This Week on IncGamers 3-9 June


It’s that time of year again game fans, it’s E3! The main site team are going to be flat-out next week from Monday when all the E3 conferences kick off. No doubt many of you will be soaking up as much game info as you can over the next seven days, whether you’re a PC or console gamer. Before the madness begins, let’s take a quick look back at last week’s PC gaming goodness.

As you can see it’s been a busy week what with all of the above and the daily news too. We have also kicked up and E3 section  where we will be posting our opinions and coverage from the event.

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    3 thoughts on “This Week on IncGamers 3-9 June

    1. Does anyone know offhand if there is going to be any kind of D3 console presentation at E3, and when that might be? I’d like to try to catch it streaming, or maybe watch on G4 if they carry it live.

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