It’s been a very busy week on the main IncGamers site for a number of reasons but before we go into that important news, here’s some of this week’s gaming goodness on top of all your regular news.

    The big  news this week is that IncGamers.com has gone back to its roots and once again we are now covering PC games exclusively. You can read all about what this means for the main site and the network in this news update, and leave us some feedback in that post too. The site has also been given a bit of a makeover to fit the PC only content.

    In other news, this week it’s been Path of Exile Week on the main IncGamers site (see articles linked above). This week we will also be dishing out closed Beta keys for GGG’s ARPG so watch out for those appearing.

    Finally, this week’s IncGamers Podcast with Peter, Tim and Paul continues the games journalist ethics debate (continued from Friday’s special podcast), the hot news, and verdicts on the week’s games including Hotline Miami, MechWarrior Online, AirMech, Painkiller Hell & Damnation and more. You can either watch the video version below, grab the audio via iTunes, listen MP3 format or download it.

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