The Worst PTR Testing Advice Ever

Not even a Wyatt quote.

Not an actual Wyatt quote.

An amusing complaint leads to a Blue trying to counter The Worst PTR Testing Advice Ever:

2.3 PTR – Mortick’s bracers NEVER FORGET

Dont be a RetardedCookie…
Dont test anything…
Dont call nothing OP….
Dont use optimized builds…
Dont post about itens on forum…

Remember Blizzard philosophy: Well tested itens for 2 months get removed, items everyone said are bad and noone give a **** will make it out of the PTR.

Tyvalir: I’m surprised and a bit dismayed to see this thread. :/

The vast majority of players have been great about creating carefully constructed feedback as we test patches, much of which has helped us improve the game. Obviously, we wouldn’t ask for it if we didn’t genuinely want to hear your thoughts.

Of course, it’s totally fine to express disappointment about an item being removed on the PTR. At the same time, it’s also important to remember that the entire purpose of a PTR is to tune patches so the final version is as balanced as it can be, so it’s quite common for items to be pulled if they’re unbalanced (as Mortick’s Brace was).

Encouraging people to be deceptive in their play styles or falsify feedback is just plain not helpful. It works against one of the very goals of those who love competing on the Leaderboards: having as balanced a competitive gameplay environment as possible. Feedback about your disappointment in an item being removed, asking for better communication from the CMs (which we always strive to do!), or warning others to temper their expectations on the PTR? Those are all totally fair, if done respectfully.

The insane hyperbole in the OP’s title is wonderful, and really, it just gets better from there. The short, almost poetic layout, the delightfully QQ tone, and best of all is how he acts like like Barbs were ruinously nerfed by the (admittedly ham-handed) removal of an OP item, when they are in fact the strongest class this season/patch.

But if the “All-WoTB runes at once” bracers had remained in the patch, then Barbs would have been 5-7 GRs higher than everyone else, instead of just 2-5 GRs higher. And instead of 80% of 90% of chars this season being Barbs… 90% would have been Barbs? What a different word that would have been! When can we wake from this nightmare?!

Seriously though. The upgraded WD’s Helltooth set has crazy OP numbers in Patch 2.3. We might as well start prepping for the nerf stick before the PTR even begins. Just hope it happens sooner than later, because Never Forget.


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  1. Thats why in 4 man GR we have 2 barbs team 2-3 lvl higher then second team….oh wait 😉

    But hey – if barbs sucks in team play they need to be gods in solo then – so, EU sezon 3 :

    Barb – 61 GR,
    Crusader – 62 GR,
    DH – 64 GR,
    Monk – 61 GR,
    WD – 59,
    Wizard – 63.

    So in team play barb has no use – solo is second to last /gg.

    • But would Mortick's Bracer have made any difference in Barb ranks in parties on the leaderboard? I'd think not.

      The real issue with leaderboards is about perma-CC tactics possible this season. That's the only way to play to get a top GR in a party, and all the top groups consist of a WD and Crusader for the CC, with 2 DHs or sometimes a Wiz for the DPS.

      This entirely leaves out Barbs and Monks, since they're not the best at CC or DPS. Barbs do much better than any other melee class on solo leaderboard, and if the Barb (or MOnk) had the great CC skills that Crusaders do, they'd be the ones in the parties and Crusaders would not be.

      It might be interesting to see how this changes next patch, when the perma-CC 'sploits are nerfed. Might the all around power of the Barb (especially with trash mobs getting buffed and Guardians nerfed) become more useful in parties, while zDPS WDs and Crusaders are no longer essential?

  2. Eh, the post was/is very dumb, and (if i can speak for them) does not reflect the opinions of most of us barbs, despite the upvotes it got. Many barbs are bitter over how Mortick's was handled (viz. poorly), and by the fact that in conjunction with the (appropriate) nerfs to IK6 bonus and F+R Mortick's most likely was not actually going to be OP. Now IK set is effectively useless (unless combined with WotW), and we don't have the bracers. *shrug*But anyway, that post was seriously dumb. And if you read through the comments you see there's a similar one on the Witch Doctor forums. ^_^

  3. It's really hard to comment on something so "out there".It's like someone wrote "Eat moar stegosaurus! Protect the purity of outer space!"…..So, no comment…

  4. Keep up your good job blizz.

    Dont listen to this.

    Im looking forward to the 2.3 patch. And im sure u will fix it fine 🙂

  5. Well, Blizzard DOES have a bit of a history of taking away stuff players think is fun and replacing it by Blizzard Prescribed (C) Certified (TM) Fun (R)…

  6. once again , excuse my superb engrish @@Some people just dont understand what PTR letter means… Blizzard acknolwedge that they missed so bad with d3 beta ( demo , almost there own words) and that a ptr accomplishe so much more…IF you cant tolerate what a ptr is , just dont read about it ?!?public TEST realm …

  7. every single time i saw someone complain that this item was removed i knew they only want to play FOTM characters that are broken. i had been playing with the same group since launch and most of them played the same character (or 2) each patch and before 3 started we all mentioned who we planned to use. then one day 3 of them all say we are going barb for sure 100%. a quick trip to reddit and i saw a post about how this one item made barbs into a god and suddenly it all made sense. so whatever i didnt say anything but then the item was removed and all 3 said they no longer wanted to be a barb because he was complete trash now. well i still made a barb and a week in they all did too.point is balance = good and nerf does not = crap character

  8. @ApocalypseSounds like Mean Girls playing Diablo 3. "They nerfed Mortics? As if!"

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