.

      And also, after playing TL2 for a while when it launched, the move speed there is so awesome, the game feels so much more pumped. It was so horrible to log back into D3 after playing TL2, because D3 felt so ridiculously slow and painful to move, I could only feel “ok” with a barbarian at move speed cap from itens and sprint.

      Anyway, I totally agree with increasing the base movespeed.

      • Diablo 1 and 2 had a run/walk button that you could set to run all the time but was still effected by your stamina.I thought they should have included it in Diablo 3.

        • Seriously? Wow, we are complete opposites! I love a more fast paced hack n slash.

          Anyway, another thing I agree is about having more monster density in act 1 and 2, and I even think that there could be more monsters in act 3. (what is act 4? haha).

          It could be nice having more ares like the leoric manor or the dungeon n festering woods (warrior rest?). It’s awesome to plow through large clusters of baddies.

    • I strongly disagree with 8. Especially with the complaint, “Give me something to do other than farm.” If not for the long agonizing paragon journey, I would have stopped playing weeks ago.

    • Call me crazy but how about a flipping GAME LOBBY!!!!!!!!!!

      The movement speed thing would be very welcomed. But bind on equip would be lame. And as for doing something other than farming….Hello, its Diablo! Go take a walk if you’re tired of farming. And the paragon is fine. I wish they would add another 100 beyond paragon that takes even longer. There is your something to do beyond farming. You wonder why blizz doesn’t listen to the community.

    • I strongly agree with everything, except the paragon getting easier because I like that it takes a while, and not just level 60 at launch. The drops shouldn’t be made better, they should give them a purpose, like whites/blues should have some interesting purpose, like how in d2 whites were the only thing you could get runewords with, or make it so the crafting system is 20000x better so getting mats is actually something you want to do. I would like ladders for pvp, and I would like pvp to be an arena, but hey, atleast I can duel my friends 1-2 times then go back to farming. They had some good points, but they went a little overboard and some things I just don’t agree with. Bind on equip? not a big fan, but whatever you thinks gonna fix the game.

      • Never even thought of that. Have a base item a requirement [a white] for the crafting!! They need to implement that ASAP!

  2. I do agree with all honorable mentions. In fact, most of act 3 also needs increased mob density… And would be really nice to have a reason to play multiplayer except for hellfire.

    I actually disagree on a lot of the other points, especially cutting the length to paragon 100. If you want 300 mf earlier, then add some MF items so that the affix still is in use. It does take a lot of time to reach 100, but it sure as hell is possible and you do not HAVE to be 100. I’d be quite pissed if this was lowered, even though I might never reach 100 myself.

    The 15% tax has to stay, even if they should add more gold sinks that work. Pay to start with a buff or whatever, increase repair costs etc.

    What irritates me the most atm is that I’m quite sure I read they would interract more with the community, but still there hasn’t been any info on what Blizzard is doing atm and it’s been like that since patch 1.0.5 came. All I know is that reflect dmg is getting a nerf, OWE is getting nerfed/changed and they’ve removed battlegrounds as a feature. To steps front, one step back.

    • I dont know myself, it almost seems to me like the honorable mention list was put together by people who dont or have not played this game.

      In particular the fix broken wizard spot on that list. What a joke.

      Wizard is the #2 class for number of people playing them (from what I see in game,) and of course 100% of them are the ever-noob CM subclass variety, which quite frankly is hugely overpowered (and extremely boring to play with.) Why anyone would think that Wizard needs to be fixed when the Monk is clearly on the bottom of the barrel (and in need of a buff similar to the WD received just to make the class viable, let alone fun,) its just beyond me.

      The biggest problem with d3 is that there isnt an ounce of solid work ethic on that development and management team. And these same imbeciles are the ones correcting the problems (that they made,) and are likely the same imbeciles who are on pace to ruin the upcoming expansions.

      Oh and this whole run/walk speed discussion is stupid. r/w speed is only mandatory for speed runs, which currently there is absolutely no incentive to play at higher MP levels (as I prefer to do,) where movement speed is nearly entirely irrelevant.

      • No clue about the wizard class. Don’t play wizard, got a total of like 11 h played on that one. Funny that you talk about the underpowered monk. Monk is actually not that bad, just a little bit of more spirit regen and a passive that gave some sort of extra dmg would do a lot for the class. It is pretty much the best class for speedfarming MP0 at least, but quite bad at higher MP. If they fix so that higher MP is somewhat better for farming, they will ofc have to give the monk some love. Build diversity is, however, a big problem for the class as most skills are completely worthless.

        About movement speed, it’s the same as higher mob density. The game feels less empty if you at least move fast between mobs!

  3. They really should improve monks that they actually use that damn daibo. This weapon is desgined for them, but not skill use it… This class could have been so great…

  4. if blizzard not listen this time there will be no players, if there no player, they will not make any money from the RMAH Milking Cow!…

    I have not play for month, and i will not comes back before they have fix the game…

  5. only 4 , 5 , 7 are good rest is as stupid as hell

    10 and 6 are only for 0,01% of the comunity so loose it.

    add guilds , special events , mailboxes , more things that ppl REALY brings together.And blizz listens to the comunity but only to the REAL fans of the Diablo series and not to the pvp kiddies.Thats why most of you kiddies rage about it.Now we can see how pvp kidies really are … noobs in IRL.

    happy new year :p

  6. After listening to the podcast I agree on everything. These guys are good. I like that that someone points out how bad and broken the wiz is.
    There is one thing I miss on the list: chat channels and socialization.

    • because he is as biased with his assessment as Blizzard itself ?

      he’s right though Wizard is really lame and dependent on Archaic Resource-Mechanics (undynamic ressource reg + Cooldown) and by extension very dependant by the only affixes which can circumvent them (Crit + Apoc + Critical Mass) to be even remotely fun.

      and quite frankly most speccs which do not include these affixes are either incredibly dull (like Archon) or incredibly weak, or both.

      I agree though Monk Ressource system is even worse ; there is no sense of ressource management ; and the “Combo-Skill” which seemed like an Brilliant idea at the time the Monk was announced turned into in an uninspired senseless ; combo cycle which is only an excuse to put in more animation per skill.

      there seemed to be so much potential at the time – but currently its barely justifiable to put 2 comboskills on the Bar ( and that only for selfbuff-reasons on an active skill no less…).

      i also disagree with several points/solutions but i don’t see a reason to elaborate. at the rate Blizzard is progressing and proceeding it would take them several years to overhaul the game EVEN if they would listen to valid input like this.

      • if “most speccs which do not include these affixes are incredibly weak” then the solution doesn’t need to be as super-drastic as an entire class redesign. The Wiz has lots of really fun and blasty feels-like-a-real-Wizard type skills. All the class really needs is some balance/retuning to make some of those skills more fun and powerful.

        • i diagree ; after leveling my Monk / Barb / DH to 60 and ~wd to ~30 ; Wizard felt incredibly stale and boring.

          some skills have visceral feel but the package is very unsatisfying. eg Blizzard was my fav skill in d2 ; in D3 it doesn’t stack at all ; has no individual impact areas. it’s just a shitty skill ; it’s subpar at dealing dmg , and no one likes to kite in d3.

    • They have said many times they want other classes to be as powerful as barbs are instead of nerfing barbs to the level of other classes.

      • But aside from the one cheap, clearly unintended Nado Barb build, is the Barb actually powerful at all? Not to my knowledge but I could be wrong.

        • Exactly. Are they going to give every other class the ability to resist all CC and run at 60% through buffs? Ha, yeah right.

    • actually thats true ; in Diablo 3 Crafting is nothing else than Gambling made complicated and tedious. I mean just look at it, the ingredients are salvage materials gathered from inferno which never really change in quality or type.
      It’s basically exactly like gambling except that you have would have to tp to town ever 5 minutes for salvaging if you were to indulge in “crafting”.

      if there were more ingredients / more specific recipes; and different ingredient farming areas for different ingredients i could get behind the idea of crafting, but as it is a feature which is in the game for the sake of being in the game. It serves no other purpose than wasting time & money for inventory management and nets absolutely no advantage over Farming + AH

  7. Anybody ever suggest having a gold sink that is paid buffs? Like paying 20K gold for a shrine like buff that lasts 10 minutes? Plenty of ways to change the system to balance it. Hell, I’d pay good gold to have something like fleeting shrine active a heap.

    • Has been suggested many times before. Problem with most shrines is that they actually increase killing speed which means people get even more gold. So does far from solve the problem!

  8. Am i the only one who thinks normal, nightmare, hell and finally inferno is atleast one too many when leveling up a new charachter?

    • Nope, definitely not. I think it’s really stupid. Ideally, I’d want Quest, Quest+, and then an actually new and different endgame mode that is about challenge and farming and removes all the story/quest stuff.

    • Amen. Seriously, what is the point of inferno if we can mp it? It’s like that scene from Spinal Tap. “But this difficulty goes to eleven…”

    • I forget who brought it up (not me) but we did debate that on the podcast some months ago, and I agree. Since Inferno got nerfed in v1.05, and MP0 isn’t such a challenge, it’s redundant and pointless to have Normal/NM/Hell just as obstacles to get to the real game.

      How they’d change it, I’m not sure. I guess just make the 2nd diff level worth more exp, so you’d level from 30-55ish? But while we can do Inferno MP0 at farming speed now, a new player would find Inferno, even MP0, impossible at level 56ish with crappy gear. That’s what Hell is for. It just goes on too long…

      Given that anyone can go online and get a turbo to the end of any difficulty level in 10 minutes, maybe this isn’t really a question worth debating as there’s such a simple work around?

    • Exactly! What was wrong with
      Normal -> Easy, everybody can do it
      Nightmare -> Difficult, need to have some skill and equipment
      Hell > Very tough, finishing (alone) is an accomplishment

      And then some end-game like übers for the professionals.

  9. 2,4,5 are good.

    I don’t know what kind of “community interaction” is even possible for Blizzard anymore. No matter what they say, there’s a backlash. Oh, and if they say nothing, there’s a backlash. Probably best to remain silent and avoid most of the issues until a patch is almost done.

    • “if they say nothing, there’s a backlash”

      “Probably best to remain silent and avoid most of the issues…”

      Contradiction: 2. A person, thing, or situation in which inconsistent elements are present.

      • That depends on which backlash you prefer.

        I prefer the “abandonment issues” backlash to the hundreds of “why wasn’t exactly what I wanted promised and delivered yesterday” backlashes.

        Hence… probably best to remain silent and avoid MOST of the issues.

        • I think I speak for all here when I say it is better to know what they are doing rather than not.

          At least then there is a chance of changing their minds.

          When a patch is released, it takes another patch to undo the mistakes – another patch that they stay silent about…

          Hence, it is better to know what they are doing.

          • If the company followed some kind of set design plan, I’d completely agree with you. They quite obviously don’t have much of a plan to talk about, though. I suspect if they made more frequent posts regarding patch development, it would just be a faster version of the failed promise cycle they’ve done with everything else.

            I guess I should have said “I’d prefer silence to the forum drama of Blizzard constantly changing their design notes in public”, because I think those are the two realistic options. If they could deliver on the design promises they announce, we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place.

  10. Here is my additional 10 fixes
    1. Make Elemental Damage mean something more than being red, purple, blue, or green…
    2. More non linear game play
    3. More variety in maps
    4. More random dialogue in town ( how many times can you hear the same dialogue)
    5. Additional secondary quests
    6. Make the damn Siegebreaker spawn skeletons after death!
    7. More monsters (bring back the gore hounds that I saw during the datamining releases and also Lanzuul and Lanzuul’s minions)
    8. Bring back the mystic… Her dialogue was better than the blacksmith!
    9. Release the expansion ASAP
    10. Talk to established (good) storywriters before coming up with Bull-sh*t plots!

  11. 16. No. Why increase base movement speed? All that does is make the game world seem smaller. Nothing gained there.

    15. I don’t know what “level up abilities / skills” means exactly, but having different things to do is always a plus.

    14. Yes. A reason to group with players is always a good thing. It doesn’t have to be exactly like D2. But, the reason you grouped with others in D2 was simply because it was easier to get various tasks done. With 4 people, you could each scout a different path in the Arcane sanctuary, for example. Of course, this goes back to 16. Instead of increasing base movement speed, add total randomness to the game that can only be countered by playing with friends and scouting.

    13. I don’t know what that means. What is stupid to one person is cool to someone else. Sounds politicky.

    12. Maybe. Increasing mob density alone may or may not be a good idea. I would prefer a Diablo game that gives you a “rush”. A classic shooter from the 1980s is “Defender”. In that game, you had enemies everywhere, they were highly dangerous, but had low hitpoints, and they could move fast. That creates a frenzied, panicked environment that’s really fun. I would like to see that.

    11. I don’t know what’s broken about it. But its the only class I took to 60.

    10. Yes. I think they can just drop people into a sandbox and let them make up their own games, and also design their own ideas. They can do both. No harm there.

    9. Maybe. I think if you improve drop rates, then you need a mechanic to remove equipment from the game as well. Otherwise, everyone has the best gear and its all pointless. Some ideas are: ladder seasons, MUD-style deathtraps.

    8. Strong no. The game NEEDS to add more things to do. It doesn’t need to nerf one of the few things worth doing. I’d go the other way and make the paragon levels take longer under current conditions.

    7. Yes. Gold sinks are good. Items sinks are needed as well.

    6. Yes. Ideally, as a d3 designer, I would start with the idea that endgame should offer about 10-15 different activities that you could do with your time. That way, if you get bored with one, you can switch to something else. For example, in D2, you had Baal runs, or hellforge rushing with new toons, or farming for uber runs, or clone hunting, and many more things.

    5. yes. Improve itemization and adding activities for different equipment is good.

    4. Yes. Crafting is a good thing.

    3. No. I actually suggested that all items should be soulbound back before the auction house was announced. I felt trading was not was Diablo was about, but I would prefer bind on account. Soulbound to one toon means I have to collect 10 copies of certain items because each one is tied to each of my 10 toons and that takes up bagspace.

    2. Yes. As I said before, ideally D3 should offer 10-15 different types of endgame activities.

    1. Yes. Blizzard should listen to its customers.

  12. This list is non sense, and can some one tell me to whats the problem with the Wizard class? lol. In this case ewrie body uninstall the game and buy other games, like example Elre Scrool Online or what ever.

    • The problem with the wizard class? You mean aside from the one and only build everyone is playing that involves mashing 1+2+3 on your keyboard until you have to visit your doctor for severe pain in your fingers, hand and arm.

      No problem at all 🙂

      I can tell you didn’t even watch the episode of show this topic is about because they explain thourougly what is the problem with the wizard class.

  13. 1.) Dramatically improving on customer communication.
    Honesty and sincereness should become a more central part of Blizzard‘s customer relations program once again. Create a monthly developer diary to let your players know what you‘re up to. Yes, this means additional work which might also be hard to coordinate – your discipline may pay off in more informed and overall happier customers though. When faced with strong public disagreement of your plans, listen to established criticism and at least try to find a better solution. You absolutely cannot deem negative customer feedback inappropriate for being ‚out of context‘, there shouldn‘t be a missing context situation in the first place.

    Use your poll tech for gameplay-relevant questions. It has been stated many times by Blizzard employees that the forums aren‘t a sufficiently representative place for gathering public opinions – true, your forums are mainly the place where negative feedback goes. So, what would be a better place to determine what‘s wrong about your product? In any case, favourite dye color polls won‘t do the trick considering the turmoil surrounding this game release.

    2.) Adding non-farming based content
    This game (series) is all about farming and grinding. It‘s the very definition of ‚fun‘ in a Diablo title. I don‘t understand what else should be added. An achievement-themed decal design&print suite? Utter nonsense.

    3.), 9.) and 13.) Add a Bind-On-Equip item property and remove excessive randomization
    Yes, BoE would render most items a ‚one-time trade‘ and – apparently even more importantly: a ‚one-time AH cut profit‘ – opportunity. But hey, Blizzard‘s monetization plans have wrought serious damage upon the very (last remaining) core system of your game, it‘s somewhat time to reconsider and act here.

    By taking gear items out of the economy once equipped, a whole new set of options to improve the game becomes available, mainly to drastically decrease the excessive granularity of affixes:
    – Improve on a more intelligent, less random affix allocation on items in general.
    – Make affixes that are (almost) exclusive to a few specific slots roll much more often, because for example, high-end boots which don‘t provide increased movement speed aren‘t viable no matter what other properties they provide. By the same logic, have all high-end headgear generally provide a socket, or alternatively, one guranteed head-slot-gem-property.
    – Prevent stacking of non-primary stats on specialized items (rare bows and crossbows can stack dexterity and vitality multiple times but not strength or intellect, rare wands and staves can stack intellect and vitality multiple times but not dexterity or strength, …).
    – Restrict all items to one form of DPS affix, because when an item can potentially roll critical hit chance, critical hit damage, increased damage, additional elemental damage and increased attack speed all at the same time, the damage stacks so high that no other item which is lacking just one of these affixes is worth anything in comparison. There‘s no relevant choice to make, when perfection is considered the minimum requirement.
    – Remove singular resistances (frees up 6 spots in the affix pool).
    – Make movement impairing/loss-of-control resistances (aka singular resistances no. 7 and no. 8 in the affix pool) either (almost) full immunities or remove them, noone wants to stack this.
    – Combine health gain on hit, health gain on kill and life leach into one Revel stat affix.
    – Combine +% magic find, +% gold find, +gold pickup radius, +x/+% experience gain all into one Valor stat affix. These affixes could remain separate headgear-slot gem properties, but should then be buffed (doubled!).
    – Combine health globe pickup radius, increased health gain from health globes/potions and increased health regeneration into one Vigor stat affix.
    – Combine all affixes which grant +damage/+crit/-cooldown/-cast time/etc. to a singular skill of a singular class into one Might stat affix which increases the proc chance for a short duration self-buff that benefits all previously affected skills valid for all classes.
    – Combine all affixes which increase the resource maximum/resource regneration/slow down resource degeneration/etc. into one Stamina stat affix valid for all classes.
    – Combine additional fire/lightning/cold/poison/holy into one Elemental Damage stat affix. Make affected weapons cycle though graphical effects as you wish or make them selectable by applying dyes.
    – Combine chance to chill/slow on hit into one Chance to Hinder on Hit affix.
    – Combine chance to fear/knockback/blind on hit into one Chance to Confuse on Hit affix.
    – Combine chance to freeze/immobilize/stun on hit into one Chance to Incapacitate on Hit affix.
    – Restrict Thorns to items which can be worn by melee classes.
    – Restrict reduced damage from elite/melee/ranged attacks to one affix per item.

    Make legendary/set items drop/craft as Bind-On-Account and make them drop much more often for the individual player. Limit randomization by reducing the number of affixes with value ranges, limiting those affixe value ranges to a max. 15% span (‚+85-100 strength‘ instead of ‚one of 2 magic properties (varies): +10-30 strength or 70-120 strength‘) and cutting back to max. one random affix. There should be rather no randomization for low-level legendary items and a healthy bit (as described above) for high-level items. Also, remove key affixes (such as dps increments) from the pool random affixes for legendaries, or they will never be worth anything unless they roll exactly those.

    Add an ‚Unbound‘ affix for legendary/set items which is as rare as any other random property and renders the item BoE instead of BoA, meaning it can be traded. That way, you retain a legendary economy, the individual player could be allowed to find more and better items herself/himself and at the same time self-found items can potentially be a bit better than traded ones (due to the one random affix slot being occupied by ‚unbound‘).

    With legendary items actually doing their name justice again, it‘s ABSOLUTELY VITAL to change their font color back to gold and make rare item read in … say, purple letters? (Lore items should have grey font btw, not set-item-green.)

    4.) and 5.) Redesign Crafted items and salvaging
    I agree on the ‚crafting should yield more items which cannot be obtained otherwise‘ part. This demands for more crafting plans for legendary/set BoA items. With legendary/set items being dramatically less random and hence no glorified D2 crafted items anymore now, there would also be room for actualy D2-style crafted items that possess half static, half random affixes. That‘s where the orange font color would go. Also, to provide a right for normal (white font) items to actually exist, they should always be a required material for crafting: Crafting that rare archon armor requires a normal, non-magical archon armor, some essences, some tears, some tomes … People might actually learn to distinguish base items by name (omg!).

    With crafting capable of yielding relevant items again, salvaging should automatically regain its uses. One thing I‘ve been pondering though, was if salvaging and item identification were maybe interesting to combine: With rare items dropping in abundance, actually in quantities mf-geared-players find themselves unable to care about, and identification serving no obvious purpose, why not create a new dynamic? Chose between identfying an item (to see its‘ stats) and salvaging the unidentified item (for either the same crap they salvage into anyway or, by a small chance, into otherwise un-obtainable crafting materials, enchanting materials, level 9-14 gems, …). Just a thought.

    5.) Create item system additions.
    Strictly speaking, fixing the item system in a way that would allow build-specific items to be interesting, would first require a complete overhaul of the skill system (in order to actually define skill builds). I doubt 30 legendaries per slot, per build, per class are feasible with – how many hijillions of hypthetical builds? – around.

    As for magic items, I didn‘t come up with a clever way of recirculation for these either, yet. Maybe, like normal items, add them as basic crafting reagents as well, with a chance that their properties migrate over to the random affixes of the resulting item?

    Gems are one of the few systems in D3, which turned out much better rounded than I first thought they would be, at least for the head and body slots. So, besides emeralds being the obvious top ‚choice‘ for weapon slots, I don‘t see much need for action. You could, of course, always add sapphires (helm: +Might stat [see above], weapon: Chance to Hinder/Confuse/Incapacitate on Hit, other: +Stamina stat) and diamonds (helm: +% All Resistances, weapon: +% Damage against Elites, other: +Vigor stat) for more variety, but jewels (as we know them from D2) would only re-introduce more randomization to the item system while we‘re in the process of reducing it to bearable levels. A jeweler end-game quest to create and upgrade your own soulbound, custom-designed gem (aka jewel) would certainly be a nice idea though.

    6.) Adding more game modes and addressing PvP
    True, limited in unique content as D3 is (it really could have done with some more) alternative game modes could breathe some life back into the game again. I don‘t quite understand the fascination for competative content such as ladders and pvp though with D3 strictly being a Pay2Win game though.

    Ladders and ladder seasons would indeed be great additions to the game (I never liked the idea of ladder-only items and recipes though) but with your items being the one and only distinction between your and someone else‘s character and those items being buyable with real money, ranking doesn‘t really seem to be attractive that attractive. So, you‘d have to combine ladder mode with ‚ironborn‘ mode (regular play without access to trading) for the true experience. Ironborn mode, however, might prove to be elite/popular while not yielding any AH cut profits. Thus, the chance for Blizzard ever considering this would be as low as the chances of them allowing unprofitable offline play. We do not sow.

    It‘s the same for pvp. They probably didn‘t cancel arenas after more than seven months of developement for not being fun. They either ran out of production budget and will restrict pvp to duelling or they decided to do a system with better long-term monetary benefits.

    7.) Adding better gold sinks
    With crazy AH prices for cases of crazy affix randomness, the AH cut is more than enough of a gold sink as it is right now. It also solves the reselling problem to a degree: Buying underpriced items and reselling them for huge profits isn‘t viable as long as the price difference isn‘t as huge as 15% or more. As much as I despise Blizzard‘s obvious motivation behind the AH, they (non-surprisingly) pulled their act together for this system implementation.

    8.) Reducing paragon level experience and adressing Magic Find
    Paragon level 100 is a long term goal. An articifical and abstract, not necessarily very creative or fun goal, but better than nothing. Woo-hoo D3. There‘s no need to tinker with that now, as all the efforts going into paragon levels will probably be void and nothing anyway, when the character level cap is raised (so says WoW expansion experience).

    Magic Find on the other hand, is in dire need of a review. Given the amount of adversarial flesh, bone and … slime? … you have to grind through for an item drop worth mentioning, the chances for acquiring such a treasure are extremely low, almost non-existant, on a per monster basis. Magic Find only multiplies the amount of items with magical properties (affixes) dropping for you. This means the quantity of looted items rises and, while the chances for the quality of those items remain the same, with it rises the chance of finding something valuable amongst all the garbage accordingly. As stated above, with that ‚quality chance‘ being so extremly low (through low legendary/set item rates, excessive randomization and so on) and static, MF mainly increases the amount of junk to rake up for you for the benefit of mutiplying your almost-0%-treasure-drop-chance by factor 2,3,4,5,… . And what‘s 5 times (=+400% MF!) zero …?

    So, in addition to quantity, Magic Find should also increase the quality of the items dropping for you. The quantity approach is more acceptable for regular enemies as you‘re killing hijillions of those to move forward anyway. Loot from killing elite monsters, champion packs and boss creatures, however, requires re-thinking. With item level 63 loot dropping everywhere, we‘re already in reach of the top tier affixes as things are now. So, MF could either increase the chance of base items rolling more adequate affixes (for example high stacks of dexterity on bows), or it could tighten the affix value ranges towards the maximum values, or it could further increase the chance of an item rolling the maximum amount of affixes, or it could increase the chance for an item to drop as a higher rarity level (magic > rare > legendary/set). Would it be so bad to have XXX% MF actually directly multiplicating the chance of a magic item dropping as a rare item and a rare item dropping as a legendary or set item instead from an elite/champion/boss creature? I don‘t think so. And while we‘re at it, when even side-quests and resplendent chests provide nephalem valor, why doesn‘t killing non-random unique monsters as well?

    12.) Increasing monster density in acts 1 and 2 and making act 4 worthwhile
    Yeah, they absolutely should for higher difficulty levels.

    13.) Creating a more diverse game world
    The game absolutely suffers from insufficient content (dungeons, tilesets, rooms, monster types, mini events, side-quests, etc.) to randomize, other than item properties. While probably not realistic, Blizzard really should have provided many, many more basic modules to combine. It‘s kind of sad to recognize the same elements being reused over and over again even already on your very first playthrough. Did those cavern-themed mini dungeons really have to look all alike? Did every single mini-dungeon in act 3 have to use the ‚keep depths‘ tileset? Did the music from tristram cathedral really have to be replayed in said act 3 mini-dungeons? ‚Twenty different colors of imps!!!‘ – was it really necessary to reuse the Fallen everywhere?

    14.) Increasing benefits for multiplayer games
    They didn‘t want D3 to be a multiplayer fantasy game in the first place and succeeded with that goal. The way D3‘s co-op-gameplay feels (and looks), I don‘t really want to play along other players in the same game, to be honest. Forcing players nevertheless into multiplayers sessions, by tightening the efficciency screw, probably wouldn‘t do any good. Players who want to do co-op, should of course be able to do so without any negative impacts.

    16.) Speeding up player movement
    The slow and foreboding pace through D1‘s dungeons was actually a huuuge atmospheric benefit, at least in my book. Being able to almost permanently sprint past everything in D2 was certainly necessary to cross the bigger maps in a timely manner but also killed a lot of that moody atmosphere and dramatic weight. For D3, the designers chose a basic pacing somewhere between D1 walking and D2 sprinting, which isn‘t perfect but certainly not too bad either. The dilemma is, as a developer you want you want that slow D1 walking pace for exploration, while as a player you want D2 sprint speed for farming.

    D2 had a mechanic that didn‘t really work out but was clever in theory nonetheless: You chose when to walk and when to run; and when running, your defense dropped to zero so that you would slow down while enemies were around. I don‘t think anyone really ever switched back to walking mode in D2, but it was a good concept anyway. So, why not let the game manage your character‘s pace? Slow walking while there are enemies on the screen and faster running when moving through cleared areas (no monsters on screen)? I realize this isn‘t what players are asking for (making capped movement speed the new standard movement speed, creating a new cap and eventually crying for the new cap to again become the new standard …..) but it might in the end be a better solution than what we have now. Instead of increasing the standard movement speed, I‘d much rather like to see a minimum pickup radius being introduced.

    Rant over. For now. =)

    • Wow, long post.

      You’re incorrect about the 0-defence-when-you-run-in-D2 thing. It was worse then having 0 defence. When running melee hits were calculated like spells and always hit. When you have 0 defence in D2 you can still dodge a hit. The game used your level and the monster’s level as part of a calculation.

  14. This list is interesting in that it shows the community really can’t agree on much of anything.

  15. The lack of randomness bugs me the absolute most. There were false pretenses of Nightmare being even more random than Normal mode, and Hell more random than Nightmare, and Inferno ridiculously, interstingly random.

    Nope. We get the same layout as Super Mario Bros. Same thing, every time.

    • Yeah, random maps really do not exist in this game. And in the small part that people actually play there are no random dungeons whatsoever.

  16. how about removeing the gem combining time.. used 20min no shit last time i combined all my shit

  17. Bind on Equip?

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…………….. ooo……

  18. More mobs, maybe with lower HP but so many they ‘swarm’ you.

    Make crafting better but bind on account.

    Have minimum 1 yard pick up radius.

    Somehow work time spent playing mean something i.e the higher paragon you are the more chance of a particular legendary dropping but make it more worthwhile i.e tighten up the affixes that roll but have them bind on account or bind on use so they can’t just be sold off to some noob and make them instantly powerful minus the paragon level and time spent playing. Reward playing time (and I haven’t played a lot compared to others PL 24).

    More random activities.

  19. Maybe not a big issue, but allow players to change acts without leaving the game. I hate that you have to select from Quests rather than locations when going back to previous parts of the game. And if you select an early quest, you can’t change your mind in-game and go some place else in the act, because you don’t have those waypoints yet.

  20. 1. If you give players control of pvp it is like inviting a vampire into your house. The results will not be good. Just look at how the players handle the economy. It is a disaster.

    2. Get rid of white items because they are useless. They aren’t even worth selling to the vendor.

    3. Improve stability. Keep on reducing the lag please!

    4. Make crafting meaningful. No reason to waste your time crafting when I can buy better items from the gold auction house.

    5. Bind of equip items on legendaries only.

    Oh yeah and fix the Wizard class please! 🙂

  21. The problem is that people have been giving them these detailed and well thought out player supported lists for MONTHS now. We’ve seen action on very few of the problems brought forth in the forums/youtube and the action we do get on the select few items takes FOREVER for them to accomplish. Most of the things I have seen them take action on (legendary item overhaul is a great example) end up being poorly thought out and therefore poorly implemented. So good luck getting any of these changes accomplished before the expansion pack. I think we have seen from their total failure at designing a PvP system “on the fly” that what’s left of this dev team has imploded and can’t be counted on for anything.

  22. It is weird that i cannot agree with most of this top 10 list. Im curious how something like that get on the frontpage, its the lack of better article? This list seem to be very personal and dont realy reflect a bigger player base.

  23. The only things I agree with on the list are:

    -making all acts viable for farming
    -making crafting more interestong/rewarding

    I think these can be fixed together. New craft mats that drop with 5nv from act bosses or completing events. Items could be temporary buffs to mf/exp or enhaced drop chance for organ/keys (at max mp, maybe chance would be double organs/keys).

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