Three Reasons Diablo III Will Blow

That’s the title of an article on Alpha Kick, and they single out 1) the lack of a PK switch, 2) the Real Money Auction House, and 3) the lack of returning Diablo 2 characters, as their three bones of contention.

We’ve debated #2 endlessly, and #3 was a hot topic back in about 2008 when the, “WD sux where are teh Nercomanters!!!1!?” threads were popping up. But #1 is a fairly unusual complaint. In my D2 experience the vast majority of players disliked the PK switch and would have much preferred some kind of Arena game, or at least a PK on/off button for game creation. (BTW, we’ve got the ever-opinionated Max Schaefer to blame/thank for the PK switch remaining in D2, since almost everyone else hated it.)

Obviously at least one person misses it, or perhaps the guy writing this editorial was grasping for straws when his rough draft of “Two reasons D3 will blow” seemed a bit skimpy? Hey, at least he didn’t include the online-only issue, as I think we’re all tired of discussing that one at this point.

If you’d like to express your agree/disagree with these points, the comments would be a good place to start.

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77 thoughts on “Three Reasons Diablo III Will Blow

  1. Three reasons diablo 3 will own!

    1. No PK
    2. Safe and accessible trading system. RMAH
    3. New and exciting classes! Few returning classes.

    • Yeah, I consider all of these things *good* features. Lord knows you could point out plenty of stuff in D3 that may ultimately not give a great experience, but it’s like this guy wasn’t even trying if this is his list.

  2. PK switch was awful, expecialy when hackers made TPPK, new classes are always a plus, who would want to play the same thing over and over…. and RMAH… who cares, dont like it, dont use it, your loss, Gold = $$ wether you like it or not, so might as well sell some if you play the game too long and dont have anything to use it on.

  3. #1. Dont care about PVP only PVE
    #2. AH is nice, gonna make money playing the game. Im broke.
    #3. Love all the new characters. Played Barb in D2 every time.

    So, nothing here to discuss in my opinion. 😛

    • sure u gonna make money. 50 cent a hour? but at first you have to play at least 8 h a day to get acceptable killspeed
      a homeless chinese person will do that for 50 c/hour but everyone else wont…
      if you want money: safe the 60 $ the game costs

  4. If anything D3’s chars are copy-pasted:
    Barb = Barb
    Wiz = Sorc
    WD = Necro/Druid
    Monk = Sin/Pally
    DH = Amazon/Sin

    I mean, does he really want the literal same characters from D3? Seems weird, since D2 didn’t do that for D1. At most I’d want to see corrupted forms of D2’s heroes.

    No open world PvP as an option is dumb but I don’t care about PvP so meh.

  5. I’ve done my share of griping, all summed up as “Blizzard acting like the business it is”, but I can’t even begin to identify with #3 being an issue, and #1 doesn’t interest me in the least.  Now, #2 concerns me, as it will, inevitably, end up driving everything else in the design process (hard to find runes, anyone?).  I guess everyone has their own flavor of nerdrage.

  6. I actuall read this article

    #1, he describe griefing as part of the game, which kind of was. However, you must also remember how uncomfortable D2 was to those who were looking for a fair fight. Being able to break the fight, drink potions etc. kind of disables fair fighting, and that’s very NOT hordcore-ish. Wouldn’t care for open world battles, so long as they are fair.

    #2, RMAH… you can’t predict whether it will be good or not. If the best gear in the game will go for 0.50$. It failed. If it actually has fair pricing, I’m ok with this. Knowing that I have good items while someone else paid good money for ’em is kind of a victory for itself. Also, might earn a buck or two on the side.

    #3, Plain stupid. He gives an arguement, then contredict himself. 

  7. 1) In Diablo 2 there were either pk games made or griefers imo so making only the first choice accessible is fine with me. Play who want to pk will get to pk. Only real down side is that players can’t pick where they want to pk. The solution to this? Make more arena maps (which I hope they do — and different arena modes as well).
    2) The RMAH… For me this means 1:) players who don’t/can’t play much use their money to make sure their characters are up to speed with their friends characters (or just want them to be plain awesome). 2:) Players who spend more time on diablo 3, get items that are great but they don’t need them, and then sell them to make a tiny(?) profit for their time. Time outside the game hopefully means a job, while time inside the game means profiting so it balances out imo.
    What I’m happy about is that both ends of the deal should be happy. Some people complain that this is like gambling, but when it comes to gambling one side wins and the loses (only gambling here is drops… so what?). Though if the creation of MF griefers (players who don’t fight and just mf for RMAH reasons) comes up their could be a problem with this.
    3) Who knows about Diablo 2 characters coming back? The barbarian is still in which is fine by me. And for the other classes? Who knows? Maybe they’ll show up in game or in some of the history told to you in Diablo 3. I don’t really care about the characters as I’ll just be treating Diablo 3 like a “new” game. I also hope that they do not bring back any of the old characters in the expansions as well.

  8. 1 and 3 are meh. I don’t care about PvP, and most of the characters are just rehashes anyway. I’m surprised they didn’t call the Barb the Destroyer/Enforcer and also try to pass it as a ‘new’ class.  2 I agree with. Made D3 some online only Blizz Greedfest I can’t just buy and do whatever I want with. To me that’s not a game, it’s a subscription.

  9. 1 ) the lack of a PK switch,
    2 ) the Real Money Auction House 
    3 ) the lack of returning Diablo 2 characters 
    4 ) online only
    5 ) no weapon switch
    6 ) no stat points
    7 ) no skill points  
    8 ) no ladder
    9 ) 10 chars slots only 
    10) “WOW like” graphics 

    and D3 will still be the best game of 2012

    I’m still looking forward to Torchlight 2 and Grim Dawn and maybe we’ll even see Guild Wars 2 in 2012 

    but there is no doubt D3 will be the best of 2012 and everyone who has said they will not buy it because of any of the above reasons, wiil in fact buy it and will enjoy it

    • 1 ) No one cares about less then 1% of community and I was 1 of them, and I think it’s fair enough.
      2 ) Don’t have to interact with it. Invalid point.
      3 ) Core classes for basicly any rpg type game. Different classname, same deal. Invalid point.
      4 ) For more security! sorry for those born in 3rd world countries.
      5 ) Not really needed.
      6 ) Overrated
      7 ) Kinda still have them. Invalid point.
      8 ) Wasn’t interesting before 1.10 and to many bots after. With fixed lvl 60 it’s overrated.
      9 ) Can’t boost anymore. Hopefully? So won’t be needing more then 10. Else buy another game since you already play several years to accomplish 10 chars.
      10 ) Gameplay > Graphics and after 20+ years very few can acknowledge it. And that doens’t make me old, it makes you spoiled!

      • you really think its going to take several years to get 10 chars to level 60 ? 

        😀   😀    😀   😀   😀   😀

        and why are you arguing the points when I’ve already said D3 will be the best game out there ?

        you just like to hear yourself talk ?

        • If I had to make a list 10 character limit would have been much higher on my list.

          As far as skill points go, I am really getting the feeling that Blizzard is evolving the skill system in the right direction.  I feel after we play with this new skill system for a bit skill points will just feel antiquated.

    • I agree with your basic sentiment, and you bring up some valid points. I thought I would share my opinion on a few anyway.
      1 ) the lack of a PK switch
      … is awesome! The switch was stupid. PKing should be between consenting parties only, far away from people playing the regular game. The switch was basically a button that made everyone else leave the game.
      2 ) the Real Money Auction House
      … is something that nobody knows how well it will work. I like the idea of being able to make a few bucks off playing and I don’t particularly care if someone else gets their gear by buying it.
      3 ) the lack of returning Diablo 2 characters
      … is awesome! Why would you want the same characters? If anything, we should have one less returning character. At least the barbarian doesn’t have all the same skills.
      4 ) online only
      … is unfortunate but if it really means no more hacking or duping on then I am for it.
      5 ) no weapon switch
      … is lame.
      6 ) no stat points
      … isn’t a big deal. They had a point when they said that everyone just looked up where to put stat points and did that. If you played around you would just gimp your char, so assigning them was never really fun. I do wish they had a replacement system though.
      7 ) no skill points
      … the new skill lists promise to be better than the old system! The D2 synergy system was in fact complete crap. I liked the Titan Quest system personally, but I look forward to this new one.
      8 ) no ladder
      … meh.
      9 ) 10 chars slots only
      … is complete crap! I want male and female chars, and hardcore chars and gimmicky chars… and rerolls… why is there a limit of 10 when HD space is cheap?

      10) “WOW like” graphics
      … is a lame complaint. The footage we’ve seen indicate that their are a wide variety of awesome looking levels both dark and light. If everything was dark it would look like crap, as evidence by the fan made stuff. D2 was also not nearly as dark as some people remember. I don’t think the style is WOW at all besides the fact that they are both games that take place in semi-medieval fantasy worlds.

  10. The lack of end content in regard of PvP. Diablo 2 was alive cause of PvP mode only, PvE will be fun for the first 1-2 years for exploring and questing but after that … when everything has been accomplished … will you waste your time day after day by doing only magic find runs like in Diablo 2? I doubt and that’s why bots were so popular …

    Lack of End content of PvP is very bad

    • I don’t know, I’ve played D2 on and off for these 12 years of waiting, and exploring and making new builds will never get old for me. There’s always a new build I haven’t tried, or a cool item that I haven’t received.

      PVP will help things a ton, but Diablo is a PvE game, and I think it’ll last much longer than 2 years, especially with their “3 trillion” builds that they claim to have.

    • And you really haven’t been paying attention to Blizzard have to GhostRidah. Hint: Free content patches and Expansions.
      Besides you judge from you own viewing point from D2 and that still doesn’t make it valid.

    • In 1-2 years there’ll be an expansion. In 1-2 years after that, probably another expansion. Who knows, maybe in one of them they’ll introduce some systems that will make the PvE game last 5 more years. You never know..

    • What lack of pvp? Arena is way more interesting than pk dueling… and jay wilson is still trying to get that in there for hardcore people…

  11. Hey mates. This is David, executive editor over on AlphaKick. Thank you all for repeatedly kicking our writer in the nuts about the removal of PK being a GOOD thing. I have no idea what kind of pleasure he gets out of hunting down the ears of small children, but it’s creepy and someone needed to call him out on it.  😈

    Diablo knows I’ve tried.

  12. it does blow because of the lack of d2 classes, but i can hope they´ll bring the necro or pala in the expansion. Other than that I just want d3 to become an e-sport with lots of pvp modes, acheivements and prizes ect.

    • PvP will have achievements and rewards at release and will probably get more modes sometime after, but I doubt they will ever give in to it becoming a true esport like the WoW arenas were made to be… maybe after a while of fans bugging them about it they will give in, but not any time soon…


  14. No, you can’t make a new character with a 60th level character. It’s not the same thing to play a fire wizard from level 1 to level 60 that to play a cold wizard from 1 to 60 and then change his skills to take the fire ones (for example).

  15. Only carebears don’t like the PVP switch.

    Give us two types of realms:  D3 for men and D3 for pussies. The former will have the switch, the latter won’t. Problem solved.

    • ^Dude who bought gear online and still was complete fail at duels so resorted to TPPK in order to get an ear now and then.
      Alternately, tool who wrote the article which should have been named “Desperate for Hits”.

        • ^Whines about WoW PVP on blizzhackers, and thus case closed. Also gauges testosterone levels and sexual promulgation according to gaming habits.

          • ^Confirmed to be 100% in the pussy category

            Btw, believe it or not, I respect your lack of balls. That’s why I suggested “D3 servers for pussies”. Blizz can rename them “normal” servers as to keep carebears from getting their panties in a bunch. I merely ask that the people WITH some nuts get their own servers to play on where world PvP is possible. That’s all! Thanks!

          • We need a video game equivalent of Godwin’s Law for anyone who tries to “argue” anything relating to PvP in a game as them being tough/other people being wimps. As with Godwin’s Law, whoever is first to go for “carebear” as a debate point loses. When you do it in your very first sentence… lulz.


    • you’re too much of a chicken to face people in the arena face to face when they’re prepared 

      you’d rather sneak up on them and stab them in the back when they aren’t expecting it 

      you’re the coward

    • Yeah man, fighting fair in PvP instead of attacking players that are low on life, of lower level or fighting monsters at the time is for pussies…

      Any world PvP they implement will attempt to stop those things, so griefers asking for world PvP are wasting their time anyway…

  16. “Unless you played a Barbarian in Diablo 2, you’ll probably be disappointed to see that your favorite class won’t be returning for D3.”
    I played an assassin and a necromancer.  (Ok, and a barbarian briefly.)  Why would I be disappointed?  If I want to play D2 I’d play D2; new classes please.  (Then again, I do feel the way you describe about Borderlands 2 . . . but never mind.)
    More importantly, the RMAH?  A lot of people keep saying “it’s ok because you don’t have to use it if you don’t want”.  That’s kind of avoiding the real issue.  The issue is developer incentive.  If Blizzard is making money off of every auction house transaction (doesn’t really matter which auction house, since in-game gold and real money are interchangeable), that creates a set of incentives for them that may or may not align with what their customers actually want.  It incentivizes them, for example, to prohibit people from playing offline and to add additional grinding just for grinding’s sake, like the unattuned runes system.  As I mentioned a few days ago, a factor in the creation of the unattuned runes system may have been the fact that it pretty much forces people to use one auction house or the other in order to be able to play their desired builds.  It’s looking like cooler heads prevailed, and they’re dumping that system, but it’s an inescapable fact that there will be other, future decisions influenced by the abovementioned incentive.
    The two-way interactions between business model and game design are becoming more and more important in this age of varied business models.  Look at WoW, for example; the monthly subscription model incentivized the developers to create a neverending gear treadmill that doesn’t actually go anywhere but requires continual play just to stay in place.  Not to mention the ever-increasing level cap means that expansion packs are required purchases, not optional, especially for PvPers.  Compare to GW2.  I realize this isn’t an MMORPG site; my point is just that a lot of the key differences between WoW and GW2 (e.g. neverending gear treadmill vs. easily-reachable never-changing maximum gear level) are not because the Blizzard folks are bad people and the ArenaNet folks are good people, but rather because of the incentives created by their respective business models, and that that is worryingly relevant to Diablo 3 as well.

    • +1

      Online only leaves those “problems” in the dust. And no, not living near a server doesnt constitute “third world country”.

      Actually it has been discussed plenty, it just didn’t have much of an effect… all you can do now is vote with your wallet or complain loudly on the forum every time the server is down, lags or whatnot…

    • I’m sure it’ll come up again, and again, and again, in the weeks ahead, so you’ll have plenty more chances.

      I’m strongly against Blizzard’s plan for D3 on that front, but I say I’m sick of discussing it since what’s the point? It’s not about game balance or something where fan input might matter. It’s a decision arrived at by their lawyers and financial people, and it’s set in stone. Hence we’re just beating our brains out for nothing by protesting it.

  17. I’m worried that the game will be handed to you in a silver plate. The lack of item variety also concerns me, I’m a huge Median XL fan and by God the item system is like a game on its own.

    Also not sold on the end game. Not sure how much depth it will provide. But speculation aside, I can’t wait for this freaking game 🙂

  18. “The brunt of Diablo 2 PvP was pretty organized, even though it never had a defined structure to it.”
    ” …it’s become clear that Diablo 3 won’t be an enhancement of what worked in D2, it will be its own game in the series.”
    Actual quotes from the “article” as to why the hostile button removal is game ruining and the shocking realization that D3 will not be D2 with updated graphics. I don’t even know how to respond to this other than to wonder if this person is serious or trolling. The rest of it is more of the same tired arguments that were made three years ago. D3 may very well suck, but it won’t be for any of these reasons.

    • It does make you wonder indeed, the whole article feels somewhat… uninformed.
      It’s nice to read what’s going on out there media wise, but that article was probably a waste of time for the majority of competent readers, count me not pleased.

      • General gaming sites, especially smaller ones like the source of this news item, constantly throw up quick editorials and articles about popular games to get visitors and links from fansites.  They’ll get far more clicks in for a bleh article on D3 than something really well-written and useful about a much less popular title.

        Obviously mission accomplished in this case.

  19. If they made a Necro for d3 just like the one in d2 I don’t think I could be any happier.

    Corpse explosion + Physics engine = unending win.

    • If they brought back the necro, it would probably be in a fairly altered state just like the barb… while some spells would come back, others would not or would be modified, and many new things would be added… the ability to have huge armies of skeletons in particular would probably not come back in its original form…

  20. #1: Can’t comment on, never got into PvP in D2, but I like the Arena-style combat. Open world PVP has its appeal, and it would be cool if there were servers where you could go and have PvP on, but maybe they’ll add that at some point.
    #2: RMAH isn’t an issue in co-op. Why complain that your allies are powerful? In PvP, if you’re in noob gear playing against someone who has bought a ton of high end equipment, then yes the RMAH seems kind of unfair – but the matchmaking system ensures that you won’t have to play many games against people who outperform you every single time. Besides, PvP isn’t just about the numbers – it’s about skill, too, and those who fight for their gear will become better players than those who just buy what they need. In any case, we won’t really know for sure how the RMAH will impact the joy of D3 until it’s out of beta and in our hands.
    #3: Seriously? You’re complaining about new content?

  21. aah…more AH debates.  I’m so sick of it.  Don’t like it?  Then don’t use it.  

    Why don’t any of you that hate the RMAH recognize one very important thing.  IF the RMAH is a success, it will be a HUUUUUGE incentive for Blizzard to do content patches and expansions.  THIS IS A VERY FUCKING GOOD THING!  Or would you rather wait another 10 freaking years for the next Diablo?

    Please for the love of God stop debating the god damn AH.   

    If Diablo ends up getting the same extensive development that WoW gets, I’ll be dancing in the streets in a tutu.   An expansion every 2 years?  Yes please!!!

    All the haters remind me of myself in some ways.  Sometimes there are music artists that I can’t stand just because everyone else fawns over them and I don’t.  So naturally, I hate them.  The people who take time out of their life to write about it excessively are just going to an extreme in their hate.  

  22. One sad thing about the internet is that controversy gets more hits than quality. This only encourages uninformed and misleading opinion pieces since you make ad revenue of every person who visits to tell you that you are wrong.

    I wish there was more quality d3 content  to link to/post about, giving ad revenue to a (un?)intentional trolling website doesn’t sit too well with me.

  23. Those 3 reasons aren’t even on my radar. Not my concern.

    For me, the absence of a Ladder/Season will be the only slight negativity I can give about the game. As an avid grinder and fan of the Ladder, I’ll miss the feeling of grinding thru content and competing with other players. For me, I always feel the need to “surpass” other player by molding my character into the best it could possibly reach. The arena will satisfy my huger for PVP.

    But still, I love D3 to death and I don’t complain about absolute anything that they changed/did. What I want is more of an “addition”. Here’s hoping they’ll implement it with the next expansion or patch.

  24. WD does NOT = necro not to even get started on druid -_- wake up. And I am so pleased with Skyrim at this moment that I don’t even give a fuk anymore 🙂 D3 plays all its chances on its reputation, or even better the reputation of its predecesors. Thats wrong 🙂

  25. Yes it will blow cause Blizzard remove the hostile option, still hoping that they changes their mindes before release. Atleast let people make characters where you can choose from the beginning if you want to play in games where you could get PKed.

  26. I for one think that the removal of the PK switch is a very sad thing. I will realy miss it. I didn’t even PK much myself, but the extra on-egde-feeling from having to be on needles when people join my game..i will miss that. 
    How lame of Flux to say it’s just cause the author needed 3 reasons that this was included.. many of us will miss it. even if we are a minority

  27. lol and here’s the title of my response article to Alpha Kick:

    “Diablo is a giant whistle, so go ahead and blow him”

    Diablo 3 ain’t a rehash of Diablo 2, morons, it’s a brand new game, so deal with it or GTFO, we won’t miss you.

    • All D1 and D2 veterans are in Skyrim already moron. We won’t miss you either 🙂 So w8 for the WOW clone in Dias skirt and play it 🙂 GTFO! :))

  28. The whole PK Switch thing just kinda ruined me on the rest of the article.  What an uninformed writer!

  29. I don’t value the opinion of people who use the word ‘blow’ to describe something that isn’t good.

  30. if anything, I prefer a full fledged returning class but re-imagined with the exception of some memorable skills. So that being said, its not playing the same thing over and over.

  31. At this point in time, the biggest blower is that I’m still trying to wait on this game. Allegedly it is now Q2 2012 based on something I read somewhere -_-…
    The more minor things I’m worried about are lack of stats/skill points (their arguments don’t have me reassured) and potentially boring gear – ala WoW style – where each gear is better than the last, predictable, and meant for a particular role =(.

  32. “Hey, at least he didn’t include the online-only issue, as I think we’re all tired of discussing that one at this point.”
    I’m actually not done complaining about the online-only issue…its crap!  I’ve been waiting semi-patiently (10 years) for a sequel, and this online-only requirement is going to ruin my gameplay.  It might have been an easier pill to swallow if the requirement was legit, but it’s not.  The reasons they’ve been pushing are total BS.  No one but the fan boys are actually drinking that Kool-Aid.
    I guess when you have a fan base this large you can afford to be selective about how you design.  Must be nice to not lose sleep over how many potential customers you offend/reject.
    I’m tired of waiting anyway.  Maybe I’ll just forgo D3 altogether.  Path of Exile has been fairly entertaining, and at least when my connection drops there, I’m comforted by the fact the game didn’t cost me anything to play.

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