What did you think of the Blizzcon 2016 Diablo Announcements?

What did you think of the Blizzcon 2016 Diablo Announcements?

d3_20yearlogo_smlSo that’s it. We now know what’s coming up in the next twelve months for Diablo 3 and the franchise.

I have to say I am a little disappointed about two things, no Diablo 2 HD remake, and no new game announcement. The Diablo 1 levels are a nice touch but not exactly stellar, the fact that they have been made in retro-vision is an odd choice. Just go play Diablo 1 or even the Diablo 1 HD mod. I guess the plus is you can play it with the new Diablo 3 characters.

What is puzzling is the Necromancer Pack. It’s the first time a Diablo character has been released outside of an expansion. This does suggest that Reaper of Souls is definitely the end of the line for Diablo 3 and no more expansions are coming. Still, there are two more zones coming next year so there is some new content coming.

The problem with the announcements today is that they don’t address some of game’s problems which will never be changed or fixed. The QoL changes will be welcomed, but Diablo 3 is what it is.

The Necromancer will be one reason to play the game, but beyond that, it’s going to be hard for Blizzard to keep players fully engaged until something completely new is announced. That’s going to be at least twelve months away now.

How do you feel about the BlizzCon 2016 Diablo announcements?

What did you think of the Blizzcon 2016 Diablo Announcements?

  • Very disspointed (60%, 1,351 Votes)
  • I am not sure. Will wait and see (24%, 527 Votes)
  • I am happy with what is planned (16%, 357 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,235

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    49 thoughts on “What did you think of the Blizzcon 2016 Diablo Announcements?

    1. Diablo 1 as just a dungeon instead of a proper remake in the D3 engine was incredibly disappointing.

      Everything else seems to confirm that they really have been gradually pushing out bits of a cancelled expansion, with everything free except for the new Necromancer class. It’s not bad, but it signals that they’re basically done with D3. I guess we’ll get a D4 announcement in another year or two.

      • Odd I thought the exact opposite about D3. Seemed like after no new content in over a year (other than cosmetics) we all figured D3 WAS dead. This new stuff shows that it’s not and the paid-class-pack could bring those that gave up on D3 long ago (circa auction house) back into the fold and realize how far D3 has come and is so much better now.

        • Better? Are you joking?

          Yes it was better in RoS release.. but since then the dev team has really messed up the game.. all this mess up so that you can reach GR100 wohoo.

    2. Chose “not sure. Will wait and see” , as it was less than, but pretty much as expected. Blizzcon ain’t over yet, though …

      At the moment I am glad only hanging on a mobile connection [yet again :(]. Just reading the transcript brought me into a burst of anger about people (read: PR) talking about “skillsystems” that have no inkling of an idea, what makes up a rpg; what differentiates an ARPG from a Hack’n’Slay …

    3. Hey, they are really trying to fix the fan complaints…. This seems like a major step forward. Let’s enjoy it before making judgments…. The only downside is that the anniversary event is once a month…. Let us have the option to enjoy all year long.

    4. So another seasonal event, and they’re trying to sell us Xul again? I care more about the armor rack, honestly. Grifting ad nauseum to continue. gg, nice job killing your best franchise Blizz.

    5. People just expected way to much. I already said before a mini(digital)expansion is the most realistic expectation. This game is years old, that they are still doing is is already amazing.
      I’d preferred a Druid over Necromancer but I’ve got my moneys worth and will play the Necro for hunderds of hours alone already.
      I can be a tiny bit sad but I’m not dumb and have common sense.

      • you sound like a real Diablo fan 🙂
        +1 dude
        i had the same expectations (its way to early for D4 , but the rage kiddies don’t understand that 🙂 )

        • Diablo 4 will be quite a while. Maybe theyb are starting to work on it already (Diablo 3 took a while) in some form or another, design outline or what.

          But with Hearstone and Overwatch doing so well its more then logical they are shifting attention/focus/development to those games first. Smart, from a bussiness standpoint.

    6. hahahahahahahahaa and you stupid rage kiddies thought there was gonna be a D4 coz you idiots think (if you could do that at all) D3 is dead or broken hahahahahahahaha
      This respone from blizzard is great and the best thing they could do 🙂 (altho maybe i secretly wanted an D2 HD remake)
      i love D3 en the upcomming (payed) necro pack
      A big fuck you to all the haters and the ppl who think D3 is dead , its not , its (still) great …….
      They must bring back AH to

      Now go play that uber stupid poe and leave D3 (we ( the real D3 fans) are not gonna miss you)
      You naggers / rage kiddies are as stupid as that poe shit !!!

      I know the text is harsh but its the truth , deal with it
      we have to deal with your nagging and raging shit to and for what ? … NOTHING

      • I’ll agree that people like myself complain a lot about the state of D3. However, I must make it clear to you that you are by far the one of the most spiteful, naggy whiners I’ve seen in a long time. Like, literally. You repeat yourself constantly. Nagging. People shouldn’t support this type of incoherent hate. If this is the type of community I must share gaming with it’s no surprise to me how low the standards have become.

        • i just lower myself to the nagging community thats all :p

          If you take of your pink tinted (poe) glasses you could see that there is nothing wrong with D3

          • Sounds more like you’re just a spineless sheep. I don’t play PoE; your argument is invalid. I think you’re way too young to be taken seriously. Stay in school, kiddo.

    7. “At next years Blizzcon, Diablo-Fans are gonna lose their shit”

      As one of the disillusioned exiles from diablo3 (walked away after season4 i think), i was eagerly awaiting this years blizzcon to rekindle the fire. I jumped aboard the hypetrain for something substantial to be announced only to be disappointed yet again. The nostalgic content aside, the offerings are thin on the ground.

      I’d be “losing my shit” in anger if i was a still current hardcore player.

    8. Adding Necro to a dead game will change nothing.This game is a joke and can’t be fixed with new heroes and extra stash tabs and zones.Diablo 2 necro is the real necro king.This one will be the retarded necro version.

    9. It’s disappointing that they are clinging on to Diablo 3. Adding Diablo 1 into Diablo 3 is more of a mockery to old fans, I feel. Proper standalone restoration of Diablo 1 or Diablo 2 had been the right thing to do. That would probably taken longer time, but still, had been the right thing to do.

      However, there is still an unannounced Diablo project as far as I understand, and we’ll see what that is about. They don’t show any sign of going back to the roots, so I think they will continue the only path they know.

    10. I’ve been in the Diablo world for 20 years and would also desire a new exp package, a new diablo 4 and more stashes, AH back with diablo gold, other desirable PvP if Bliz should meet everyone’s wishes they should hire tons of staff.
      In addition, they must also satisfy all the players in other games they’ve made. Its so easy to complain,they cant satisfied everyone, if dudes really hate this game so much, stop playing. I know a lot will disagree with me but I dont care.

    11. It’s not a terrible blizzcon, Diablo wise, but such a long wait for one hero? And the price part is a little off. £7.50 and under and I’ll probably go with it, as it will give me lots of playtime, and therefore worth the money, but for one hero, anything more does not seem worth it. Hopefully something will be announced about this project, which I can only assume is Diablo 4 or something similar to that nature, adrift from Diablo 3.

    12. The problem with everything announced is that everything lacks quality that Blizzard always has.

      -Necro video – very mediocre.
      -Necro skills – just a re-touch of an existing D3 skills.
      -It seems that Necro is in the early development, because they couldn’t even say what skills he will have. It’s like a month ago they decided to go to act 2, then saw that there is this Necromancer sitting around in the desert and said: “oh hey, what if we just copy/paste it as a new character at this years Blizzcon and we will not get another “no-information” Blizzcon for Diablo 3?”. Everybody clapped and they started to work on it. Veeeery slowly.
      -Golem is just a re-skin of Gargantuan.
      -Many Necro skills do the same thing as Witch Doctor does. (Sacrifice, minions, spells)
      -Diablo 1 is just a bad mod for D3, not a good incarnation of D1. And the thing that they did this only as a 1 month event – it’s just disgusting. And the whole 8-directions-only movement feels unnecessary. it just made it look even worse than it is. The Butcher even has the same sounds/animations as the Butcher from D3. It’s just lazy and the media shouts that it’s Diablo 1 made in D3, but it’s false.
      -They still don’t plan on changing paragon system, they did nothing to change the drop rates of legendaries, they did nothing to balance the gear and set items. They will not introduce any different season mechanics. No 1-week seasons for the hardcore min-maxers, no interesting new rules for the seasons. NOTHING. They just vomit random stuff and think that this will please the (hardcore) fans that still play this game.
      -Armory should have been in the game since RoS launch, but it took them 2.5 years to start doing it… And it is still not even finished!

      And the announcement at the big stage was such a letdown, that bald guy was so off. He wasn’t excited at all, he was there just to read the text from the screen and get over with it.

      I think it would have been better if we wouldn’t have received a single thing for D3, then there would be much more hope for the future of Diablo franchise. Right now – it’s very grim and dark.

      • Uhm, a while back „very grim and dark“ was actually something players expressed they’d very much like to see more of in Fiasco III. 😛
        Careful with your wishes. Remember, we’re talking about the same developers here, who apparently seem to think that throwing in a pixelated retro filter would skyrocket their crap to the classic ranks of good old D1.

    13. I guess I’m one of the few that happy that we at least get something for Diablo 3. The improvements they are adding sound awesome – I could also see a DLC pack for Druid class in the future.

      In hindsight for those that thought a Diablo 4 was going to be announced – be real! If you’ve paid attention to the hiring going on in Blizzard in the last year they must be in the infant stages of creating another game at the earliest and not close to finished. It wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t hear anything about another full fledged Diablo game for years to come.

      Because of the announcement of the DLC I believe that decreases any chance we see another Diablo 3 expansion, and probably increases the likelihood they are working on another Diablo game completely.

      My personal favorite idea for the next Diablo game would be: a game that looks like the Witcher 3, except it has Diablo’s monsters, items, characters, and story. Imagine how that game would sell…

    14. Whats with everyone making fun of or calling out people for rage? Where do you see that? The poll was pretty simple. YES, most people were disappointed…including myself. Why? Because Diablo 3 is getting old. We wanted Diablo 4 announced but obviously they are not ready to do so just yet but i am patient and i am calm. I get how it works. I can guarantee Diablo 4 or the next gen Diablo game IS in the works without question. Blizzard is gonna take time to perfect it because Diablo 3 WAS and still is a mess. Diablo II started off messy but they fixed it and turned it into a masterpiece. I expect another a future diablo game announcement within the next 2 years or earlier.

    15. Voted not sure

      I had a blast playing D1 dans D2 back in the days, but I must admit I’m not in the nostalgia thing and I prefer to keep these games in my memory than playing them again. So I don’t care about the D1 in D3 part.

      As for the necro, well I’m a fan of this character and I like lots of the artworks they show, but it seems to late. Even if I like the current state of the game, without major extension announced, the game feels to be on its twilight so i’d rather see the necro in a new diablo game, a Diablo4 which capitalize on all good things developped in D3.

      I wasn’t surprise they didn’t announced D4, if they’ve massively recruited this year, I don’t see how they can already announced a game they just begin working on.

    16. What pisses me off most is the same crap they did w/ Starcraft 2. If you’re going to sell a game, sell a game, w/ all of the bells and whistles. If you’re going to go F2P w/ microtransactions, go F2P w/ microtransactions. Don’t switch halfway through. Add more stuff, including a new level cap, polish it, and sell a damn xpac. The extra stuff they added to SC2, added altogether, is less than a new xpac and costs more. And here we start w/ D3. Don’t sell a character. Add more than two zones, add more than a set switch, add some goddamn content, rip up Paragon, do a proper xpac. This kind of crap costs more for less over time. And they switched this crap after they already sold it, which is a really mild case of fraud.

    17. Totally blows, all the hype and theories for a Diablo 4 in the works or perhaps a Diablo MMO and this is the big announcement? A new class? pffft fail.

      • All of those “theories” for Diablo 4 were irrational and delusional at best.

        If you’ve paid attention to anything Blizzard has done in the last year with the Diablo team then you’d know that they don’t have the people to make a game like Diablo 4 yet. Diablo 3 is definitely on the back burner. Plus I think it’s been 12 years between Diablo 2 was released and Diablo 3 came out. If the gap was 12 years between the last two games what makes you think the next game would come out in 4 years? I think we’re looking at least 6 years before the next game, more likely longer. I mean Blizzard isn’t known for rushing things.

      • if you had some sort of common sense you should have know D4 was not gonna happen.
        Its not coz YOU think d3 is bad / death that everyone else agrees.

        D3 still is a great game !!

    18. The Necro was expected, as per leaked concept. The Female/Male look was a solid confirmation.

      I’m not surprised that there was no expansion announcement… they did tell us it was over.
      The Diablo 1 was a surprise. Someone said “unpleasant surprise”.. And agreed. It’s a novelty that doesn’t really add anything for me. I’m sure some people will get a kick out of it though.

      And a new game announcement? As suspected.
      We saw jobs going up for the new game, but like I asked, why did we think they were going to announce a new game when they’re just starting to flesh out the team for it?
      Didn’t make sense, and I’m not surprised about the absence of that kind of announcement.

      Character packs seem like Blizzard’s go-to for Diablo 3 now. I’m sure a majority of the Diablo 3 team was transferred to other departments within the company, and a new team is being built for the new game.
      I’m sure there’s a few people left in the Diablo 3 wing to incorporate the new Character Packs over the next year or two.
      They’ve fixed a bunch of QOL things in game, and I’m pretty sure this was their last-ditch effort before the team gets split up and re-allocated.

      • “I’m sure a majority of the Diablo 3 team was transferred to other departments within the company, and a new team is being built for the new game.”

        Bingo – you got it. I think they just internally filled the game director position they were hiring for about 2 or 3 weeks ago. So if they just got the game director we’re looking at YEARS before another game is released.

    19. You all ( true diablo fans from the start) must understand one basic thing:
      1. Dev didnt slaughtered that franchise. The new generation of D3 fans did it.
      First things first the reason of releasing unfinished game was to check out the trends and what people want. The times of people with passion making games as it was 20 years ago are over. Now it takes more than 3 nerdy friends, good ol’ computer and moms garage to make a true masterpiece. Now gaming industry is way more advanced and it has transformed into money making monster. Now you have lots of engineers, actors, VFX directors and the list goes on…and they all need to GET PAID! So in that case what directors and CEO’s and board members of Activision are doing? They’re trying to make game that will bring the biggest profit with the lowest amount of time and resources spent. And if u check out diablo 3 in general that is exactly what is happening. They dont care about fans that are from the beginning and expect something more from the game that clueless grinding. You wanna know why? Cause we are FEW! Most gusy wanted the exact thing diablo 3 is now. That brings bigger profit. Its sad and it breaks hearts of us all but its true. Every fan expected something more from blizzcon, diablo franchise, devs…And the worst thing is that nothing will change. We will get more mindless fucking games and not only from blizzard but all developers. Why? Because people will still buy this shit, as u can see from the comments.”All u whiners and kids crying! Im still going to buy necro pack and spend hundreds of hours enjoying it”. Goodluck.
      PS. Sorry for my poor english. Its not my first language.

      • You should try PoE. It is everything you think doesn’t exist anymore. A masterpiece made by one passionate guy and 3 nerdy friends (ok, i think they were like 8 originally?), a small company with little management and marketing costs creating a highly complex (and a bit bulky) game they’d love to play.

        Things like this still exist, although maybe not anymore in the realm of AAA games. For sure not made by Blizzard anymore.

        • I tried it. And it really is a masterpiece but in terms of classmaking systems, itemization etc. which really depends on advanced(or not?) math. I hoped that D3 would have that kind of balance D2Lod had in 2001/2002 between great graphics, tricky class system, and itemization – those 3 elements combined gave us 15 years of end game gameplay. I know that PoE has great graphics but for me it lacks something i really cannot explain…feeling? Physics? dont know.

          • I second this. I tried PoE and although I liked it (and the graphics/atmosphere was all D3 should’ve been), for me it lacked… the Diablo universe :). Also, it has one thing that really pisses me off, which is monster respawning after X time or worse, losing my server instance after X time which respawns everything and loses what’s on the ground. Even though I understand the need for it since its a multiplayer game, I like to spend countless minutes at the city comparing and choosing my gear, or my small son / wife may need my attention. So, an offline mode would win me and since it doesn’t exist, I walked away.

            The same happened with Borderlands 2. And just for the record, I also walked away from D3 after ONE playthrough (on normal difficulty!), mostly because of the story, graphics, music and atmosphere. The thing I liked most in D3 was the sound effects and that says something. I also didn’t buy Reaper of Souls.

            Why do I still linger here then? Because I’m still a huge fan of the franchise and I’m still waiting for a new game to put D3 behind.

      • You’ve pretty much summed up one of the reasons, why I’m politically promoting basic income. With basic income as the base of economy, that can quite easily change back again. Without it probably never will …

        • To clarify: It’s not that I think, basic income would reduce the number of people necessary to develop an AAA game on a scale like Blizzard does. An sufficient basic income allows for artists, working for a developer getting too much influence from the corporate, to just take their friends and leave anytime, though. Having no company backing you up just means, it’ll take more time to realize your gaming visions, to reach a comparable degree of polishing.

          And let’s be honest: Game development is no career path you’re taking, because you’re out for the money! It’s because of your passion for games and, at least initially, to bring the vision of the games still unplayed in your mind to reality and having them played and liked by your fellow gamers.

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