Busy week on IncGamers so let’s have a quick look at what’s been happening:

    • It’s a young woman’s game: Tomb Raider [Interview]
    • Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition [Review] – Victory achieved
    • Another 24 hours in Guild Wars 2 [Feature] – World vs. World
    • First 24 hours in Guild Wars 2
    • Dust: An Elysian Tail [Review] – Sparkling
    • High in Hockenheim: F1 Race Stars [Preview]
    • One Week with Ghost Recon Online [Preview] – The field report
    • Hitman Absolution aims to be tough as nails with ‘Contracts’ mode [Interview]
    • Balancing gameplay with Jay-Z: NBA 2K13 [Interview]

    In other network news, today we opened up Torchlight: IncGamers ahead of this week’s release date announcement. This is the first site to make use of the universal IncGamers login system. If you register on the site, from today your account will work across all new IncGamers sites such as WorldofWar.net, Torchlight, the new IncGamers forums, and any future sites  making it easier for PALs and generally logging in. Sadly due to the sheer size of the Diablo and Guild Wars 2 communities, these could not be migrated into the new system.  If you wish to reserve your name register here.

    Also, as many of you will know, Guild Wars 2 launched last week and it’s a busy time over at Guild Wars: IncGamers so if you are playing then po palong and check in with the community.

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