Thursday means it’s time for another round up of what’s been going on around the IncGamers network over the past week. Some of the content to check out on the main IncGamers site  inlcudes:

    • Orcs Must Die 2 [Review] – It ain’t easy being green
    • Deadlight [Review] – The walking dead good
    • Anna [Review] – House of horror
    • Darksiders then, Darksiders 2 now, Darksiders co-op tomorrow? [Interview]
    • DayZ Video Journal #01: Swallowed by Shadows
    • DayZ Video Journal #02: Hatcheting a Plan
    • IncGamers Podcast Episode #87

    Today we are also giving away North America closed Beta keys for the upcoming monster hunting MMO RaiderZ. The Beta starts on 8 August and you can pick up a key now from the main IncGamers site instantly.

    Guild Wars 2 excitement continues to build and over on GWOnline Alaris has put together a good article called “What to expect in Guild Wars 2”.

    Keep your eye on the IncGamers.com website for your daily dose of videogame news and RPGReporter.com for your RPG news.

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