Tidas the Templar Fan Movie

If you thought you needed a budget, video editing software, actors, green body paint, a script, artsy inclinations, expensive cameras, a hot blonde, or anything more than your backyard and two hands to to make cool Diablo III video, here’s something to prove you wrong. It’s probably the simplest, shortest fan video you’ll ever see, but still quite enjoyable.

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26 thoughts on “Tidas the Templar Fan Movie

    • Does anyone else always think this at that scene in the game:

      “Ummmm, Black Magic??? I think thats just a bunch of branches, look closer”

  1. Let’s not start making every fan video into a news article now ^^”… Some of them are really good; and then there is this kind of stuff.

  2. I liked it more than any of the others. But what’s funnier are the responses. 0/10? You guys need to meditate a little and chill out.

  3. First play through I thought it hadn’t all uploaded and it surely must be longer than 10 seconds. But, nope. That’s your lot.

    • I think more than 10 (or 11) seconds of that would get old very quickly. The charm is the brevity and novelty and absurdity. I have no reason to expect them, but “The Further Adventures of a Guy’s Fingers Pretending to be the Templar” are unlikely to garner news post coverage here.

    • Sure, if the beginning was a full minute of the first frame just standing there, and, at the end, the fingers somehow reached into a wallet.

  4. I played it without the sound on, and knew what was going on. I had to play it a second time with the sound on to confirm it though.

    If that knife was a Swiss Army Knife, consider the Templar flag is a red cross on a white background…

  5. just woke up my sleeping daughter laughing to that
    will take me ages to settle her down again

    worth it

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