Another busy week on IncGamers so let’s catch up with what we’ve been up to. First up there are 1000 Path of Exile Beta keys for this weekend’s test as Grinding Gear introduce a new character class called the Shadow. Snag a key instantly here.

    As far as cool gaming content is concerned, check these out:

    • Minecraft 360 review
    • Heroes & Generals Pre-Beta [Preview] – When genres collide
    • Starhawk [Review] – Spoilt for choice
    • Ten things Elder Scrolls Online must do
    • IncGamers Plays – Video Round-Up [April]
    • Game of Thrones preview
    • Dishonored preview

    The IncGamers podcast is also live but this week it’s in audio format only, mainly because you guys have been keeping me very busy with Diablo 3 bits and pieces as we head toward launch. The full video format will return shortly 🙂

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