That’s the title of an article on Alpha Kick, and they single out 1) the lack of a PK switch, 2) the Real Money Auction House, and 3) the lack of returning Diablo 2 characters, as their three bones of contention.

    We’ve debated #2 endlessly, and #3 was a hot topic back in about 2008 when the, “WD sux where are teh Nercomanters!!!1!?” threads were popping up. But #1 is a fairly unusual complaint. In my D2 experience the vast majority of players disliked the PK switch and would have much preferred some kind of Arena game, or at least a PK on/off button for game creation. (BTW, we’ve got the ever-opinionated Max Schaefer to blame/thank for the PK switch remaining in D2, since almost everyone else hated it.)

    Obviously at least one person misses it, or perhaps the guy writing this editorial was grasping for straws when his rough draft of “Two reasons D3 will blow” seemed a bit skimpy? Hey, at least he didn’t include the online-only issue, as I think we’re all tired of discussing that one at this point.

    If you’d like to express your agree/disagree with these points, the comments would be a good place to start.

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