It’s been a busy week for us all thanks to the Diablo 3 launch but there’s also some other great gaming content to check out from the team including…

    • Torchlight 2 [Preview] – Shining bright
    • Dirt Showdown [Interview] – Crafting destruction
    • Max Payne 3 [Review] – Painkillers and alcohol
    • SimCity [Interview] – Building a multiplayer world
    • IncGamers Plays: Torchlight 2 (Beta) [Video]
    • Fifa 13 [Preview] – The evolution of revolution Polishing up last year’s innovations.

    If you have not had a chance to check out Torchlight  2 (all site supporters should have got a key of they asked for one), then now is your last chance to try it before the Beta finished up. The main IncGamers.com site has lots of keys so go get one.

    The IncGamers Podcast/Vidcast should be returning as normal this week and will air on Wednesday so watch out for that.



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