If you’ve been in our Diablo III forums, especially the Technical Issues forum, you’ve seen the debate raging about the game’s graphics.

    Quite a few players think D3 looks too much like World of Warcraft; that its palette is too colorful, and that it would look better and more Diablo-y if it were desaturated to remove the greens and blues, and the smoke and sfumato were reduced. Other players strongly disagree, and think that the game looks fine as it is, and at any rate, that it’s silly to get too worked up over the graphics this far before the game’s even into beta testing.

    The debate is loud enough that it’s attracted the notice of the gaming media, and it’s certain Blizzard has seen these comments as well. They have not commented on it yet, but they did talk about the issue of color in the game during the World Lore and Environmental Art panel. Skip to about the 21:00 mark to hear it. To paraphrase, the designers talk about how their memories of D1 and D2 were that they were dark and gritty, but that when they actually looked back through the games they found much more color than they expected. They also say that they looked at horror movies and noticed how the color was used effectively to create mood, and that they’re following that design path with Diablo III.

    There will certainly be more to come on this issue, and we’ll let you know when the D3 team responds directly to these criticisms.  For an example of what players are complaining about, see the shot below, or view a number of them in our D3 Controversy gallery.

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