Tiered Rifts and Ladder Seasons coming to PTR

It’s been a couple of weeks since Blizzard spoke of the changes planned for patch 2.0.5 but this morning Game Director Josh Mosqueira stirred to confirm that the two stars of the show Tiered Rifts and Ladders are coming along and will be debuting on the PTR.  No word on when the PTR is going to happen.


Perhaps activity has been low on the servers and he feels he needs to reassure people that others will return when the DiabloWikiPTR goes live, which is usually the case as people check out what’s new.

Will you go PTR or will you wait for Live?  I may venture onto PTR this time as I’m more than a little intrigued by the extra challenge that DiabloWikiTiered Rifts will  bring.

Update: As observant visitor, Bob, pointed out DiabloWikiPatch 2.1, the next content patch, was said to introduce DiabloWikiTiered Rifts and DiabloWikiLadders and DiabloWikiPatch 2.0.5 was to be a general patch dealing with such things as changes to loot in Bounties and Rifts and unsocketing changes. So does this mean rifts and ladders are coming early (patch 2.0.5) or that teams are working on 2.0.5 and by the way rifts and ladders are coming along too?

Update #2: Tweetcrafter Phrexis offers another theory in comments. We should view Josh’s two sentences separately. 1) Team is currently focused on 2.0.5. 2) Tiers Rifts and Ladders will come to the PTR (eventually.)


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    I am loving RoS but there is an empty hole longing to be filled by some competition. Can’t wait! I’ll be testing for sure.

    For reference I play HC and solo clear T2 with ease, T3-T4 groups np. Compared to D3V its much easier to get to the end of the content/challenge line, so competition is a great bit of progression.

  2. PTR ain’t a bad place to be 😀

  3. I will def take it to the PTR and see how far my barb gets before eating it.

  4. No PTR. Wait for live, after it’s been tested and fixed.

    • What? The sole purpose of the PTR is to allow the community to help with the testing and provide feedback, so that there’s less work to be done on the live servers.

      • Yes, and he’s saying he’s not going to hit it up on the PTR, but wait for it to go live. Beta testing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

  5. Weren’t tiered rifts and ladders planned for 2.1.0 not 2.0.5?

  6. The tweet is a little misleading. Just treat each sentence as two different subject. I hope this is what he actually means

    Subject 1.
    Teams been focused on 205.

    Subject 2.
    Tiered rifts and seasons are coming along nicely, expect a spike of activity when they hit PTR

  7. I’m actually tired of my own pessimist comments – “Then don’t make them” – Thing is, it can be bad for my health if I left stuff unspoken… 🙂

    I’m pessimist about this PTR. Considering that they didn’t take into consideration some relevant feedback from the previous beta, the last PTR kinda empty, the way some quality testers left (Nubtro, Nubtro, Nubtro…), etc. Well… If they are not implementing nothing serious – only interface and stuff related, ok – there’s really nothing to test, only stream hype and copies to sell to make a nice semester.

    If they plan to introduce stuff that require balance, specific ladder drop rates, etc., I’m not sure if they will have the same passionate people they had on RoS beta forums.

    If it isn’t for the hype, just do some internal tests and launch some stuff. It’s not like the beta feedback “legs are boring, drop rates are too low, buff crusader, 4-2 properties is weird, etc.” was heard…

    • “It’s not like the beta feedback “legs are boring, drop rates are too low, buff crusader, 4-2 properties is weird, etc.” was heard…”

      Yep, because we all know that Legendaries weren’t constantly improved ever since release, that drop rates were never increased in the recent past and that the Crusader wasn’t buffed… If you want to misrepresent the facts at least try a little harder.

      As for the 4/2 split, there’s nothing inherently wrong with it. If the stats would be balanced better (Healing could definitely use some love), then the current system would be absolutely fine. Another problem is the enemy balance and that we are pushed more and more towards a few specific stats toward the absolute endgame.

  8. Will players return in PTR? Those leave will never. Good game is everywhere. Why waste time in ROS?

  9. First they need to balance the characters or they might as well just call tiered rifts socrifts.

  10. Why do they even have PTRs or Betas, Blizzard doesn’t care about player feedback, unless it’s something like ‘Magic Missile: Seeker Missile causes the game to crash’ and then they take a month to fix it anyway…

    And no, not doing PTR, and not doing Live either. Not logging in ever again until they either 1: buff drop rates ten fold, or 2: remove BoA, or 3: Make Paragon leveling at least somewhat reasonable again. I don’t have time to waste on Blizzard shenanigans anymore, it’s nice out, AND there’s a Dark Souls 2!

  11. PTR is a good thing. I cannot imagine 2.0.5 being on PTR, because it was not a huge change, but perhaps they are indeed looking at combining the two? Then again, 2.0.5 might go live and 2.1 on PTR relatively close together.

  12. QUOTE

    Then again, 2.0.5 might go live and 2.1 on PTR relatively close together.

    I think this is the likely scenario.

  13. QUOTE

    I think this is the likely scenario.

    It would follow suit with my thinking that ladders would start sometime in June(24th) or first week in July( not as probably with vacations, holidays). I think they will try to create a gap for new WoW expansion(oct/nov), but that is my guess..

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