Tons of gaming goodness for you this week on IncGamers.com that I want to point out to all our beloved Diablo readers. New content this week includes

    • Darksiders 2 is looking better than expected [Preview]
    • Company of Heroes 2 [Preview] – Surviving General Winter
    • World of Warplanes [Preview] – Dog eat dog
    • Thomas Was Alone [Review] – Not just another indie platformer
    • Wreckateer [Review] – Capitalism no?
    • Dyad [Review] – And now for something completely different
    • How do you build a story into Borderlands 2?s open world? [Interview]
    • Borderlands 2 [Preview] – The Assassin and the teenage sadist

    In other IncGamers news, with the Guild Wars 2 final Beta having wrapped up the community over at GWonline is getting rather excited so if you are following the game make sure you head there for forums and news.

    Also on IncGamers you can get your hands on an Alpha test key for the upcoming 3D browser based MMO City of Steam which looks pretty good so grab a key while they are still available.

    We recently opened our new Wargaming.net site for World of tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Battleships and we have been dishing out closed Beta keys for the World of Warplanes beta this week and there will be more going out to the community on the site shortly.

    Finally, when we opened the new WorldofWar site, we also fired up a new bunch of forums for IncGamers. Moving forwards, some future sites will be hooked into this user database with forums being based off the main forum. If you are a keen IncGamers site follower and want to secure a username for the future, we suggest you get registered in now to the new forums.

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