It’s time to catch up with what’s been going on over at the main IncGamers.com site which is now exclusively PC Gaming coverage!

    • The Florence Effect: Fanning the Flames of Change in Games Journalism
    • Forge Interview with Tim Alvis of Dark Vale Games
    • Q&A with Hotline Miami’s Jonatan ‘Cactus’ Söderström
    • Primal Carnage Review

    The IncGamers Podcast/Vidcast this week covers THQ’s financial woes, Elite: Dangerous, Chaos and Dreamfall re-emerge from the mists of time, Tim plays Primal Carnage, and we talk about more of the stuff we’ve been playing this week. Watch below or grab the audio versions here.

    Make sure you drop over to the main IncGamers.com site for your daily dose of PC gaming goodness.

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