Diabloii.Net site visitor is making time travel ARPG Last Epoch – Kickstarter soon

We always love to hear what our community is up to, and Diabloii.Net site visitor moxjet200 has been working on a new ARPG called Last Epoch which is heading to Kickstarter on 17 April. Read on to watch the pre-alpha gameplay…

Last Epoch is a time travel based online hack’n’slash ARPG and comes with everything you would expect from someone who has been following the Diablo series for years. Deep lore, storytelling, skill trees for “infinite build crafting”, a “unique passive system”, loot with uniques, sets, and Legendaries, multiple end-game systems and continued development after release. New zones, new quest lines, and entire new acts are planned post-release.

The game will come with ten mastery classes including a Beastmaster, Bladedancer, Void Knight, Spellblade, and more.

moxjet200 (Judd Cobler), who is the game director at Eleventh Hour Games working on Last Epoch, says they have spent the last year developing the core systems.

With the Kickstarter coming in the not too distant future, check out this gameplay video which has been taken from pre-alpha footage. If you like what you see then think about backing this when the Kickstarter goes live. There is an official website live so you can follow the development process.

Last Epoch is definitely a game to keep an eye on in the months ahead.

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  1. well done moxjet200 et al.

  2. Looks more like PoE than D3. That’s a GOOD thing. Good luck! Hope it does well, I’m interested.

  3. Looks promising !!!

  4. Just played the first 20 levels of Sorc in this game. Pre – Alpha, but still played good. Tons of potential here. Definitely going to follow this.

  5. are the tiers and rewards under “Become a Supporter” the same that will be on Kickstarter ?

    • They will have supporter tiers available in March on website. Not sure they will be the same as the the kickstarter ones. If you ask on the Discord channel, they can answer that one.

  6. I am glad that there are many isometric Real-Time ARPGs in the making lately.

    I hope this will force Blizzard to get their shit together and bring out a real successor to D2.

    I hope Blizzard will make a real Diablo-Like ARPG with depth and virtually endless replayability. After all they own D2 and as such already have the key to the best ARPG the world has ever seen IMO. All they need to do is to push it to the next level by adding awesome stuff on top of the already god-like stuff D2 brought to the table.

    I hope D1 and especially D2 fans will get their world rocked with D4…

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