Not everyone likes to party.

    Not everyone likes to party.

    A player argues that there are too many party bonuses in Diablo 3, especially in terms of the huge bonuses to EXP, and gets some Blue debate.

    I like playing solo and group. But a mediocre group is still far more rewarding in terms of drops and paragon experience than solo can hope to be.
    Tyvalir: You make a fair point here, and I think it would help the discussion if we described our philosophy about how we balance single player and multiplayer rewards.

    While we want both single player and multiplayer to feel rewarding, if we have to choose between making one or the other better, we’d rather err on the side of multiplayer. Or, to frame things in terms of the end result: given the choice between a single player person feeling more incentive to group up or a multiplayer person feeling forced to kick their friends out of their game, we’d rather have the former.

    Early on in Diablo III’s development, many players felt that single player was the only rewarding way to play. While we don’t ever want to return to that state, the size of the gap between the two is also important and something we are always looking to improve. In order to fine tune the two, our changes are going to be incremental as we try to bring single player rewards up carefully.

    We’ll continue to keep an eye out for your feedback on this issue and pass along the constructive ideas we’ve seen here and elsewhere.

    But what about the fact the zDPS leachers are leveling twice as fast as the people putting out the DPS?
    Tyvalir: We’re aware of this issue (as you acknowledged in your response). While I don’t have further details to share yet, we’ll be sure to share any as soon as we do have them. 🙂

    As Tyvalir mentions, the early months (years?) of Diablo 3 were marked by very inadequate support for party play. It wasn’t that playing solo was rewarded, it was that playing with others was not. Upon release monsters gained 100% hit points for every additional player (now it’s 50%) so if additional players joining your game didn’t do as much or more damage than you did, you were actually going backwards in power as your party grew larger. That combined with the lack of party buffing skills made it less efficient to play with others, unless you were all very powerful, or at least roughly equivalent in power.

    As the OP said, that really mattered back in the ago, when characters were much weaker. Now that well-geared characters have power crept so high, it’s much easier and more profitable in items and EXP to party and “carry” weaker chars on GR35 than to push GR42 or GR44 solo. The sweet spot varies depending on the strength of your character, but it’s clearly a fact that the vastly boosted EXP rewards in big MP games makes playing in a group almost mandatory for really fast EXP gain. (The issue with GRifts granting huge exp buffs to +EXP% gear, making a weak char in Born’s Set + Leoric’s Ring + Ruby in helm gain double the EXP as other chars in the same game who are doing all the work, is the other complicating issue.)

    Some players love the current system and want big incentives to party, and other players like to go solo and be rewarded fairly for what’s usually a more difficult play experience.

    What do you guys think about the larger issue of multiplayer vs solo rewards?

    The full text of the OP, since his argument is well-stated, if not necessarily convincing to all.

    Groups already benefit from being a GROUP with shared support buffs and reduced monster HP (technically), being able to res party members, sharing LOOT, list goes on. So why do you give them even get FURTHER benefits from grouping up via that Strength in numbers buff?

    This has been crippling solo players before, but its just ridiculous right now, because it wasn’t this big of an issue back in season 1 and 2, why? because right now with the new sets being far more powerful than anything in both season 1 and 2, you can push way higher Grift level tiers than before, and so the XP gain from these Grifts skyrocketed, and when you add Strength in numbers on top of that, it only helped in furthering the gap between solo players group players in the form of HUNDREDS of paragon level in difference.

    Strength in numbers were added way back when even efficiently farming T6 was quite a challenge for many classes, and now that the breakpoints have been pushed by double or triple the amounts, this buff has to change or GO AWAY all together, at the least it should only be a magic find buff, remove the bonus XP part.

    I don’t wanna play multiplayer, this should be a choice as this is not an MMO, nor is it a MOBA, i wanna fire up the game, setback relax and enjoy the game, i don’t wanna chat or communicate for the entirety of the experience, sure its fun to party up here and there, but it shouldn’t be a REQUIRED to go anywhere level wise, like it is at this point.. fix it please.

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