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Last week there were some pretty cool features on so let’s make sure you didn’t miss them…

  • Extra Warframe beta keys for you
  • Omerta: City of Gangsters review
  • Exclusive: Chris Taylor Interview on Wildman & Gas Powered Games
  • Building Warframe: Digital Extremes on updates, independence and the free-to-play market
  • The Cave Review

A quick note of importance. On Friday we merged user accounts across all the sites so now your login will work on all site forums and all PALs will also see their benefits applied now and in the future. Trading ranks are also now shared, so if you are trading in Diablo 2/3 and plan on some PoE action too, your trading ranks is also relevant there.

The IncGamers Podcast/Vidcast reached its 100th show last week and we discussed SimCityThe CaveOmerta: City of Gangsters and the top news stories of the week. There’s a Steam game giveaway too.

And finally, I’m going to post this interview too because Chris Taylor is looking for support for Gas Power Games’ ARPG Wildman and he talked to us on Friday about the project. Also because a funny guy.

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    5 thoughts on “This Week on

      • Really looking forward to how the multiplayer in sim city is going to turn out, but the price for the game seems like quite alot, I’m gonna wait buying it and see some reviews first before getting it.

        Seems kinda nice that wildman, abit like LoL it seems, just progression through a world. Could be cool, will check it out later.

    1. Omerta is one of the worst gangster games ever made. A 6/10 for a game that bad?! Do all games start at 5/10 automatically now?

    2. Lol oh wow just read the review on “The Cave”. I agree another very bad game. Indie platformers are all yawnfests now… but 5/10 LOL yeah 5 must = zero now.

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