Time for this week’s recap of IncGamers.com fun and games…

    • New videogame pricing models, same old publisher tricks?
    • Ace Combat: Assault Horizon – Enhanced Edition Review
    • Why transparency is one of Kickstarter’s greatest assets
    • Get Shiny Loot beta access through IncGamers

    Also back by popular demand are more beta keys for Digital Extreme’s 3rd person sci-fi action title Warframe which have been going like hot cakes.

    There’s a new site on the network this week too for Path of Exile so make sure you drop by poe.incgamers.com for all your POE discussion, news and trading. A new feature on this site is the “Community News” section where anyone can submit their own stories to the site which are then be listed in the “Community News” tab (these stories can also be “recommended” by other readers too). So if you have a cool POE video you want to share, a guide or even some news, your story will appear in the “Community News” section where people can comment as they would on a main site news story. Note, if you have an account here it also works on the POE site so there’s no need to re-register.

    The IncGamers Podcast/Vidcast Episode 101 is also available and this week Tim,  Peter and myself discuss The Witcher 3, Medal of Honor ‘rested’ by EA, and Steam datamining. In games: Omerta, Ace Combat and Path of Exile. Plus! Bonus TV chat and Tim broadcasting from what a appears to be a child’s bedroom!

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