This Week on IncGamers 8-14 April

The team have been busy this week on, it’s been pretty hectic thanks to embargoes lifting and also preparing for the week ahead’s content. So what did we get up to? Here’s your weekly recap.

  • Dark Souls II: What we know so far about the PC version
  • Shootmania Storm Review
  • Company of Heroes 2 Preview
  • Defiance TV Show Pilot Review
  • IncGamers Podcast #110 – Discuss the origins of Batman: Arkham Origins, reminisce about LucasArts and rechristen Peter Molyneux “Senator America.” In games, we’ve played Defiance, ShootMania and more
  • The bird, or the cage: What BioShock Infinite says about choice and fatalism

Also, this week we are planning a Marvel Heroes beta key giveaway which will be open to PALs as part of our new priority access for site supporters. Hopefully we will have more details on that in a couple of days but keep your eye on the main site for updates on that.

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    2 thoughts on “This Week on IncGamers 8-14 April

    1. This week on IncGamers…more work than Diablo 3 by Blizzard, AGAIN! xDD
      I spend more time with your articles and podcast than playing the “static” diablo 3 world…Gratz btw.

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