This Week on IncGamers 7-14 July

Good evening fellow PC Gamers. This is what’s been happening this week on IncGamers…

As many of you may know, DOTA 2 released this week and Tim has decided to put together an IncGamers Guild. If you want to join other IncGamers players then head to the IncGamers Steam Group and express an interest.

The Steam summer sale is also underway and the IncGamers team are picking out the best games of the bunch each day. Keep an eye on the news daily for our sale picks and to stay informed on everything PC gaming related.

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    1. I know it’s not topic related, but i bet it’s on many people’s minds so i’m asking it anyway.

      By saying “Interview is coming soon” did you mean soonish soon in like 1-2 days (which already passed), or rather soon™ revealing it 1 week before blizzcon.

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