This Week on IncGamers

Listen up PC game fans, this week on IncGamers includes the following gaming goodness…

  • StarDrive hands-on preview
  • Aliens Colonial Marines Review
  • Torchlight 2 SynergiesMOD Team Interview
  • Guid Wars 2 London Community Meet and Greet Q&A with special Guest Colin Johanson
  • IncGamers Plays Impire Multiplayer [Video]
  • IncGamers now has a new Steam Group
  • Lots of other news you should be reading daily…

There was of course this week’s IncGamers Podcast/Vidcast where the team address what went wrong with the Aliens: Colonial Marines debacle, the new Destiny Bungie announcement, Impire and discussion of the weekly news and games.

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1 thought on “This Week on IncGamers

  1. Destiny child is coming out with a video game and its an fps by bungie? They say its an fps doesnt belong on pc? Back to the rest of the vidcast…

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