Most of the DiabloWikiJay Wilson interviews from Gamescom asked the same questions. The interviews we’ve seen so far in English, at least. One with German IGN did ask something slightly different.

    The tip and translation comes courtesy of German reader Mastertorch.

    Jay Wilson: ” You want to know if there are cows in the game? That’s a good question! That is, what everyone wants to know (laughing)! So, i can´t remember right know if I saw cows in the game. But we are modeling cows for the game. There will be a high chance that there will be cows in the game and that you will be able to kill them!”

    This doesn’t mean said cows will be bipedal and armed with halberds, but we can always hope… or do you hope not? Have you seen your fill of secret cows in Diablo games, and you’re ready for something different?

    We often end the DiabloWikiDiablo Podcast with funny cow sound effects, while wondering what sort of sounds we should be making for Diablo III. What sort of DiabloWikisecret level we might get in Diablo III? Rainbow unicorns is a popular suggestion, but there’s one problem with that. What sort of noise do they make? I envision the moan of a harmonica crossed with the giggling of children, but much like One with German IGN, I’ve always been better able to envision hell than heaven.

    What is the sound of one unicorn clopping? What do you hear, when you shut your eyes and scream into the silence?


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