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Another busy week here at IncGamers towers with a stack of articles for you all check out while you wait for Diablo 3. Articles so far this week include:

The first Guild Wars 2 Beta weekend also concluded on Monday and the community over at Guild Wars: IncGamers has put together a few articles including Guild Wars 2 on Linux – It Works!, Guild Wars 2 BWE 1 Cons, For Future Refugees of Azeroth and The Republic and Where Will All Your Money Go?

Finally, to wrap things up, it’s this week’s IncGamers Vidcast (audio version here) and as well as discussing the news, we talk about Risen 2, Binary Domain on PC and I get a bit excited about Diablo 3. Not long now!

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    7 thoughts on “This Week On IncGamers

    1. Kinda crazy to have faces to go with the voices I listen to these guys every podcast 

    2. Actually seeing all your faces is kinda cool, placing an image with a voice ya know?  All the accents make me want to go back to the UK.

    3. Nice job guys.  Informative and entertaining too.  Just wish there’d have been more discussion of D3 as opposed to other games (who cares about other games – 2 weeks to the big D!)

      I’m curious what your names are on this site though – it only showed your actual names and not what you go by here.  Was that Flux?  Xanth?  I’ve no idea. 

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