It’s been a busy week on the IncGamers network  so here’s this week’s run-down of gaming goodness. On the main incgamers.com site you can find a Sleeping Dogs preview, Guild Wars 2 preview, Ridge Racer Unbound review, Sine Mora interview and Assassin’s Creed 3 preview. We also recently kicked off out IncGamers Plays video features where we look at the latest games and so far this week there’s the Guild Wars 2 Human  Story and Character creation. Coming up this week there’s a Max Payne 3 multiplayer preview, more GW2 videos and a Trials Evolution Preview as well as the daily news as it comes in. Ideal if you want to catch up with non-Diablo 3 gaming news.

    Finally for incgamers.com there’s the new podcast where Assassin’s Creed 3 and Guild Wars 2 are discussed in-depth, the news and more. You can watch the video version below.

    In other network site news, check out GWOnline.Net where there are a stack of Guild Wars 2 articles from the community giving in-depth analysis of this past weekend’s beta test.

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