Thomas Middleditch Takes Flak from BlizzCon Attendees

blizzcon 2016Last night Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch hosted the contest part of the event at the end of Blizzcon 2016 day one but not everyone approved.

Middleditch’s quickie self-deprecating jokes about gaming and gaming culture received a mixed reception from the audience and viewers. I thought he did a fine job considering it was his first time and his cards were obviously difficult to read. If you can’t laugh at yourself then you have a real problem.

Some fans took to Twitter to vent their annoyance at his jokes and presenting style and he hit back showing his gaming credentials in Instagram.

Not everyone was unhappy with his performance though…

Following comments on Twitter, Middleditch proved his geekiness by hitting Instagram to show he was a real gamer and knew what he was talking about. Prior to his segment he was on the live stream and admitted he knew little of Overwatch or WoW but was a Diablo player.

Got some flak for not being a "real gamer". Well, I may not play YOUR game but you probably don't play mine either. Unless you know how to cold start an A10 Warthog? Just remember, we are all on the same side and it's OK to poke fun at ourselves. It's important. When you grip your culture so tightly that it's sacrilegious to even comment on it, or mispronounce a video game character name in a slew of absurd fantasy names, you've ruined it. Part of me liked it when us nerds had to keep to the shadows, before it was all mainstream. Granted, I wouldn't have a career if that were the case but at least we'd all still be nice to each other because it was such a relief to find someone from the same tribe. Now it feels like some of us have banded together and just want to pay forward the bullying we received to someone who's not as 1337 [email protected] I know games, pen and paper, cosplay, LARP'ing, whatever, is all really important to us…that doesn't stop you from having a sense of humor about it. Let's be fwendz d00dz.

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  1. Some fans will moan at anything, simply for the sake of it. There are whinging gits every year. He’s a gamer and I liked his style. They need to lighten up a bit.

  2. Yeah, I’m really surprised at the amount of whining I’m seeing from people online centered on anything from Blizzcon. Some people really need a good slap upside the head.

    On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised…

  3. i turend that idiot off , the second he came on stage
    fucking idiot , he has no style , go back to your silicon vally and stay there in your bunker !!!!!!

    • I sense some hostility. Has Thomas Middleditch hurt you? You can tell me, safe space. Show me on this doll where he touched you, *hands doll to erg*.

      • This guy is angry at everything. He whines about whiners and doesn’t realise he’s consistently the worst offender xD.

        • @garrith stupid jokes noone could lauch at , and he brings it with such an attitude to puke at , no thx

          @fsj yeah against idiots who “think” that D3 is bad / death coz its not what they think it must be
          there is nothing wrong with D3 and its still a fun game i play almost everyday (with friends)

          • The problem is you shoot down everyone who has a different opinion to you just cause they don’t see what you do in D3. You react like someone is trying to snatch your child and you’re lashing out at anyone within arm’s length. Take a day off and relax mate.

            I play D3 on and off and yeah the game is fun and I got my money’s worth bla bla but it’s definitely not a natural progression from, mainly because it’s a different sub-genre all together.

            I have no problem with you still enjoying D3 everyday because people like games for different reasons but you seem to have big issues with anyone who doesn’t laud over it.

            If you can’t accept other people’s opinions without getting angry then it’s obvious to suggest you are as bad/worse than the “whiners”.

          • natural progression from D2*

    • yeah silicon valley trash

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