Too Many Reaper of Souls Treasure Goblins? Never.

A fan cried bug on one of the most fun features in RoS, massive packs of Reaper of Souls Treasure Goblins and got Blue’d.

Best served dead.
Best served dead.
I walk into a room during a RIFT and found about 14-16 treasure goblins. It was quite hilarious, I only got to kill about 6

This is not a bug, but a feature.
Tsarnis: What he said. Enjoy 🙂

Aside from that, the OP misspelled “not enough.” Because Goblin packs are one of the best things in Treasure Rifts, which are probably the best thing in Reaper of Souls. I’ve heard people talk about “Goblin Rifts” as if one monster type in the rift was made of Treasure Goblins. I’ve never seen that, myself. What I’ve seen are packs of 8-15 Goblins in a small area. Usually there’s only one such Knot on the entire level, but one time I got a Rift with a level in the Act 3, Keep 2 tilset that had 5 separate Knots, all separated by a considerable distance of dungeon.

Do you threaten me?
Do you threaten me?
As in Diablo 3, Goblins in RoS have They have essentially zero awareness, so you can get right up to them before you hit them and they start running. Usually if you don’t have a bunch of ranged spells going off (the Fire Nova on the new Hellfire Ring is a nightmare when you’re trying not to alert a Goblin from a distance) you can wait until you are ready to hit the Gobbers, and by that you get your cooldowns off, your resource full, go at them from a direction that will drive them into a corner and not off into open space, etc.

This is huge fun with a knot of them in a Rift, and if you’re not undergeared for the level you can usually kill most or all of them, leading to a floor absolutely carpeted with Rares, gold, and gems. Legendaries… not so much, though it’s possible. I did get my first Legendary Crafting Plan since last week’s patch “fixed” their buggy frequency (they are way too rare now, IMHO) from a knot of Goblins today, and it was the first one I’ve ever found in an outdoor area.

It was in the Act Five cemetery, which is one of my favorite tilesets in the game, and it’s not as bad as getting a knot of Goblins in say… the Fields of Misery, where they really would scatter in every direction. At least in the Act Five cemetery there are a lot of little metal fences and gravestones and urns to confuse the goblins so the run into corners and such and don’t spread out too widely. Ideally though, you want them in a dungeon with small rooms and lots of corners, so they don’t flee very far as you scramble madly after them, often all but diving to get in a hit on several at once, or switching back and forth between several of them in the same area, to reset their run-and-escape AI as they stand paused on the threshold of their escape portals.

Below see some collected screenshots of Goblin orgies. I’m pretty good about taking screens of anything interesting I see in-game, often risking Hardcore death to do so. But Goblin Knots are the one almost-exception. I want them dead. All of them. And since pausing even a split second to PrtScr might impact that… these Goblin petting zoos are underrepresented in my ever-growing selection of Sanctuary-selfies.

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9 thoughts on “Too Many Reaper of Souls Treasure Goblins? Never.

  1. Both treasure Goblins and Resplendent chests should drop either more items or more Legendaries. So far only one Legendary from many gobbies on PTR.

    One reason I ran the pits in Diablo 2 LOD so many times was that fat chest at the end of it. I found perfect Mara’s, Raven Frost, and a whole host of awesome items from it. This caused me to keep running the pits and play the game in general more.

    Both Gobbies and chests are not currently doing this diablo 3 PTR for me,they are way too stingy, and not memorable. Numbers are not enough, they actually have to drop stuff.

    • Perhaps these gobbies and resp chests should be LESS common but actually have a much higher chance to drop GOOD items.

      This would make them sought after and memorable experiences.

      I dont know if just numbers in a rift are good enough, it waters down the singles you find in the rest of the game.l

  2. I haven’t done many rifts so far, so I only got the gob pack twice. Both times it was exactly 11 gobs as I counted from the chat alert.
    Unfortunately both times I was playing in a higher than optimal difficulty so I didn’t manage to kill all of them.
    What I really wanna see in the rifts though is the cow filled variant. Really miss those halberd wielding cows 🙁

    • I’ve only seen cows as a monster type once, and it was very early in the F&F portion of the beta. Not sure they’re even enabled now?

      I quite enjoy the rifts that deliver the whimsyshire monsters in other areas. Watching the Teddybears trundle around the Act 2 sewers on their stubby little no-kneed legs amuses me. I always seem to get a lot more of them and very few ponies, and almost never flowers (unless they’re minions to a bear or pony boss). It’s funny seeing the cupcake health orbs in the wrong places, too.

  3. I’d just like to take all the credit for this feature, I suggested it directly to Blizzard about a year ago.

    That is all.

  4. Well then, suggest also my idea with BoC (bind on clan) items. So we can trade in-clan the legendaries, otherwise we will complete a set in 6 months.
    Put an restriction on entering and exiting a clan (who leaves will have his legendaries boa) and a cap of 100 people/clan, and full trade option between members.
    Now you only get jealous when you see what the other members got on drops.

  5. I guess the want to avoid people from getting loot without a fight to prevent exploits. Yet, it seems a shallow exploit since you need a pal to clear the dungeon. They could make death empty the chests of a level (only for the dead guy) so you really need a geared pal to help you and not try to run and rush until you made it. Do you think a low level DH with all discipline skills could do it without dying?

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