This Week on IncGamers and 1000 Path of Exile Beta Keys

Another busy week on IncGamers so let’s catch up with what we’ve been up to. First up there are 1000 Path of Exile Beta keys for this weekend’s test as Grinding Gear introduce a new character class called the Shadow. Snag a key instantly here.

As far as cool gaming content is concerned, check these out:

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  • Starhawk [Review] – Spoilt for choice
  • Ten things Elder Scrolls Online must do
  • IncGamers Plays – Video Round-Up [April]
  • Game of Thrones preview
  • Dishonored preview

The IncGamers podcast is also live but this week it’s in audio format only, mainly because you guys have been keeping me very busy with Diablo 3 bits and pieces as we head toward launch. The full video format will return shortly 🙂

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  1. PoE is a fine game for a freebie and I recommend everyone check it out.  Holding me over until D3 arrives, and even then, I may have to step back into Wraeclast now and then to see what’s new!

  2. 3 days, 8 hours left untill Diablo 3. I have no time for no silly games, I must prepare my manly Diablo beard (Diableard?).

    But, seriously, for anyone who can’t wait for D3, I recommend PoE, it is pretty good game, for few days… 

  3. thanks, man! 😀

  4. Ok I’m in, might even play a while, but what I really want to know is will I get a Sigil and FoS in retail?

  5. The keys are just fo the weekend stress test ? or till the release?

    • There’s been some miscommunication.  The keys are for the entire closed beta until release.
      Also, more importantly (and unmentioned in the news blurb), this weekend there is an *open* stress test, available to *everyone*.

  6. You’re going to have a Lamborghini in 3 days,  wanna test drive this KIA?

    • Why not? Maybe some should test the “KIA” to feel better about their “Lamborghini”. Or maybe some should do it to see that you’re actually paying more for less, as it is with sports cars…

    • my thought exactly lol!

  7. Key snagged, thanks for the heads up.

  8. Well PoE is having an open stress test weekend starting 5PM PDT.

  9. Thanks for the key! I’m interested to check out PoE 🙂

  10. Who cares about POE is just a cheap D3 wannabe.

  11. Perfect timing!

  12. Is these closed beta keys or open beta?

  13. Hopefully this will keep me busy. 🙂

  14. Got one, thank you.
    Will try it later today 🙂

    I’d say Open Beta needs no key. So closed beta it is. 

  15. I am happy in world of tanks until d3 arrive but thanks for offer.

  16. ****  UPDATE  **** 
    NO MORE KEYS LEFT! Better luck next time! 😉  

  17. Why do I always seem to miss these things? 🙁
    I’m sorry, it looks like we’re all out of keys! Better luck next time!

  18. “won” a key, but upon trying to register it, it says it is invalid. tried all forms of upper/lower case, with and without -. Shame

  19. PoE is really worth checking out, some things in it are far superior to D3. I’m gonna play both games, and I’d expect all that really like arpgs are gonna do the same.

  20. Thanks for the heads up on PoE earlier, I got one in time. Really helps me getting through the wait for D3.  8)

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