Thousands of Diablo 3 Beta Keys Coming on Monday

The Beta testing pool will be ramped up on Monday as “thousands” of Beta keys are being dished out on C&VG, and apparently you won’t have to jump through hoops this time to get your hands on one. No more details on what you will have to do but it’s hopefully just an opt-in process.

As we are getting closer to that release date announcement Jay mentioned, I would expect to see more of these crop up in the next few days around the Intertubes.

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    26 thoughts on “Thousands of Diablo 3 Beta Keys Coming on Monday

    1. “…but rest assured loyal CVG readers will get the best chance….”

      I’m seriously mad at this. I didn’t even know of this CVG site before visiting the link.
      And why should I bother? Incgamers is one of the best, most active sites when it comes to Diablo.

      I sure hope Blizzard will toss “thousands” of keys our way, too. 

      • I don’t really care at this point. The beta is obviously much shoddier than the in-office build that will retail. The story segments don’t impress at all. Besides, I have seen too many videos of gameplay to expect something more than the visceral “feel”, and I can wait a bit for that.

        Bring on the retail version now!

      • Don’t expect any key tossing to happen. It’s a great way to boost C&VGs registered members though.

    2. Still waiting for the massive EU invite… But really, I’d rather have a sooner release date than a Beta tbh.

    3. Another beta give away to screw european (and other non-american) people over. Really, the way they handle these things really pisses me off. Too bad i’m too psyched for the game to not care. Like someone else stated, i’ve seen so many beta playthroughs by now that i can dream it, don’t know if i even will play the beta if i do get a key in “the near future”. Wish they give me the option to install the game and pay the money “soon”. Guess they’d really like it that way.

    4. how much blizz employees you need to switch a lightbulb……?
      well…1…but….his name is Mr.soon ™

    5. Just so you know, C&VG is a European based general gaming site, it is based in the UK. Blizzard don’t have a lot of very large EU sites (apart from this one) who do anything related to the Diablo 3 community so they are obviously trying to spread this out to the mass market to fill out numbers.

    6. Yeah was surprised to find there were no Dutch ones.
      Anyway, I just registered on their site. I’m totally loyal!

      Loyal to, of course 😉 

    7. maybe it all makes sence if they start testing EU server on tuesday with mass opt-in invite. but who knows what they are really up to

    8. Seriously, I am starting to feel really angry at how all those sites are trying to get more peaple to visit their sites non stop, from spaming refresh, to some stupid contest type games and more even giving away you personal infomation, like my FB page, share this and that, post on twitter and all other stuff.
      And I wont do it!
      I really hope you guys will get it too at some point,  withouth any special needs, just random case.
      The only guy who is doing it right is Force so far. 

    9. Ill mimick another posters comment and say I have been a loyal, dedicated member to C&VG for at least 5 minutes now! *smooooooooochies* if you have the key… I have the secret 😉

    10. They said we would not be jumping trough hoops… but look at that! Easier to kill Diablo with bare hands.

    11. Yep. Another top-notch fansite effort. Promises of no hoops… and then… a time was announced, the site was essentially DDOS edfrom being overloaded and then… ALL of the generic hoops everyone has come to expect being required. Ah, fun times.

      I guess all the more respect to Destructoid for actually giving some fan service. And even added respect for every other hoop-ridden site that didn’t BS to people about it, :/. Lol.

    12. Seems that CVG’s so called “thousands of keys” are not going anywhere much. Their hourly facebook giveaway simply reloads another time with more time or crashes. So far no one apart from the couple twitter keys has actually gotten and verified a beta key in the open whilst usually there are tons of people exclaiming their success at getting a key.
      I’m not getting a good vibe off this, but be it horrible design software wise, lack of resources or just a scam, I’m not following it anymore.

      • +1  I’m getting really tired of these giveaways/sweepstakes.  Just add more to the regular op-in and stop selling hype already blizzard.  Damn.  This has got me pretty pissed off that blizzard would do it this way.

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