d3_20yearlogo_smlSo that’s it. We now know what’s coming up in the next twelve months for Diablo 3 and the franchise.

    I have to say I am a little disappointed about two things, no Diablo 2 HD remake, and no new game announcement. The Diablo 1 levels are a nice touch but not exactly stellar, the fact that they have been made in retro-vision is an odd choice. Just go play Diablo 1 or even the Diablo 1 HD mod. I guess the plus is you can play it with the new Diablo 3 characters.

    What is puzzling is the Necromancer Pack. It’s the first time a Diablo character has been released outside of an expansion. This does suggest that Reaper of Souls is definitely the end of the line for Diablo 3 and no more expansions are coming. Still, there are two more zones coming next year so there is some new content coming.

    The problem with the announcements today is that they don’t address some of game’s problems which will never be changed or fixed. The QoL changes will be welcomed, but Diablo 3 is what it is.

    The Necromancer will be one reason to play the game, but beyond that, it’s going to be hard for Blizzard to keep players fully engaged until something completely┬ánew is announced. That’s going to be at least twelve months away now.

    How do you feel about the BlizzCon 2016 Diablo announcements?

    What did you think of the Blizzcon 2016 Diablo Announcements?

    • Very disspointed (60%, 1,351 Votes)
    • I am not sure. Will wait and see (24%, 527 Votes)
    • I am happy with what is planned (16%, 357 Votes)

    Total Voters: 2,235

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